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Introducing Anastasia The Storyteller
(Formerly Marcia E. Rosen)

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M. Anastasia Rosen-Jones (formerly Marcia E. Rosen) is a retired psychotherapist, with more than twenty-five years (1973 -- 2000) in private practice in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, specializing in treating relationship and personality addictions

Her main emphasis in this field has been on the collusion between the aggressive addict (i.e. the prototypical drug and/or alcohol addicted, gambler etc., including the power-addicted, as well as addictions to money, status, control, righteousness and anger), especially the aggressive/power addict, and the passive addict (widely known as the codependent personality).

This emphasis grew out of research done by Ms. Rosen-Jones  as she was completing her undergraduate studies in the Women's Studies Department of the University of Maryland, College Park, majoring in a designed focus on "Counseling The Woman In Transition). The study was begun in 1984 and continues to be updated, as needed, to the present day. 

However, Anastasia began developing her groundbreaking strategies for addressing the problem areas between aggressive/power-addicted addicts and the passive addict in the mid-1970s, prior to the research indicated above. 

And she became increasingly adept at managing these, with the tutledge and guidance of her mentor, Martin G. Groder, M.D., a former prison psychiatrist known for rehabilitating repeat offenders. Her forays into this area took shape during her term as the Clinical Director of a shelter for abused women, under Dr. Groder's supervision

The three books known as Ms. Rosen-Jones' "Random House Trilogy" are based on this research, including anecdotal details on Anastasia's training experiences with Dr. Groder. 

The main premise of these books, emerging out of Ms. Rosen-Jones cutting edge research of that time, is that contemporary women are becoming more addicted than formerly by, now, taking on the addict patterns formerly characteristic of men 

Given Ms. Rosen-Jones' close proximity to the Washington political arena and her equally close connection, emotionally, spiritually and practically, to the Watergate break-in episode in which associates of hers played not insignificant roles, her focus on interactions between power addicts and codependents arose naturally. 

Prompted by the Watergate scandal, Ms. Rosen has, in fact, dedicated her life's work to understanding and treating problems that arise out of the collusive and sometimes deadly connection between these two types of addicts; the aggressive addict and the passive.

To her credit, Ms. Rosen-Jones has six books in various stages of progress,*numerous articles, three intriguing blog sites and two online radio shows to her credit. 

A once famous Washington, D.C. celebrity entrepreneur, recognized locally, nationally and internationally for her intriguing marketing and advertising strategies,  with clients in the White House and on Capitol Hill, Ms. Rosen-Jones has frequently appeared as a guesthouse speaker and on radio and television talk shows. 

One of the most notable gifts Anastasia has to offer comes of her "storytelling" about her years on the Washington, D.C. fast track and what they taught her. These years and leaving them behind led to her clinical analysis of Watergate -- and how to transform the Dark Side of that environment, known presently as the "swamp."

From this beginning, Ms. Rosen-Jones built her career forward, based on her assessment of how it was that a president  (I.e. Richard Nixon) of the United States of America could so blatantly lie to the American people and lead many of them to believe him/her. 

Anastasia's story of how she came to this devotion emerges out of a prophecy she had at the time of the Watergate hearings. You can read it here. 

Obviously this background is of the utmost importance today in the era of the Trump presidency.
(Formerly Marcia E. Rosen)
Circa 1970

Once past her entrepreurial years in D.C., Ms. Rosen-Jones went on to become a Certified Transactional Analyst psychotherapist, a researcher of the Dark Side in society and politics, a healer and transformer of the Dark Side and author. 

Her clinical and organizational theories and intervention strategies, were seeded, originally, under the guidance and supervision (1980 -- 1990) of psychiatrist, Martin G. Groder, M.D. provided her with the expertise she needed to excel in these areas.

Beyond this term of mentorship, Anastasia began to expand upon Groder's thinking and application of theories into areas that integrated accepted primal and early childhood development principles, adult relationship and family intervention practices, conflict resolution and community development strategies with theories and practical applications derived from great thinkers such as David Bohem, Stanislov Grof and noted Sufi Master, Murat Hagan.

The amalgamation of these influences has brought Anastasia to a position of praise and recognition for having created an extraordinary model for both personal and collective health and well being with profound implications for this era of social and political upheaval. 

