Friday, August 30, 2019

Introduction: What It Means To Be A Compassionate Warrior Woman Taking On Capitol Hill

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Friday,  Labor Day weekend: The 21st anniversary of the day I lost my eyesight.

Before I realize the significance of today for me, I am awakening trying to explain to myself why I would even think, consider, imagine I would want to put New Horizons and myself in a position to take on the task of taking on Capital Hill!

Whatever could I be thinking?

Trying to put thoughts into words I find myself considering the ONE story I had thought to write earlier in the week that might succinctly account for my making such a bold, brash pledge such as this.

Alongside this contemplation I note that I need to write two more blogs by night’s end of this day: one for the New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” site and one for this one, in order to wrap up my monthly quota of one post per week for each.

Beginning early tomorrow I take off for the holiday weekend.  So completing my monthly obligation must be now!

What I had wanted to write about was the one, main "back story” of the front story about "What It Means (To Me) To Be A Compassionate Warrior Woman Taking On Capitol Hill," as I thought I knew it.

Then I started scanning a re-run of my past history beginning with that day that changed the course of my life, the day I watched Richard Nixon lie to the Watergate Commission and lots of people seem to believe him though I sure did not!

Upon awakening this morning I initially told myself that the reasoning behind this outrageous Capital Hill plan of mine could be explained by one simple story, maybe two, at the most. An easy accounting of what has brought me to this point. That was before I started reviewing past events more carefully. 

As the veil of sleep fell aside the main “ONE,” I thought, might be about the near-ceaseless debate Marty Groder, my former psychiatrist mentor, and I had had back and forth, like a tennis match volley, throughout the mid-1980s

We were developing our collaboration more and more in those days as I dug deeper and deeper into Marty’s original theories particularly the one about how high leadership individuals and convicts shared the same essential personality structures. This was the one that grabbed me most and probably accounts for much of my devotion to Groder.

How Marty’s theories could explain what had happened in the Watergate scandal, especially the part about Nixon lying and how and why so many seemed to buy his stories was what I needed most to understand. 

Yet understanding my compelling need was way far off in the future and still something I am inclined to ponder on occasion still.

I felt compelled to solve this riddle, heart and soul, like nothing I had ever known before. To solve the mystery, as I viewed it then and be able to someday turn what I believed Groder could teach me back into some kind of gift to Washington would become my driving ambition, next only to my love for my children and my yearning to be the best I could be for them.

It mattered that much!

And, somehow the two ambitions were tied together. But I did not know that until many years later.

The year that stands out most for me in this regard with Marty is 1985. 

President Ronald Reagan is in office and I, a local am having to admit to Marty, an outlier, that times, once again, are turbulent, as they often are in Washington.  

But what does that actually tell us about how Washington society and politics are totally representative of the darkness of humanity that is set in place and irretrievable.
Our debate goes something like this -- 

Marty (“Not always right, but never in doubt”): “Washington is the center of darkness for the entire planet, next only to Moscow!” 

Me, emphatically:  “No, Washington is the center of light, a battleground in the ceaseless war between darkness and light!”

Accustomed as I was to Marty’s Scorpio stinging comments, I cut him a bit of slack in the argument, factoring in that he was a native New Yorker. I could, thus, forgive his one-dimensional view on the subject of the dark side of Washington. 

I, on the other hand, saw Washington with the heart of a Beloved. 

After all, I had come to the nation’s capital just out of college, believing in Kennedy’s Camelot and all I innocently thought it represented.  And though my ideals have many times been disappointed and I had, over the years, physically moved myself further and further away from Washington’s center, I consider myself, to this day, to be a part of it, it a part of me.

For all its faults and no matter who inhabits the White House or Congress, the Washington I see is through the eyes of one who is in love with the town, its many personalities, peculiarities and ups and downs, most especially coming out of the political arena that is the very blood of the town.

Is this the story that explains my reaching for the this sky high achievement upon which I am now embarking? 

Sounds like a love story to me! 

Suggesting that “what it means to me to be taking on Capital Hill” is that I still have faith in the ideals that brought me to Washington so many decades ago and that these are worthy of my belief that collectively we American citizens and politicians can do better than we are showing these days. We have it in us. We always have. 

