Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Anastasia, The Weary Warrior

I am just dropping by for a moment today to say hi.

I am sorry to be so consistently absent from this site. I am dreaming of the day that I will have learned to be a good enough talk radio show host that I won’t have to spend so much time doing the learning.

You are a loyal group of dear blog followers that I miss a lot.
But I am in radio talk show host school regularly now, learning a whole new set of skills; radio talk show stuff, till there’s almost no room, these days for anything else much in my life.

Last week I almost got to hating my shows! (Partially, 'cause I missed y'all so much.)
Women as warriors are
fierce-some, don'tcha

But I’m good again now. And, passionately determined that what New Horizons and I have been striving to bring you is now very much in sight with the addition of this new radio show project.

So please be patient. I am here right now for a moment, thinking of you, my readers and always missing you when I am not around. Writing to communicate regularly with you is one of my great joys. I will be back and better than ever as soon as I can.

In the meantime, please join me on Thursday evening for the Possible Society In Motion Show. If you will call in for the show’s second portion, a conference call-in discussion, we can have all kinds of conversation and hangin’ out time.
Details at this link.

More as soon as I can.

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