Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Anastasia's Next Steps: To Do List

Updated: 11.21.23 -- 10:30 a.m. Scroll down to #see 8 and 9 for newly added items to this agenda.

To Do --

1. Super Sleuth'd Systems -- complete set-up of for profit corporation.

2. Contine writing Camelot Disrupted-- target completion date -- March 1, 2024

3. By mid-January -- organize Camelot Disrupted Discussion Group, an activist's "Playbook" Course for college students 

4. Revitalize Truth or Dare Movement on college campuses -- halted March, 2020 due to Covid.

5. Recruit student interns and volunteers for on-site Black Bear Mountain Village Project.

6. Negotiate new publishing contract for Camelot Disrupted.

7. Arrange one major, mainstream media event. Only one to be offered! Plus --

8. Lead the development of Black Bear Mountain Village, A Training and Experiential Education Center -- and --

9. The Black Bear Mountain Village Project -- our new non-profit's community outreach and impact agenda.

More to come

Monday, November 20, 2023

Anastasia Announces Plans To Throw Her Hat In The Ring For 2024 Presidential Campaign

Anastasia has today announced plans to throw her hat in the ring for the 2024 Presidential Campaign.

Anybody can run for president, right? 

But only some of us - the ones who walk the high road -- can model and teach human excellence. And lead the way to it.

Don't be fooled!

Anastasia announced plans today to throw her hat in the ring for the 2024 Presidential Campaign -- through her new consulting organization -- Super Sleuth'd Systems and her forthcoming anti--corruption playbook, Camelot Disrupted, a memoir in historical fiction/fantasy form, due out in 2024.

And, I -- Anastasia am well qualified if you are wondering. If for no reason other than that I am Mayor of Black Bear Mountain Village, a small "zone of peace" community.  LOL.

But there's much, much more!

Look for details.

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Brittany Spears Memoir Brought Me To Reflect

Under construction

Wednesday update

"The me nobody knows/sees" was the message I first heard of Prince Harry's memoir-writing project. The announcement brought me to want to reach out to him with all the best support I could offer and I believed he would appreciate what I had to give with the mature wisdom I had gained by living my many decades ahead of him, troubled by similar dynamics in my much less than a monarchy but still power- controlled, gaslighting family.

But no more. These days I turn from articles about him -- and especially his wife who I turn from in disgust.

How has this come about, I wonder, grateful I have -- not  yet anyway -- drawn this reaction to myself.

I understood not being Visible. I'd been hiding under the 1000 or so masks I'd been cloaking myself  under since I was an eight year old and tragedy hit my family, my baby sister dying, my mother having a mental health breakdown from which she never returned so that, in effect I lost both my baby sister and my mother.

I kept the horrors a secret, the abuse, the crazy-making, the gaslighting of a small child by a huge extended family, many of them prominent and monied.

An inability to grieve adequately is what my psychology-trained mind fixed  on as motives over the years, with compassion for these Eastern European immigrants, fleeing antisemitic persecution.

I sought to understand their limitations and their devotion to rising above it in America where the "streets were paved with gold,"

Abundant with compassion and forgiveness, I lived under the many layered veils of my fears and pain, the cost to me -- and -- my children and grandchildren.

Was it worth it? Or should I, like Prince Harry and Brittany Spears, have told my sad and awful tale?

During my Random House tenure, 1988 -- 1998, I would envision myself being interviewed about my three books on the Today Show or GMA.

"They'll pay attention now to what I have to say now about child abuse," I envisioned, applauding my expertise. My family is filled with experts, I consoled myself. They won't be able to ignore me now -- I thought.

In prigress

Tuesday night

So... I, all of a sudden, felt motivated to begin a sharing about my current adventure writing Camelot Dis

rupted. Maybe a kind of journal, posted here on my blog as I now head for the finish line of writing this book. It's been almost three!! long arduous years.

But then -- they were going to be rough. We knew that from the start. It was - October, 2020- the uncertain still early days of the pandemic and we couldn't do any of the other stuff we'd been doing like getting our Truth Or Dare Movement off the ground. We had hoped writing a book would help get us through.

Has it? We don't yet know. We aren't through writing the book or the pandemic.

Here goes -- First off, reading various comments on Ms Spears' memoir, The Woman In Me,  brought me back to earlier reflections on Prince Harry's doing the same, writing a tell-the-whole world everything about how they hurt you. Harmed you as an innocent.

I felt great Compassion for Prince Harry. I knew what it's like for powerful people who -- perhaps even knowingly want to hurt you -- for their own personal agendas. The pure power of "speaking truth to power" -- the freedom! The liberation! There is almost nothing like it. The chains that bound you are broken.

But at what price? Over the long haul.

I had thought to write a memoir. But by nature it would need to include all that pain and harm and hurt -- and anger -- until Sue, my BFF, co-author, spirit sister, board member etc who had arranged the donation to New Horizons to purchase a ghostwriter on my behalf -' in the service of beginning the intended task of getting my collection of -- at least six UNPUBLISHED BOOKS, by now (due to my going blind for 8!!! years during my last editing round under my otiginal Random House contract -- for one book that ended up being three before we were done) almost jokingly suggested we write my new book as fiction instead of non--fiction as we had originally thought to do. Simply because it would be more fun.

This brings me back to my contemplation on these other tomes, given that I am actually writing a memoir, dressed up as fiction, fantasy fiction no less!

