Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Gender Tyranny Meets Political Corruption: What Can We Learn?

This week on Anastasia The Storyteller Radio, Anastasia returns with New Horizons Board Member, Terry, to continue exploring the topic, "What does "Moving Beyond Gender Tyranny" mean and "how do you do it," 

Introduced in their first program of this embryonic series on “moving beyond gender tyranny,” Anastasia (Me) has discussed the topic in various earlier articles on this site, as well as on the New Horizons/Small "Zones Of Peace" site, beginning in October, 2017, just after the Harvey Weinstein scandals became public.

Regarding Donald Trump, I hope you have asked yourself --
"Is this the man you want in the White House?" 
A corollary to this question is -- Is corruption acceptable to you?  And, if so, why?

Sell me on your view, if you think its substantial. I am open to dialogue as long as each person participating is interested in mind-expanding "dialogue rather than debate" and seeking win-win results from the effort. In other words, lean in to me and I'll lean back to you.

P.S. I, Anastasia, vote Independent.  So don't blame me for what you don't like, or even praise me, if I joined your "side" this time around. I can go either way.

A corollary to the question, do you want this man in the White House, is -- which man/men do you want in your bed, Sisters??? 

Is corruption acceptable there for you, too?

Join us for this lively broadcast discussion, hear Terry's and my views and see how they align with your own, or not! Or, listen in after on podcast.

Friday, January 24 11:30 a.m.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Do You Know? I (Anastasia) Am Now For Sale!

Check it out!

Starting now (as soon as site construction is complete)! 

You can buy "it/me" for 15 minutes, all for yourself on ebay!

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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Trump’s Impeachment Has Brought Me Such Peace. How About You?

U.S. politics leaving you anxious and fearful?

Here’s how I got to serenity. You can have it too!

U.S. politics do not need to tie you and your life up in knots.

Want what I have in terms of clarity, strength and serenity, check out my Super Sleuth'd CoachingComing soon -- New Horizons/Small "Zones of Peace ebay store, home base for New Horizons/Small "Zones of Peace" fundraising activities!

Here's a piece of my tale.

For me, a personal #MeToo-type situation, uncovered surprisingly just before Christmas, 2017 had mobilized the forces of my inner warrior, bringing me, first off to take a semi-public stand for myself such as I had never done before, fighting a thirteen month battle to have the rights of my person-hood respected, purposely doing my utmost in diplomatic ways, yet with undaunting, internal fierceness, as I proceeded through days, weeks and months of opposition.

Now I'm realizing ongoing liberation and rewards from this very challenging rite of passage that had speaking truth to power as its foundation, increased serenity among the gifts.

Never doubt the power of truth-telling to transform a life!

Compassionate Warrior Woman that I have become, with my ethics complaint ordeal as one of the most transforming and grueling of experiences of my life, in the end I felt victorious, having made myself a winner, in spite of the toll it had exacted!

A win -- not due to anyone else assisting me, but because of how I had managed my inner distresses, transforming them into empowerment that allowed me to adeptly handle what I would consider to be subtle, corrupt organizational behaviors on the part of the Ethics Committee of the International Transactional Association (ITAA) (though I attest to the fact that tendered me, they did not feel subtle at all).

Nonetheless successfully intercepting their subversions brought me a victory and rewards that just do not stop. Though I was not quite able to completely defeat the ITAA, an organization that, has at its core principles, the wherewithal to do better, I won anyway by the standards I had set. 

Such seemingly moderate spoils as mine might be labeled a defeat, by some. 

However, in meeting my overarching intentions – speaking truth to power, the whole of it, I set me free, liberated from the many survival-based strategies I had learned growing up to hide my true essence, accommodating others agendas for me.

Now my pattern of over adapting to others, a carry-over from enduring a violent, tyrannical mentally ill mother, often by remaining quiet to my detriment, was no longer. Protectively hidden parts of me that might evoke displeasure were mine to claim and wear if they suited me. 

