Surviving The U.S.A., Circa 2016 -- Fwd

Update: February 24, 2020

The next phase of my "return" begins.. 

Big Week Ahead For Me – And –

The two non-profit organizations I founded, New Horizons Support Network, Inc. and the Small “Zones of Peace” Inc.

Part one of ten parts that make up the whole of my (Anastasia's) still unpublished Random House Trilogy, will start, on its way to, at last being published, hopefully in 2022, and is to now be opened, carefully studied and "systematically applied, for "almost" the first time in 30!!!! years, by the New Horizons/Small zop Board of Directors, also known as our Elite Truth Or Dare GAME players (i.e. our Truth Squad) who will work with me, studying and updating my original "Random House Trilogy" manuscripts, with a very special Mss Study Group.


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Scroll down for information on Anastasia's unpublished "Random House Triology,"Book I, Part 1 soon to be available at the New Horizons/Small "Zones of Peace" eBay store

Update: December 8, 2018.

Here is our "new era" organizational structure of agendas and priorities that will support our best offerings as we grow and develop into 2019 and forward.

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For details and to find out how you can participate, contact
Anastasia Rosen-Jones, 
New Horizons' Executive Director
Cell: 240.409.5347

Update: November 14, 2018

At New Horizons we believe that a new era has come, in terms of what we can best offer, ushered in by the 2016 Presidential election upheaval. But it took us some time, beginning with that November, 2016 election to pull our plans together.

If you have read our blogs since that time, you might get some hints on how much we, at New Horizons, have been challenged to carve out a direction in a world that seemed to erupt into chaos from that point on.

It has definitely not been easy and clear sailing. But we think we are on course. 

Our latest advancements, insofar as we can see, look to be: 

1.  Our being in a time of integrating all we have developed to date, going as far back as around 1976 ???? when we began to set ourselves on a course of transforming the Dark Side of society and politics, beginning with establishing a counterculture community development approach to, initially, treat relationship and personality addictions; and 

2. Well that's where things begin to get murky.

So please bear with us/me as we lay out what we know so far about our newly defined direction. 

Even if it isn't quite clear yet, it's coming!

Our Dark Side transforming agenda is about both the individual and the collective. And has been implicit at New Horizons for many decades, having been seeded in me, personally and professionally, at the time of Watergate and maybe before, as far as I can remember. 

Maybe I was born to it.

However, now, in this time of inordinate national divisiveness and upheaval this agenda has taken on new meaning. 

Personally, my mind travels back to that day in the recovery room following surgery, wondering, 

"Is this the time when my prophecy is to play out?"

Have I, now, after all my many years of clinical and civic skill development, come to the time when I am to do something truly significant with all the expertise, knowledge and wisdom I have been given into safe keeping and further developed?

At New Horizons, we aren’t quite sure when our newly emerging foundation began to take shape beyond the immediate boundaries of “old” New Horizons. 

It might possibly have been when I, Anastasia, New Horizons Executive Director and Founder, commenced writing blogs, which would place the timing around 2009/2010. 

At that point I/we began synthesizing what had been “old" New Horizons (1974 – 2002) with that which we began to become in 2006. 

Or, perhaps it was when I found myself immersed in a local Jewish/Muslim controversy and began reaching out to total strangers to help me resolve that volatile affair which we did most rewardingly.

The shift begun was from a model therapeutic community approach, with support groups, individual, couples and family counseling, grounded in an educational methodology, based on Transactional Analysis (TA), evolving into an interfaith, organizational and civic agenda, following our efforts in moderating/healing that Jewish-Muslim controversy in our neighboring town of Frederick, Maryland.

Maybe there is an array of threads woven together at a particular point, 2005 -- 2007, that has most directly brought us to now. 

Can't say for sure. 

Whatever it was that has brought us to now, from here forth, we are going to, more and more deliberately, take our ever- advancing theoretical underpinnings, add them to our ongoing development, in alignment with day-to-day social and political needs and concerns, to move ourselves -- and -- with whomever else chooses to follow us to the next level of healthy living and sanity, wherever that may be. 

We call it Climbing The Mountain of Awe.

Look for updates on our growth and development as a non-profit organization, devoted to empowering the healthy individual, within the current social and political context.  

Along with this, the perspectives of the three books discussed below, as they relate to managing the tsunami of chaos presently overtaking our country at this time, will be discussed with increasing relevance to these objectives, from here forth with hints and guidelines for optimizing your well-being and those you most care about.

"Surviving Addictions (In The U.S.A.)"
(On "The Origins And Cure Of Adrenalin Addictions" and their impact on our present day society and politics)

A limited edition of “Surviving Addictions” (Part 1 of 10 of Anastasia's Random House Trilogy) is available for order now. Details below.

Update: November 7, 2017

The research findings upon which the material of this book is based, as well as my other two books, Journey Back To Me and Exploring Your Dark Side: The Adventure of A Lifetime, that make up my "Random House Trilogy," were derived from discoveries, growing out of an in depth study, by me -- Anastasia, of the attitudes of late twentieth century women as they pertain to our survival- based perspectives, feelings and consequent behaviors. In particular these are the underpinnings of the expanded freedoms we hold today, especially in the work place.

The study was initiated as I was completing my undergraduate studies in the Women's Studies Department of the University of Maryland, College Park. The study was begun in 1984 and continues to be updated, as needed, to the present day.

These findings and their application are particularly valuable at this time of national crisis, socially and politically, that we are now facing. Of particular benefit, immediately, are the postings on the Exploring Your Dark Side: The Adventure Of A Lifetime site. 

I strongly recommend the following articles, in particular, to anyone interested and willing to take up the task of bettering yourself, at this crucial time, as a way of giving to the whole of us all. These can assist you in utilizing your best personal resources in the service of, not only yourself, but the collective.

These findings and the emotional, psychological and sociological relevance they offer are presented here with the intention of making them available as working tools to assist women -- and -- men in taking a deeper exploration of themselves, personally, as well as our national culture, in this fortuitous time of crisis, socially and politically.

The multiple Hollywood scandals, arising out of the sexual harassment and abuse of Harvey Weinstein and others, alongside the chaos that has arisen out of Donald Trump's election to the Oval Office, has made the findings of this study and its accompanying strategic approaches, not only extremely valuable, but essential at this time.

Please look for updates to this page as they are posted, as a contribution of the Board of Directors of the New Horizons Small "Zones of Peace" Project and myself, personally.

More to come.

The materials of the manuscript, Surviving Addictions, have been copyrighted and may not be reproduced or copied in any form whatsoever without the express written permission of the author and/or her agents.

Any excerpts from Surviving Addictions you may read on our web sites or blogs from Surviving Addictions are honored under the present copyright.

Copyright, 2006 Marcia Anastasia Rosen-Jones

This is manuscript #1 of 3 (Anastasia's Random House Trilogy), originally copyrighted by Random House, Inc. in 1989.  Final publication of the book under the original copyright was interrupted in 1998 due Ms. Rosen-Jones losing her eyesight at that time. 

The original copyright has now expired. For additional information on Surviving Addictions (i.e. adrenalin addictions), and the current application of the theories and treatment principles, check out Exploring Your Dark Side: The Adventure of A Lifetime.

A limited, signed edition of Surviving Addictions (Part 1 of 10) is available for order now.
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