And it is more fun! And -- behind the scenes often an excruciating process. More on this later.

So -- "What are the pluses and minuses?" I ask myself. Fiction versus non-fiction? When it is one's own story we are writing? Yet no matter what -- in many ways it is our own story we are always telling, in one form or another. Isn't it?

My point here is to turn my musings on memoir vs fiction into a bit of a discussion with y'all.  Doing it my way -- fiction -- I protect my abusers from being publicly chastised (they know who they are), get to tell my story to y'all as a a gift to you as teaching lessons I've learned in living without directly setting up my life with more clutter than it needs but will get back anyway for going so public.

More later

Saturday, October 28, 2023

"Overload An Organism With Stimuli And It Will Fragment

...and reorganize at a higher level," stated Ilya Prigogine, winner of the 19..Nobel Prize for biology, summarizing his discoveries in creating his "Theory of Dissipative Structures that had won him the prize.

Look at yourself, your friends and family, your co-workers, the members of your community. Aren't you and all those around not living this phenomenon right now -- greatly the product of our pandemic.

Prigogines theory illuminates the process of human evolution under stress. And yet we still have choices: personal and collective transformation is one way. Mental illness, suicide and other forms of violence are others.

It is a choice.

Thursday, October 5, 2023

And We've Got a Lot To Talk About ...

October 6, 2023

Our Ms Class -- Study Group is beginning to put down roots deep into our Harper's Ferry soil on the side of one of the mountains that became a battlefield during the  Civil War. We take equality, social justice and peace very seriously here.

And this class, now entering its "Second Season" is becoming Step #1 of our training ground for the mind -- clear thinking, hearts open, community- building a "zone of peace" -- that we are intent on doing here - "Becoming BlackBearMountainVillage."

Communication, honest and caring -- refineded into an art form is key! (Check out NH/ZOP on "Dialogue vs debate.")


October 5, 2023

We've got a lot to talk about ...You and I -- if you are like minded with me -- not being "sames" but ideologically.

From here forth I'm going to be on the road to becoming more and more accessible -- umm? 

Storytelling will be one of our most important vehicles - my stories, your stories, our collective stories.

I" going to become more open to meaningful dialogue with more people - in the service of doing my part in overcoming polarization and building that "possible society" we've been visioning, by coming together to pool our human resources and reinforce our strengths

I'm committing myself to being more publicly and privately visible. I hate the thought of it! But here I go anyway because it is TOTALLY clear to me that I DO know how to do battle with the darkness and potentially  defeat it. Or at least give it a run for the money.

But only as a team effort -- a team already in the making, intent on doing our best to defeat the dark, an opportunity we must actively rise to meet and our gift if we take it as such. It is imperative that we now  work together to achieve this end. You do see that, don't you?

None of us should sit on the sidelines. You do your part -- and -- I do mine. 

Tomorrow I won't want to believe I'm having the Chutzpah to come out and say this so boldly. But here it is!

Long time coming!

We here at Black Bear Mountain Village marked and celebrated the "official" beginning of my "Prophecized Return" to the nation's capital, bringing me to see my role and hoping we can travel together some for awhile.

Quite a journey its been for me to get here -- and blindness and threatened blindness aren't even half of the story although Clarity -- body mind and spirit are more than half.

Please let us pull together and do our utmost to overcome polarization and corruption in our country. 

You do SEE -- don't you -- we've got work to do?  Talking together about this stuff and the challenges now facing us is a start.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Coming Soon! The True Story Behind --:

To See Or Not To See -- And The Art Of Transcendent Living: A True Story About Clarity

Also coming soon --
Anatasua's Eye 
Patch Party Fund

Dedicated to providing scholarship funds for the traing and development of qualified applicants seeking ever-increasing clarity -- body, mind and spirit and a commitment to contributing that clarity out into the world --compassionately.

Did you know I had my right eye surgically removed?

Well I did. In December, 
2019 - just before the pandemic closed alwmost everything down. And, of course you didn't know I have battling threatened blindness in my left eye since February.

Indeed -- I am challenged once again and also transforming out of my body going through the ordeal.

I want to talk to you -- a lot -- between now and next year at b this time about SEEING WITH  CLARITY and its importance for your life -- and ours.

Why this time frame?

It all gets back to Kennedy’s words --

"Ask not what your country can do for you, bit what can I do for my country."

More to come.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Meda Rose.(Standing in for Anastasia) Takes Her First Steps To Becoming An Activist - An Excerpt

Excerpted from -- Camelot Disrupted: Book One of Lost Hope Regained.

Deep inside her, the meaning of these words of JFK -- "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” -- spoken so movingly, would grow in significance as
the seeds of the future social activist, now firmly planted and growing inside of Meda --

But it would take another watershed moment added to two more politically-motivated late 1960s assassinations, that of Martin Luther King Jr. And Bobby Kennedy and another great loss and societal upheaval involving a sitting president, Richard Nixon —an event that would forever change the American political landscape and the views held of the Presidency—to give rise to the activist Meda was meant to become. Her personal destiny and her country’s were to be on a course of convergence.

And so it was that on Labor Day weekend, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of Anastasia's losing her eyesight, Anastasia -- Marcia who is becoming Meda Rose and her dearest board members quitletly marked and celebrated that day, September 2 as 
Anastasia's Day Of "Formally" Launch Her Prophecized Return"

More to come.