The ordeal that changed me began when I discovered that cache of long-forgotten documents: correspondence and training records, stuffed away in a no-longer-used file cabinet, prompting me to immediately file a formal ethics complaint with the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA), against Marty Groder, M.D., my former psychiatrist mentor, for sexual harassment. 

(The International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) has been the professional psychology-based accrediting association of my longest affiliation, though my connectedness to it has waxed and waned over the years).

In taking this action, I came face-to-face with a forceful challenging of the rights and values I hold most dear, facing one day after the next of inordinate pressures mostly growing out of repeated dismissals of me by the ITAA Ethics Committee. Yet persevere I did, creatively and courageously. 

Bravo for me!

When the torment was over, I had achieved my greatest reward, by just coming through the process! I had paid my dues by filing a lengthy and detailed set of complaint forms, enduring continuous disregard and disrespect and strengthening my resolve to continue making every effort to speak truth to power as a prime foundation for my life with enormously expanded capabilities to do so, through the battle that had just played out. 

Without a doubt, my triumph had not been achieved through any responsiveness from the ITAA (There had been none other than superficially) or from Marty who had passed away in 2008. I was the creator of my rewards, the midwife delivering my personal transformation. 

(A good bit of cheerleading from those who know me best had also sustained me.)

The treatment I had received at the hands of the ITAA Ethics Committee had not only been dismissive, but was often more like metaphorically wrangling alligators who swore they did not bite, yet left bloody marks, to say the least, save for a brief span of communication I had had with one of the members, an esteemed TA colleague from the UK who was supposed to have been my support through the healing and reconciliation process on my behalf, that had all too quickly been aborted.

No, absolutely not! My success had not come through the ITAA Ethics Committee, or even the organization at large. More than anything it had been my determination to tell my truth and keep at it in the face of opposition that had set me free.

Completing my dealings with the ITAA regarding my ethics complaint against Marty Groder is where 2019 began for me. However, it is the harvesting of the fruits of that labor, my heightened clarity and the skillfulness that I found myself delighted to experience in myself, is where it ends.

With this behind me "Trump’s Impeachment Has Brought Me Such Peace.  How About You?"

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

As It Was In The Beginning (of 2019) So It Is In The End (More Or Less)…

… but for the AWAKENING in me of heightened consciousness, resilient strength, self-confidence in the face of opposition and an enhanced capability to not allow the less than respectful behavior of others to disarm me, even hold me emotionally and spiritually hostage. 

No to the latter, including U.S, politics, holding me hostage – and – a huge, resounding YES to my new, hard-won liberation!

Join me in New Horizons/Small “Zones of Peace” Truth Or Dare Movement and its various endeavors – and – I’ll show you the way to reach these heights too, with a commitment to truth-telling and respectful truth-listening as your cornerstone!

So much so that I felt, all through 2019, as if I was flying on the wings of an eagle whose main vocation was to help lift and transport me as high in the sky, crossing mountains, rivers and valleys, as I would wish to go, at least in my mind, no matter how rough the ride (and it has indeed been a challenging year, including two emergency eye surgeries (October 19 and November 21) and an auto accident in March that totaled the car I was driving though I was essentially uninjured). 

My awakening was ushered in just as last year, 2018, was flowing into 2019 when I found myself with cause to celebrate, having secured a hard-won victory by means many might have thought irregular, even futile!  Yet here I was soaring!

Of course, I cannot constantly sustain this state but I am well on my way to a new way of being in my life. I can see and feel  it all around me, as well as inside me, an awareness of the awesome heights my mind can reach to see beyond the darkness in people who seem not to care about the well-being and dignity of others. 

In this I find liberation, corresponding to an unwillingness to yield to the captivity of others misdeeds, and the means to give the best of myself wherever I might be needed. Completing a horrendous ordeal with the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) regarding an ethics complaint against Marty Groder is where 2019 began for me. 

However, it is in the harvesting of the fruits of that labor, my heightened clarity and the skillfulness that I found myself delighted to experience as 2019 ended. 

You can read some of my story on this transforming adventure of mine in this piece, Trump’s Impeachment Has Brought Me Such Peace.  How About You? The whole of it will, however, need to wait for its telling when it has "composted" enough inside of me to be able to share it for benefit.