So I think it’s worth my best efforts and hardest work to fight for these in true Compassionate Warrior Woman-style, meaning fighting for ideals with all the strength, wisdom and love one can muster.

Yet I think this is not “The Story.” 

But it is a part of my story, a snippet, a chapter on the way to my laying out the whole saga, the saga my life has been for the past forty-five years since Nixon’s lying about Watergate, coupled with the prophecy that came to me along with it, altering the course of my life.

So I guess the bottom line for me today is that there is not just one story, not just one simple way to explain "What It Means To Me To Be A Compassionate Warrior Woman Taking On Capitol Hill."

There are many stories behind the front story. 

For example, there is the one about –

  • How Nixon’s lying to the American people about Watergate affected me;
  • The prophecy that came to me the day Nixon resigned;
  • How it came about that Bill Clinton lied about Monica Lewinsky and I went blind;
  • Marty and I debating about the dark and light sides of Washington and what that meant to me then and what it means to me today;
  • Why I found Obama’s leadership and how people responded to it so disheartening at times, enough for me to create the Possible Human, Possible Society Study;
  • And -- OMG! Donald Trump in the White House!

Now, at almost midnight, I am wrapping up what I have to say for August, asserting that I can no longer set my mind to writing the "ONE" story that explains it all.

I have many stories to tell on the subject at hand here. 

I think I’ll tell them, write them and learn from them as I share them. I guess that's what it means to me to be a storyteller.

Maybe then I’ll know more about What It Means(To Me) To Be A Compassionate Warrior Woman Taking On Capitol Hill -- and -- so will you.

Still there always will be more to the telling.

Wishing you all a very pleasant Labor Day holiday!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Press Release: Former Rockville Therapist Pledges To Take On Capitol Hill

Anastasia's Prophecy Agenda Joins With New Horizons Truth Or Dare Movement For Important Next Steps

Anastasia Rosen-Jones (formerly Marcia E. Rosen) did not know if she would ever be able to return to Rockville that day in March,2003 she shut her private practice office door for the last time at 809 Veirs Mill Road. She was heading into eye surgery #7 of the past five years, praying that the legal blindness she had been living with since Labor Day, 1998 would be lifted and gone forever. 

But she had no guarantees. She had, after all, been facing the challenges of threatened blindness from a hereditary eye disease, keratoconus, defined as a cone-shaped deformity of the cornea, since she had been a junior in college.

But now, she is ready to return! 

Not exactly to what had been the Rockville Professional Building, located on Veirs Mill and Norbeck Roads, as the building has now been torn down and replaced by townhouses.

But a coming back to many of the things that mattered most to her in the Washington area since she moved here in 1961, the young bride of her high school sweetheart, from whom she was divorced decades ago.

With satellite offices in Bethesda and Frederick and a home office that is part of the New Horizons Harpers Ferry Retreat Center from where she regularly works and lives, Ms. Rosen-Jones, as Executive Director of the New Horizons Support Network, Inc., a non-profit, is at last ready for her return.

And with this re-entry, surprise, surprise -- Anastasia is now setting her “sights’ on a coming back to her even earlier stomping grounds, the heart of Washington and our national political scene. 

This time, however, she will not be heading the U.S. “Male” Service, known to be the “original” executive reminder and gift shopping service, catering to Washington’s elite, nor will she be identified as a Nancy Sinatra look-alike these many decades after her days as a celebrity entrepreneur in Washington.

Instead Anastasia will be leading the way to carry forth a vision she imagined as far back as 1985, taking New Horizons signature program, the Truth Or Dare GAME, originally called the “Discount Derby,” to Capitol Hill with an intent to transform the dark side of it, as completely as she can, using New Horizons tried and true GAME strategies to achieve this.

To accomplish this daring feat, Anastasia is supported by her devoted and energetic New Horizons Board of Directors who are actively behind her in launching the forthcoming New Horizons Truth Or Dare Movement: Destination Capitol Hill and joined by a budding collaboration with the global Pro-Truth Pledge Movement.

New Horizons Support Network, Inc. is a 501 C (3), non-profit organization, offering programs designed to teach community development and violence-prevention skills and strategies through the training and support model of its “Small Zones of Peace” Project initiative.

