Friday, February 28, 2014

A small group …

… began their climb/got on the bus, with me as guide at our Sohbet #3.

We traveled together for a bit.
We want to travel
with you.

Trip Destination: Peak of the Mountain of Awe
  • ·         Who will stay for the duration?
  • ·         Who will jump off the bus?
  • ·         Or, quietly disappear?
Margaret Mead suggested –
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
But this is not so easily done, especially in this day and age of quick fix, solutions by Google.

It’s about the skill, the commitment and the endurance; the willingness to pause, to take time to talk to one another and “lean in” where snags appear. These, translated into actions, are rare treasures to come by these days.

I feel particularly grateful, today, for the wise and wonderful mentors I’ve been blessed to find; Marty Groder and Murat Yagan, who taught me how. To them I owe a debt of gratitude that I can report that a touch of "transforming lead into gold" spontaneously materialized this morning, for me. Building upon last night’s Sohbet conversation, based on one of the New Horizons’ main teaching principles –

“lean in” in every way possible, in every situation where the opportunity presents itself.

You will  be surprised how far small steps in this direction can take you.

Find out how you can aim for the same by joining us for our new Sohbet/study group!

If you are a qualified participant of the Possible Human, Possible Society Study, the door is open to you!

If you are not yet a qualified participant, find out how you can become one!

There’s magic, even in these early stages. You will begin to discover it through our new Sohbet/study group, discussion forum.

See if you can find the ingredients, within yourself and us, to transform “lead into gold.”

Are your up for the transformation?

p for the climb?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Magic in me, magic in you

A shamanic revelation from Anastasia

This morning I could see and understand “It” clearly.

The process, the adventure, the rocky spots and how we made it over/through them, the climb, the results, the exhilaration!
One example: Jack Slattery, my Possible Society In Motion Radio Show co-host, and I found ourselves transforming ourselves along with elements/aspects of our communities. Just by “doing” what it has taken us to bring our show to the point it is now.

Now how about that?

Example #2: Sue and I do “IT” routinely. Results are, oftentimes, subtle and slow in coming, but no less significant.

The formula is still rather elementary, yet, no less, profound. If you look behind the scenes, weave back and forth, from the behind to the front and all the places and spaces between, you might see what we see. (Not so easy to say.)

I don’t know how, yet, to articulate the results we’ve realized and/or how to, succinctly, describe how we attain them; changing the lead in ourselves into the gold we are producing. (It is only small karat gold at that, right now, but GOLD nonetheless.)

But I can tell you this much; there is a formula!  And, we’ve got it!

It’s still a bit craggy to apply (the “doing”), even rougher to explain. But “we” (New Horizons and I and some of our friends) have got it! Deriving from my/our inheritance from Murat to be passed on to whomever is open to receiving it.

Find out how you can aim for the same by joining us for our new Sohbet/study group!

If you are a qualified participant of the Possible Human, Possible Society Study, the door is open to you!

If you are not yet a qualified participant, find out how you can become one!

There’s magic, even in these early stages. You will begin to discover it through our new Sohbet/study group, discussion forum.

See if you can find the ingredients, within yourself and us, to transform “lead into gold.”

Are your up for the transformation?

Up for the climb?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The White Unicorn …

…sits on my desk, held fast within the snow globe.

Encapsulated, the shake-up of snow swirling around, her beautiful head is barely above the water line. She is concealed, but  just for a moment.

Then see the snow settle and clear.

Metaphorically, I am my white unicorn, held fast in place by too many snow days, ice and freezing cold. My car, half buried in snow, as the sun makes its valiant attempt to shine, is still as disabled in its ability to move, as I in my snow globe.

Yet somehow the closing in is okay; an almost welcome time-out. Then the sun begins, once more to shine. And, I find myself not quite ready to come out from the whirl, at least not quickly.

Cocooned, I did some growing, as a butterfly does, similarly, though I would be hard put to tell you how. Still, when the swirl began to clear outdoors, I found myself reluctant to take flight, nor quite steady on my sea legs.

