Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Magic in me, magic in you

A shamanic revelation from Anastasia

This morning I could see and understand “It” clearly.

The process, the adventure, the rocky spots and how we made it over/through them, the climb, the results, the exhilaration!
One example: Jack Slattery, my Possible Society In Motion Radio Show co-host, and I found ourselves transforming ourselves along with elements/aspects of our communities. Just by “doing” what it has taken us to bring our show to the point it is now.

Now how about that?

Example #2: Sue and I do “IT” routinely. Results are, oftentimes, subtle and slow in coming, but no less significant.

The formula is still rather elementary, yet, no less, profound. If you look behind the scenes, weave back and forth, from the behind to the front and all the places and spaces between, you might see what we see. (Not so easy to say.)

I don’t know how, yet, to articulate the results we’ve realized and/or how to, succinctly, describe how we attain them; changing the lead in ourselves into the gold we are producing. (It is only small karat gold at that, right now, but GOLD nonetheless.)

But I can tell you this much; there is a formula!  And, we’ve got it!

It’s still a bit craggy to apply (the “doing”), even rougher to explain. But “we” (New Horizons and I and some of our friends) have got it! Deriving from my/our inheritance from Murat to be passed on to whomever is open to receiving it.

Find out how you can aim for the same by joining us for our new Sohbet/study group!

If you are a qualified participant of the Possible Human, Possible Society Study, the door is open to you!

If you are not yet a qualified participant, find out how you can become one!

There’s magic, even in these early stages. You will begin to discover it through our new Sohbet/study group, discussion forum.

See if you can find the ingredients, within yourself and us, to transform “lead into gold.”

Are your up for the transformation?

Up for the climb?

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