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Finding Light in the Darkness
Entrepreneur-turned-peace- educator spotlights the ‘dark side’ in non-violence training


Special to the Frederick News-Post originally published August 6, 2006

Marcia “Anastasia” Rosen-Jones credits suffering for her transformation from toast-of-the-town, late-sixties, Washington businesswoman to practicing psychotherapist and, finally, to local spiritual guru.

Anastasia (whose taken name means “she who rises again”) is founder and director of the nonprofit New Horizons Support Network high atop Elk Mountain in Knoxville. Personal suffering, she said, is key to her “girl-interrupted” academic, professional and publishing life.

“I have a maverick education because of my eyes,” said the co-organizer of a combined New Horizons-Frederick Rescue Mission-Volunteer Frederick, self improvement-and-outreach, Small Zones of Peace project. "I found out that I was going blind when I was a sophomore in college..."

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