In the immediate time at hand, I felt the richness of what I had achieved from 2018 through 2019 the other evening when, on the heels of the formal impeachment of Donald Trump, I experienced a peacefulness come over me, allowing me to stand outside the chaos of the drama that has taken over our Congress. I could be calm inside myself, believing that some people, both Democrats and the GOP would play by the rules. 

Solutions to upheaval Trump has fostered can now emerge with a modicum of order and what has been ordained by our Constitution could be attained and sustained. It seems unlikely Trump will be removed from office, nonetheless, he has been indicted through the Articles of Impeachment, with the Democrats now using the best tools granted them by their Constitutional rights to speak to the power of the presidential office, backed up by the forces of the other two governing bodies established, Congress and the courts.

The real. true highest GAME in our land is on you, Mr. President!

I look forward to discussing the ascending levels of discourse of the Congressional game and how they are similar to what happens in a New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAMEin greater detail in the future. You will find this to be enlightening once I am able to lay them out clearly for readers which will be no small endeavor. Our GAME, you will discover, is close to the same, essentially the same, as has been lived out, recently, in the House of Representatives, under the astute leadership of Nancy Pelosi.  

If you like enjoy the drama and intrigue of the Congressional-White House game, you ought to really enjoy ours! Soon you will be able bring our GAME home to your living room, especially as we are now playing it more and more of it by conference call.

More on this later. Look for my discussion on the Exploring Your Dark Side: The Adventure of a Lifetime blog site.

Jumping to the endings of such "games," the consistent outcome is that sometimes indictees get punished with consequences. Sometimes they get off. No matter how things turn out, once indicted a person's reputation and regard by others is never again the same.

Speaking truth to power has done its job!

With the Articles Of Impeachment against Donald J. Trump now in place, I findd myself, rather than being upset by the outrageous and dangerous actions of our president and his allies, able to watch what I consider to be lies and corruption, power abuse games running rampant, knowing that I can stand apart from the force field Mr. Trump creates.

I choose serenity over chaos, regardless of what others do. And I know I can sustain it. The law-defining rules are in place.

The unrelenting efforts of House Democrats bought that, a Constitutionally-ordained foundation for moving through the chaos of Trump and Company, for our government -- and for the people of our nation. 

I trust this process, if nothing else in our political culture.

Truth Or Dare: The Movement is my vehicle

The GAME is my training ground, intent on teaching all who would join us how to drive well! in life!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Blindness and Politics: Body, Mind And Spirit

Bill Clinton lied about Monica Lewinsky -- and -- I went blind! 

Donald Trump with his disregard for ethics, lying again and again, way beyond the norm even for a politician, like Clinton, is now in the process of being impeached.  

And here I am again, blind! 

Fortunately, only in my right eye this time.

Richard Nixon lied about the Watergate break-in, among other things. 

Coincidentally the day before he resigned I was gifted with renewed sight by virtue of a cornea transplant, that served me well for twenty-five years --


(The day before Nixon gave up his presidential office, immediately following my cornea transplant, a prophecy came to me, guiding my life ever since to make sense, specifically, of such happenings, the dark side of society and politics, lying and corruption especially. )   

Note: That is the same eye that has now been irretrievably lost.

Isn’t that weird? 

Three presidents lying to the American people, extensively enough to warrant impeachment proceedings -- and -- side by side,  three major, life-changing eye crises for me, a person whose entire adult life has been played out, with much emotional content having to do with Washington politics, business and social networks.

These coinciding incidents might actually somehow be connected in the realm of universal laws, in the soul/psyche of a person, me in this instance? 

But how and why, in the greater scheme of things? Who can know for sure?

However, having lived the many adventures of my life, 24/7, I know the back story. So, in a manner of speaking, the connections make sense to me.

My story is an amazing tale, especially in its entirety when the extent of body, mind and spirit entwining are included. 

I’m ready now for the telling that almost no one has been privy to yet. 

You are sure to find it entertaining, maybe even enlightening, particularly if respecting the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit holds water for you. 

Even more so, if our present socio-political situation is eating at you, as it has been me.

We at New Horizons/Small “Zones Of Peace are preparing now for the telling, coming soon, in bits and pieces on both Anastasia The Storyteller Radio and The Possible Society In Motion Radio, each with its own unique emphasis.

I think the core of the message I wish to drive home is that it is a devotion to ethics and common decency, including truth-telling and truth-listening, where respect for each and every person is upheld, that is the heart of good, healthy living. This perspective makes sense, deriving from every religious, esoteric and practical philosophy of higher consciousness.

So why is it not so popular, across the board in our country, free as we are, and in our Congress and in the Administrative Office of the President that leads our nation?

Why, at this point in time, in the evolution of humanity, is it not agreed upon that the only safe bet for our nation, long-term, is reliant on these ethics and values?

Why is the search for the highest truth attainable, not overriding partisanship and polarization?

Having trekked the life path I’ve followed, I’ve discovered the critical importance of knowing and acting upon the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, especially for solving problems.

New Horizons Truth or Dare GAME, in motion, demonstrates this like nothing else I know.

Adept at truth-telling and truth-hearing and having discovered the rewards, starting off with what Watergate taught me, and with more than forty years experience leading and participating in the GAME, the ultimate truth-lovers process. I can't help but ask myself, 

“What is this craziness, this lying, denying and corruption, held to as though one’s life depends on it, this refusal to do fact-based conflict resolution that I see before my eyes when I turn to internet reports of the happenings now going on in Congress, the White House and other arms of the government and the media?” 

I ask this of myself partially because I’m trying to understand how the stress of it all, in this era of Trump, reached such a peak for me personally, combined with my lifetime of battling keratoconus, a cone shaped disease of the cornea, to the point that I literally, albeit unconsciously, blinded myself, unaware that my stress and distress in this time of Trump, was paralleling what I did in the Clinton-Lewinsky situation, turning my angst into distress I expressed somatically. 

The human body, mind and spirit intertwined can do this.

Nonetheless, please do not become fretful for me, in hearing of the loss of my eye. 

From where I stand, having come through my surgeries and being quite well on the way to a wonderful healing, I am grateful, not remorseful for my loss is already bringing me gains – in health, quality of life – and – in what might surprise you, in my capacity to SEE beyond the ordinary into greater than before visionary capacities.

I rejoice in this! 

I have traded in a diseased eye that had been producing one crisis after another for more than ten years. 

Now I can, without the distractions of that burden, get on with the business of SEEING from my third eye, the one that brings me closer and closer to Divine reasoning and the wondrous wisdom this connection accrues.

Still here it is, then, right in the midst of the impeachment process against Donald Trump; my poor, dear right eye has taken its last breath and melted away. 

Apparently political chaos can evoke an extreme physical response such as this in me, as, obviously, this is not the first time my right eye, seemingly with a mind of its own, has reacted to presidential malfeasance in this way. “Celebrating” Bill Clinton’s lying about Monica Lewinsky I responded similarly by completely shutting down, shutting out the world beyond me for eight long years, at least visually.

Weird you say? Craziness to think such thoughts?

However, if my situation is compared to that of others, someone else out there in these United States might, instead of loss of eyesight (although in my case, definitely, not loss of VISION), is having a heart attack or high blood pressure over our politics, as well as our societal problems that run across the board, touching so very many people and areas of life. 

That’s how stress can manifest. Originating with our innate survival response, based in the reptilian brain, we humans often react to distress in this way, developing physical symptoms, a form of “acting in,” when other healthier alternatives seem out of reach.

Alternatively, some choose “acting out,” escalating racism and violence.

In my case it was my right eye that reacted, literally melting away, all on its own as nurses and doctors prepared me for my second emergency eye surgery in barely more than a month.

Be that as it may, underneath the sturm und drang of our present socio-political chaos, what is it that can hurt someone enough to generate a physical crisis such as mine? 

What lies at the heart of it? 

For truly it is the heart, literally, metaphorically, body, mind and spirit that is reacting in this way.

