Tuesday, March 31, 2020

My Cell Phone Was Dying. Magic Took Over And Saved The Day!

I want to tell you all about it. 

Instead I am just announcing a forthcoming story because, now, having made my way to surviving one more ordeal in this time of pandemic, I am too tired to share even about magic.

End of March -- deadline kept. Ha Ha.

More tomorrow.

With Less Than Nine Hours Left ... For Me To Meet My 1x Week Blog Article Posts Obligation, I Offer You This...

... "Why not a bit of a writer's block in this time of the cornavirus pandemic?"

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Through Our New GAME Support Group Network, Our Board Members/Elite Truth Or Dare GAME Members Are Now Refocusing Priorities: First For Ourselves, Next For Those We Can Support And Guide

Who would’ve, could’ve imagined that -- the revitalizing I initiated of the “old” New Horizons Discount Derby, updated into the new Truth Or Dare GAME, as a perk for my board members – and – a major support for me, as my horrendous “MeToo” ethics complaint regarding my former psychiatrist mentor, Marty Groder, was winding down – would turn out to be the very basis for how and what New Horizons/Small “Zones of Peace” can now provide to help us, the board, get through this coronavirus pandemic, “G-d willing and the creek don’t rise,” as well as strengthen and empower us to help others too. 

I am hard-pressed to articulate – even to them, my board members, to myself and to  readers what is transpiring with this new initiative of ours – the forthcoming New Horizons/Small “Zones Of Peace GAME Support Network in terms of the Divine orderliness I see unfolding here, in this time of greatest nationwide crisis and what we are growing, each and every day our support group meets, carrying itself over to the times in between.

But something big is brewing! 

Maybe that something BIG is what is going to get some of us through this pandemic alive, much like my Mom (stepmother) survived the Holocaust, in a Chinese refugee camp, along with other fleeing German Jews.

Maybe that’s how it goes “When two or more are gathered…” We become something bigger than ourselves, so proportionally big that the ripples outward make a difference.

Sue says that what accounts for the magic, the seeds of which were planted in the Fall, 2018 as the ordeal of my ethics complaint with the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA), regarding Marty Groder was culminating – is, in part, the result of our slowing down, with ourselves -- and – with one another, collectively exchanging the urgency of our normal daily lives for the human generosity our GAME Support Group affords, so that we offer one another, through our giving time and attention to one another and whatever is important to each in this time of crises, beautiful gifts, simply from our being – and being together.

I think this is one part of the “so big I can’t wrap my mind around it.”

But there is more.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Hey, It’s Me, Anastasia. Calling Out To You

Hi Dearie, it's me, Anastasia, The Storyteller.
How you doing?  What's your story?
I'd like to know.

Hi folks, you already know that storytelling is my shtick. But did you know, too, that communal storytelling is among my greatest loves

Now, I am up to putting that of me to good use and including YOU, multiplying its benefit and making it grow!

So come and join me -- and my gorgeous team, my New Horizons/Small "Zones of Peace" Board Members (a.k.a. the Truth Or Dare GAME Community/Truth Squad), with stories of your own, in a daily chat, if needed, to help each and everyone one of us to get through this god-awful coronavirus ordeal with daily chats via our special line at FreeConferenceCall.com. 

With lots of sharing, stories galore of our pandemic wins and challenges, healthy survival tips, caring and compassion.

For Details and Reservations Contact: Anastasia at: MountainWomanRJ@aol.com.

Also, check out our stories on: zonesofpeace.blogspot.com

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Mediocrity Met The Potential For Magnificence At The Mss Study Group

Well readers, on Friday morning the New Horizons/Small "Zones Of Peace" Mss Study Group, took its first steps up on a thought-provoking, emotional-spiritual ascent that is certain to prove itself to be a wonderfully, inspiring task of now digging into my original Random House Trilogy, Book I, Part 1 of 3, Surviving (Adrenalin) Addictions: Transforming The Rebellious Survivor Inner Child to help make it come alive for themselves, for me and as our gift to the world (or at least the U.S.A.) in this era of corruption and chaos.

What an oasis in time and space it was in this sea of distress in which we are currently living!

And what a debuting experience it was for all who were present, limited to board members only.

We/I don't yet know how to translate what occurred in the brief ninety minutes during which our class transpired into easy-for-you-to-understand language. Actually, you probably just had to be there to experience the "awe" we co-created up against the backdrop of my manuscript, but we are already working to capture some of it to share.

Terry described the experience as rich. 

Sue remarked on how outstanding my leadership was throughout the process, based on this first portion of Book 1. And how I demonstrated that my BEING is truly a gift to whomever is privy to it. 

She also praised my "brilliant mind," once again, which I didn't mind at all and said "That's why people should buy your Super Sleuth'd Coaching and Consulting Services, Anastasia, at our eBay store the money which is, incidentally, a 100% fundraiser for New Horizons/Small "Zones of Peace."

Of course, Sue is, not only a board member but also my BFF. So what would you expect from her?

I left our class time in search of advanced tech training that will allow us to make and edit recordings of this class, or at least clips of it, as well as the classes yet to come. 

We will, definitely, want to make these available which we are likely to do on my Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show, or various other formats so that interested listeners can begin to share in the adventure of a lifetime that I am adept at guiding for those who would trek the terrain of moving themselves beyond the mediocre to the magnificent.

To that end and to those in the know, Anastasia's "adventure of a lifetime" incorporates learning to "climb the mountain of awe," again and again, an ascent worthy of acclaim comparable to scaling Mt. Everest on a mind-spirit, human interaction level, known, generally, only to titans.

Hope I whetted your appetite to learn more. I will be back on this when I have access to additional words for sharing that which is almost unspeakable, in a wonderful way, of course.