Now in the process of contributing these organizational strengths to the development of a nationwide Truth Or Dare Movement that presently incorporates: The Truth Or Dare GAME, the online To Lie Or Not To Lie Radio Show series and the Pro-Truth Pledge, Ms. Rosen-Jones is presently leading New Horizons' effort to build a regional network of troops to take on Capitol Hill.

Details on New Horizons Truth Or Dare Movement can be found throughout the articles posted on:

Ms. Rosen-Jones can be reached at: 240.409.5347 or

Monday, August 19, 2019

Celebrating The Honor Of Being Chosen….

The Poster Girl For ...
New Horizons Truth Or Dare Movement!

Oh my goodness, gracious! 

Whatever made them think of little ole me?

Too big of an honor! Help!

Board Member, Sue deVeer, to the rescue!

And, she did indeed come through, my dear Sue, spending countless hours helping the “why” and the “how” become explicit as delineated in Anastasia’s New Bio, added, of course, to our juicy press release that set off the “honoring” in the first place, I do believe.

See what Sue helped me do to make clear the why and how I came to claim this honor in –

Wow, is that really me? That did all that stuff and is now here to tell the tale?

More to come!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Press Release: Seventy Years Of Adverse Childhood Experience Wounds Healed By Truth-Telling


Contact: Lynn Cullather-Popkin
Phone:  301.775.1432

Anastasia Rosen-Jones, now just past her seventy-ninth birthday, is living proof that healing from the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) can be achieved.

While it is essential to not over-simplify a lifetime of PTSD adult challenges Anastasia has battled, a series of dramatic episodes last year has now brought Anastasia to the pinnacle of living her life free of adverse childhood experience (ACE) wounding.

Through the ordeal of Anastasia’s standing-up to confront an abuser, her former psychiatrist mentor, Martin G. Groder, M.D., with a professional ethics complaint for what had been a long-buried succession of sexual harassment and power abuses, Anastasia is discovering a well-earned liberation gaining momentum day-by-day, as she now begins to experience living free of the weightiness of secret-keeping in which survivors of adverse childhood experiences (ACE) are typically mired.

What is Anastasia's plan for this next and last leg of her life's journey?

First and foremost, as Executive Director and Founder of the New Horizons Support Network, Inc. a non-profit, 501 C (3) organization, Anastasia is determined to put her teaching stories from a lifetime of accumulated personal struggles and achievements, along with an equally remarkable cache of clinical treatment strategies and theoretical advancements in the fields of psychology, community development, violence prevention and personal and social evolution, together and into the hands of those most ready to make use of it, with a special focus on serving the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) movement.

Anastasia’s lifetime journey presently bringing her to reach this pinnacle began initially once she was freed from the captivity of an emotionally tortured childhood, under the domination of a mother hell-bent on destroying her, plus an abusive early adult marriage. Simultaneously, in 1973, she began therapy for herself as well as her education and training to become a psychotherapist.

In Anastasia’s case, hard work, inordinate self-discipline, determination, accumulating skillfulness, a clear-headed vision of a meaningful destination, an enormous creative talent, faith -- and the love, devotion and support of her father, removed from her emotionally torturous daily environment, was enough to set Anastasia free.

Free she is! 

With boundless energy, now that her liberation is here to share her abundant wisdom and well-honed expertise on living well and doing it in such a manner as to turn the lead of the treacherous times into gold, personal alchemy at its best!

Free to be enjoying the next and final cycle of her life, Anastasia has pledged to now do her utmost to follow in the long-life footsteps of some of her family members, one of whom lived to be one hundred and eight -- and -- do the living well!

Read articles on Anastasia’s three blog sites to begin drawing from her vast treasure chest of teachable-moment tales, theories and practical applications. And, hear Anastasia broadcasts and discussions on her two online shows, Anastasia The Storyteller Radio and the Possible Society In Motion Radio.

Also avail yourself, personally, of one-on-one, couples and family guidance through Anastasia’s Super Sleuth’d Coaching and Consulting Services – and – for community, business and organization guidance.

Anastasia can be reached at

All proceeds presently being donated to the New Horizons Small "Zones of Peace" Project.

Monday, July 15, 2019

WOW!! Hear Anastasia, On Podcast, Describing How Truth-Telling "Set Her Free….

… to soaring, as if on the wings of an eagle."