Ah, but cabin fever got the best of me. So once I had dug myself out, I made my get-away out of the mountains into the town. Back to civilization, finding myself relieved and expanded by the effort, I discovered I liked that too.

The mythological Amaterasu, Japanese goddess of the sun, one of the goddess guides I devotedly follow, shines brightly, today, again, as she did yesterday, reminding me that both coming out and going back in have their time and place.

And, too, it might, also, be time for some fun.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Point of clarification

Could the fact that I have a personal life that might differ, albeit slightly, from my professional world cause a stir or controversy, for anyone, anywhere?
Such as the next, very important revelation that some celeb or other is announcing, today, that she/he is gay or black or bi-racial might?

I would hope not. At least not in any negative way! 

Sometimes, my “other (personal) life” does, however, seem to matter to some who do wonder whether or not New Horizons is a spiritual program.

Especially, given the recent passing of New Horizons’ community development mentor, Murat Yagan. Murat was, also, my personal spiritual mentor. From either angle, interest in New Horizons or a reader/supporter of mine, a significant increase in references to Murat would be natural at this time.

Whatever your interest, please note the following clarification.

New Horizons publicly speaks of Murat as our "community development mentor" and his, also, being my personal "spiritual mentor." If you have an interest as to how these two roles Murat provided entwine, the recent contribution Sue and I made to Murat’s last published book, AhmstaKebzeh: The Science of Universal Awe,Volume II, offers as complete an explanation as would be needed, I believe.

(The recent publication of this long-awaited book, which includes this article by Sue and I, would have naturally resulted in our expansion of comments and connections to Murat and his influence and impact on New Horizons had his unexpected death not occurred as it did in December.)

To further explain, however, allow me to state  –

The objectives of New Horizons are to offer consulting, training and conversation forums as a mainstream community development model and program, not a spiritual training or development program.

We do our best, at New Horizons, to be very cautious as to how we present ourselves, in terms of offering guidance or education to our participants and supporters, respecting religions, personal philosophies and so forth, be they drawn from cultures, religion, philosophy or any other source. In fact, at New Horizons, we actively seek to assist, particularly through our community conversations, to build bridges across the separations of diversity wherever they exist.

Additionally, the ethical principles of our organization do draw upon, what we consider to be, the accrued wisdom of the world, including, of course, the teachings and traditions of Ahmsta Kebzeh.

We do not, in any way, shape or form, wish to impose on the willingness of supporters or participants, who accept our leadership and guidance, as permission to intrude or trespass on the personal values and needs others hold.

With Kebzeh community principles and traditions interwoven into what was originally a long-established therapeutic community model, we have every evidence that we have developed a superb mainstream community development template. To continue our carefully earned, fine reputation as professionals in the area of mainstream community development, we pay heed to maintaining this.

Sometimes, for me, there is a fine line between my professional persona and personal values. Because, occasionally, this juxtaposition can be tricky, I proceed always with caution.

Of one thing you can be assured, no matter how far my visioning may take me or my spiritual perspectives guide me, my feet are always on the ground!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Turning lead into gold to be theme of new study group

New Program Announcement!

A new, ongoing study group, facilitated by me, Anastasia, exclusively for Possible Human, Possible Society Study participants, commenced last Thursday evening.

Program Title: Alchemy and the Alchemist: An informal discussion with a purpose

Murat Yagan (1915 -- 2013)
with Anastasia
Program description:

  •  The curriculum is derived from the teachings of ancient Abkhazia as offered by Murat;
  • Discussions will begin with Murat’s teachings, as offered in his numerous books, and expand into discussion wherever meeting group decides to go;
  • Study groups to be recorded and available to participants for review.

  • Day and Time: 6:30 p.m., Thursday evenings, alternating with the New Horizons’ Possible Society In Motion Radio Show.

    Current Discussion Topic: Alchemy and Consciousness, based on Murat’s last book, Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Universal Science of Awe, Volume II
    Location: New Horizons conference call-in forum

Details and Information

Anastasia at: or cell: 240.409.5347

Study participants, please contact Anastasia for next study group date and call-in number and access code.

Presented as a Tribute to Murat Yagan (1915 – 2013)