It hurt our U.S. citizens to their very core, watching the Watergate scandal unfold, in a way that remains with us today. Bill Clinton’s deceptiveness was infuriating, on the other hand. With a somewhat lesser degree of tragedy, in my opinion.

Why I think this, just now as I write this piece, warrants further consideration on my part. 

Still I was already so totally immersed in writing my Random House Trilogy (1988 – 1998), intent on explaining what it was that Watergate had taught me – and – how New Horizons and myself might be able to offset similar situations, at least on a business and/or personal level, that I had not quite experienced the pain in Clinton’s case. 

In our present circumstances, those of us who are not pro-Trump saw impeachment as a potential looming from the start that very morning after the 2016 election had culminated on election night, discovering Hillary to be the loser, Trump the winner, in the presidential race.

Impeachment was always on the table once Trump, the reality television president and Company took over the White House. Clinton not so much though he did bring his share of scandals, including the Whitewater and Paula Jones controversies.

Now here it is, the impeaching of Donald Trump. 

The U.S. House of Representatives has moved forward with its impeachment investigation into actual Articles of Impeachment to be voted on next week. And I am crying at times – for our country and those who are being dragged through the mud in this drama. 

Digging down deep through the many layers of that which disturbs me, I find grief. The grief in my heart, perhaps like your own, makes its way to the surface as my eyes burn with unshed tears.  

But, as the Christmas song, “The Little Drummer Boy,” asks “Do you see what I see?” 

While impeachment is not a time for rejoicing, lending, instead, a somber tone to these closing days 2019, as we head into the Christmas, Chanukah, Winter Solstice, Hadj season, there is a grander perspective of what is now happening on the earth plane, if you get high enough in your consciousness to SEE that all is well – on earth as it is in heaven.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Update: On Anastasia’s Healing and Happiness

I'm healing, home and happy!!  My BFF, Sue at whose home I’ve been staying these past weeks following my HUGE, life-changing eye surgery, brought me home yesterday afternoon.

We loaded and fired up the wood stove, bought groceries, changed the sheets on my bed and prepared a good meal for me before I snuggled up in it with a good book.

I'm good!

Ready to start writing my next blog articles.

If I'm writing, you can be sure I'm doing good.
Might I even be able to make my yearly quota – at least 52 blogs?
We’ll see.

P..S. choosing to have my right eye surgically removed, at this juncture, was one of my  best decisions ever.

Lots of stories here! More later.

Anastasia with love and gratitude, especially for my team of doctors at Johns Hopkins, overflowing.  Had it not been for their dedication, even doing emergency surgery on me (November 19) in the middle of the night, I was in danger even of dying!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

As Truth Be Told, It's The Distress Of American Politics That Has Blinded Me!!

And my prayers and determination to help make things better that propels me forward.

Now how do I make this seeming oddity of myself, reoccurring blindness crises directly connected to surrounding circumstances, sound reasonable?

The crisis of "to see or not to see." 

It looms, dramatically, in front of us and all around, if only we would notice it for what it is and take steps to move beyond the denial of things good and healthy, while allowing darkness to envelop our daily lives!

I know I'm not the only one to be so upset, body, mind and spirit, that severe repercussions are resulting.

Here's my version.

I hope my story will invite yours too because we must get ourselves out of this swamp/quicksand Donald Trump is making of our country with his dark side politics of lies and corruption.

Sharing our stories can help us unite and move past the pain we create for ourselves and others by allowing our differences to become insurmountable obstacles to our innate Human Oneness.

Storytelling is one vitally important way to begin so I offer my own.

Yet I write this with trepidation, reminding myself, as an aside, that Thanksgiving is coming fast on the morrow, so gratitude, too, must also be with me – and – it is.

My various apprehensions arise out of my intention, here, to speak of things that touch so definitively on the emotional and spiritually abstract that I seriously doubt my abilities to truly convey what I wish.

The gratitude, of course, is that I seem to be coming through my eye ordeal successfully.