And it’s only the beginning of exciting things ahead – for Me/Anastasia. 

And for you!

You may not be able to get “IT” yet – the magic Anastasia/I is/am trying to convey about how truth-telling/speaking truth to power set me free - and - can do the same for you, if you are intent on developing it as art.

But you can truly HEAR the lift of my personally transforming experience, in my voice, my New Horizons Board Members have told me, as I describe how my Ethics Complaint of 2018 was sabotaged, almost from the get go by the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA), yet I came out a WINNER, in spite of the obstacles.

And, indeed I did! Winning was always my intention! 

I made certain that I would, no matter what anyone else intended for me!  

Or didn't care enough to even consider.

(Some of the history and details of my Ethics Complaint ordeal are described on this page, referencing Martin G. Groder, M.D. about whom the complaint for sexual harassment and power abuse was filed with the ITAA. Other posts on this issue can also be found in the Anastasia The Storyteller  blog site archives at: Beyond Gender Tyranny, Ethics Complaint and Ethics Complaint Healing.}

As an acknowledgement of the courageous and meritorious ways in which I/Anastasia managed this ordeal, New Horizons Support Network Inc, of which I am the Executive Director, has now chosen, as of yesterday, to name me their Truth Or Dare Movement Poster Girl, suggesting that I have exemplified and am, thus, a worthy role model on how we, as an organization, would like to see people handling, not only #MeToo ordeals such as mine, but areas of conflict in general.

I am truly honored by this acknowledgement!  And very joyful to see the alter ego image they have created for me.  

If truth telling or not truth telling, in politics, your workplace, friendships or family, has been affecting your life, personally or professionally, as it has done in my own and Lynn’s, my radio show studio manager, previously and/or presently, please do sign on with New Horizons, as we move, full-steam ahead with our Truth Or Dare Movement, gearing up for action now, including, but not limited to, the following main objectives —
  • Teaching YOU the principles and strategies of New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME – So you, too, can learn the art of truth-telling, in general, and speaking truth to power, more specifically, no matter where you need/choose to do so.
  • Guiding YOU to be an intern Truth Or Dare Conductor, as is Anastasia with more than forty-five years of playing the GAME, so you, too, can learn to bring truth-telling to your community, your workplace, friendship circle or family. On this track, after a suitable training time, you will learn how to reach "awe" and transform your life -- and the lives of those around you!
  • Engaging YOU in signing the Pro-Truth Pledge, original or expanded versions, and getting everyone you know on board with this simple action, on the way to cleaning up the lying and corruption in our society as if these DO matter!
We want you to be soaring too! 

These objectives of ours are here to help you. 

You, also, can draw on my vast experience in transforming dark into light by contacting me for your personal, business, organization and/or community challenges. 

Also, look forward to further details and instruction on how to create the same for yourself, truth-telling -- speaking truth to power, as Anastasia and studio manager, Lynn Cullather-Popkin, embark on a new radio series, exploring the extremes of how and why truth-telling can be dangerous or the path to liberation and personal transformation.

Discover for yourself how truth-telling as art can be your pathway to freedom and liberation!

On a new radio show series, with Anastasia and Lynn, to be introduced on Anastasia The Storyteller Radio, on their next show 

Tuesday, July 23   4 p.m. EDT

Promising to be an especially intriguing discussion, as Lynn is the one New Horizons Board Member who, at least for now, is refusing to sign the Pro-Truth Pledge!

Now what's that about?

New Horizons Truth Or Dare Movement is here now!

Monday, July 8, 2019

New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME: History and Background

Find out some of the basic philosophies that make New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME an activity to invest your time and energies in. New details posted, here, today!

With an awe-inspiring agenda, New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME, formerly known as the Discount Derby, in its earlier incarnation, 1976 -- 2003, became known, throughout the Washington, D.C. area, as the therapeutic group strategy that "could cure 'em (meaning any thing dark in the human repertoire), or nobody could."

Now, in its new incarnation, the Truth Or Dare GAME, this lively, personal and collective transformation process is making its way back into being an interactive activity of which to take note, if: 
  1. Building and sustaining "zones of peace" is on your agenda;
  2. Divisiveness, polarization, lying and corruption in society and politics go against your core values.
Find out how you can qualify to play New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME
by contacting Anastasia at: