Thursday, February 14, 2013

Speaking from the heart

Today, a breath for me.  Also sunshine today in the mountains though we woke to a snow covered ground.

2:00 p.m. and I find myself already prepared for tonight’s Possible Society In Motion Show hours before it is time to go on the air. So it doesn’t take me long to realize how I would most like to fill that empty work-designated time; I want to be back here writing for this blog site.
But what to say? I feel almost stale in my energy track that puts words onto paper.

Then it comes to me. How about my telling you about the two radio show broadcasts I’ve done so far for my Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show?

·         The story about what I learned from Watergate; and
·         The art of transcendent living.
What is developing for me with that show is the sense that on-air I will be finally able to publicly tell some of the stories in such a manner that my audience can hear and feel the soul of me that vibrates within these stories; stories of mine that are truly the most important to me. And that poignantly speak of what I am most after conveying by my diligence with these sites. Stories I have been unable to share here with my written words.
I have managed, so far, on my Anastasia The Storyteller Show to speak the words. But the sparkle and the magic these stories hold that I have been able to communicate in the serenity of New Horizons retreat center, sharing around our fire circle or gathered together on our deck watching a sunset, don’t yet come through. But they will.  I know me. And, I know my stories and how mine and yours lift up the consciousness of one another when shared.
On the Possible Society In Motion Show I am beginning to find my way to offering my views on community development and peace action.  These are based on theories and philosophies I have been researching and developing throughout my adult life, with the guidance and support of my mentors, Marty Groder, now deceased, and Murat Yagan, alive and well as he nears one hundred years.
These, offered on the Possible Society In Motion Show, are of a very different tone than Anastasia The Storyteller Show, so far. They are conceptual, intertwined with bullet points, helpful how-to hints. These have stories, too, but their intent is to encourage discussion and offer thinking constructs, primarily.
Nonetheless, with the introduction on last week’s show of New Horizons’ Bus Ride Story Adventure, written by Murat and edited by Sue deVeer, my collaborator, I am expecting that, somehow or another, the ethical and spiritual values that naturally become evident as the Bus Ride Story Adventure progresses will speak for themselves; higher consciousness, ethics and community well-being are intrinsically interwoven.
Conversely, my Anastasia The Storyteller Show is not intent on providing helpful hints. No, this show is, instead, my best effort (with hopes for improvement as I learn and develop my talk radio show host talents) to share what I have seen and felt and know to be the highest truths of my heart and mind on a spiritual level, through my emotions and intuitive knowing. And damn if I haven’t taken the time to research it all in order to back these up with hard data! Test me, please!
I’m sharing mine with the hopes you will want to listen to what I have offered so far (albeit not so sparkly yet, but with a lot of meat on the bones) to inspire our sharing perspectives over time.
You can check out what I have to say, of spiritual and practical matters combined at: to get our conversations started.
After all, it is through our stories that we are, perhaps, best able to cross the bridges of our minds and hearts together and impact one another at the deepest and the highest levels. This is where real truth abides.
Speaking of hearts, have a beautiful Valentine’s Day.

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