Anastasia is now a retired psychotherapist, social researcher and community development and violence prevention consultant and coach and public speaker whose touching and inspiring personal journey is offered through her books, as well as on her blogs, as teaching stories.

(* The Middle East Crisis In My Backyard: How Communities Come Apart And How They Heal; publication is expected in 2019. Publishing options are now being considered for the package of all six books of Anastasia's.)

During her twenty-five years as a private practice psychotherapist, based in Montgomery County, Maryland, Ms. Rosen-Jones came to be known as one of the first clinicians to identify and treat both the addict personality and the addict society

The psychological and sociological theories and treatment strategies she researched and developed to address these problems became the basis for her three earliest books. These were sold to Random House (1989), but not published due to her losing her eyesight (1998). Two of these books are now being published online in excerpts at Exploring Your Dark Side: The Adventure Of A Life. 

The collection of all three books, identified as the Random House Trilogy of Ms. Rosen-Jones, is now being updated for application for our present day challenges. Look for blog posts on these.

Blindness dramatically altered Anastasia’s way of "seeing" the world -- and -- eventually her way of presenting herself in community service. 

She now wants us to be able to learn from her experiences. Building upon the foundations of these three earlier works, Ms. Rosen-Jones, through sharing her personal story of recovery from blindness and reentry into the mainstream world, guides us to explore the higher realms of personal and social consciousness -- and -- how these, as an ethical system, can be best applied to everyday life.

Two of Anastasia's three new books (in progress); To See Or Not To See And The Art Of Transcendant Living; A True Story Of Clarity and The Middle East Crisis In My Backyard: How Communities Come Apart And How They Heal chronicle Anastasia's challenges of re-entering the post 9/11 culture of the U.S.A. as seen through the expert eyes of one who is both a private American citizen and a community development and violence prevention specialist.

Written after she regained her eyesight, Ms. Rosen-Jones invites the American public to walk with her as she confronts limited sight and challenges the obstacles to regaining her vision after an extended time, in a mainstream America, often not seeing so much that is happening around them. 

From this perspective Anastasia asks citizens of this country to examine their own blind spots, be they physical, emotional or spiritual, and face up to their personal resistance to altering habitual patterns; the culture-wide acceptance of  minimizing what might be right in front of their eyes; the denial and acceptance of lying that pervades our society and politics. 

Along with this confrontation to others, Anastasia also offers an equally strong message of hope.

The first of these new works, To See or Not To See And the Art of Transcendent Living: A True Story Of Clarity, is a story of Ms. Rosen-Jones' personal struggles to live with and then recover from blindness, under the guidance of spiritual teacher and tribal leader, Murat Yagan. Murat guided Anastasia through her blindness ordeal, spiritually, and assisted her in developing an art form for individual and social transformation that has now become the New Horizons' Small "Zones of Peace" Project.

This art form is being introduced through the various programs and projects of the New Horizons’ Small “Zones of Peace” Project, most comprehensively through New Horizons' Coffee House Conversations Project. At the present time, the most extensively transforming of these programs is the Bus Ride Story Adventure. The Bus Ride Story Adventure was created and written by Murat Yagan.

The second of Anastasia's new books in progress, The Middle East Crisis in My Backyard: How Communities Come Apart And How They Heal, is a memoir of how Ms. Rosen-Jones' efforts to re-engage with the sighted world landed her a central and anguish-infused role in a local Jewish/Muslim controversy. Returning to mainstream life as a Rip Van Winkle-kind of character in this post-911 era, this manuscript in progress will be offered as both a memoir and as a guidebook for active community engagement. 

It highlights the obstacles facing our contemporary society in the age of terrorism as seen through the waxed paper-like veil of a recovering blind woman, finding her way back to normalcy in a changed world she left behind almost a decade before.

Anastasia's third book, Hot Pants, Motorcycles And K Street, has an entirely different tone. It gets down into the dark and the dirty of the Washington political and social scene with Ms. Rosen-Jones sharing how her close to ten years involvement in Washington's fast track, as a young, celebrity entrepreneur served to be the fire pit of her initiation into adult life.

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