Overall, however, I am weak and shaky these days. But the initial, excruciating pain in my head and the nausea are gone as physical healing and strength rebuilding start to kick in. Yet truth be told there's a great deal more to this eye crisis of mine, the surgical removal of my right eye, than a purely physical health emergency.

The current politics of the U.S.A. is what this recent blindness episode is truly about for me. Our politics are not merely about laws and legalities, people and personalities are active elements here too. They embody emotions and whole personhoods that also are in play.

My eyesight crisis, at this juncture, illustrates this.

I am in pain, body, mind and spirit. Might you be also?

I want you to know what this anguish is wholly about for me, as the significance of my eye crisis emerges, most directly, out of our present political crisis, through to me and then out to you. You, too, cycle through this pattern alongside me, keeping the distress in motion.

Though, on a personal level, my eye crisis is a certain major game changer for me, sharing my story of it is essential too.But how to truly explain it, as I know it, daunts me.

The center of it is that:

My right eye, the one just removed, has been rather a magical eye and in its new form will continue to be, I am certain.

This I know. But how for me to tell you of what is spiritual coupled with the physical, this I do not know. Speaking of the spiritual, especially on the internet is not easily done.

What I’m trying to get across, what I mean by this is that there is every evidence that my right eye can and has predictably demonstrated, over many decades, a unique relationship to psychic abilities I have developed throughout the course of my life that manifest in my skill as a relationship and community development consultant and coach, abilities of mine that are products of stress and distress surmounted or healed

Isn't that amazing?

Can you believe it?

The alchemical conjuring by the whole apparatus that has been my right eye comes of it reacting dramatically, in a very unique way, to certain specific kinds of stressors in my life by going on strike, by cutting off my ability to receive external, earth plane input through it while simultaneously opening my consciousness to taking in  otherworldly data.

The combining of this psychic ability in me with my many years of rock solid skills and experience is what I am most about, added, of course, to my being a truly fine person in the manner Murat guided me to be.

So there, I've said it now!

Can you believe it?

Take it at face value, what I've just stated above?

Discovering this phenomenon in myself has been quite unnerving at times. Thus my consciousness of the dynamic as it was living itself out became a traditional "gradual awakening," a growing awareness, based on cumulative experience and knowledge.

But, oh my goodness! How very strange it has been to accept that my body, with my right eye as the messenger channels information of Divine origins.

So slowly did I "get it" that, at first, I could barely accept the possibility/reality of what my experiences were holding up before me.

Only with a medically-backed perspective did I even begin to trust that scientific data could be at hand to explain some fairly weird eye crisis patterns in me. At a 1978 Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute appointment, the ophthalmologist diagnosed a series of problems I was having at that time as attributable to a conversion hysteria reaction, hysterical blindness, a major body-mind-spirit stress reaction!

With that event providing the portal, over time I began to accept, with increasing assurance that, indeed, intermittent eye crises, blindness episodes that happened for me repeatedly, many times, over time, were no accident, not isolated incidents, but occurring within a context.

As truth be told, this is the magical tale I wish to speak of now and in the immediate future.

It leads me directly into defining and describing the underpinnings of the newly developing future on hand for New Horizons and myself – and – you too, if you choose to allow your better self to make a direct connection to New Horizons Truth Or Dare Movement: Destination Capitol Hill.

I hope you will want to know of my story as its implications for the necessary healing from what lies ahead for us are noteworthy, as Americans at this time, on a very turbulent path as we usher in 2020.

Right now many of us are in various kinds of anguish over what is happening to our country. But ahead, “G-d willing and the creek don’t rise,” healing is what we will need.

And healing is what we can find, if we are willing to come together and be "united states."

My story is a juicy one. In its depths lie seeds of how we might proceed with this agenda

The challenge is how, especially on the internet my story/stories can be drawn from me with the richness they merit via the internet, enough to invite yours.

We will just need to see how to do it.

Next I will want to share with you the deciphering of the mystery of my recent past ninety days for the illumination they have to offer – the teachable lessons.

But this will give you only a work unfolding, in progress, with more to be excavated, gold to be mined.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving with hopes for even more joyful ones ahead.