Thursday, April 17, 2014

Being The Change

Thursday, April 17   6:30 p.m.

With co-hosts, Anastasia Rosen-Jones and Jack Slattery

We each have a critical eye which sees EVERYTHING that’s wrong with the world.  We each have a complaining voice which can go on and on about these things.  We swim in a culture rife with polarization and fragmentation. But it does not have to be this way!

There is good news.  Not by “seeing the world through rose-colored glasses” or ignoring the bad to see only the good. But by mining the lead of our social problems, we can turn these into the gold of solutions that make a difference; one day at a time, one person at a time.

By learning to utilize Anastasia’s recently introduced “Lean In Legacy Template” the new centerfold of the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show, each and every one of us can exercise our innate human capacities to be the change we are seeking, individually and collectively.

Co-hosts, Anastasia and Jack, focus on the element of "change" as the focus of this intriguing episode, tonight at 6:30 p.m. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cutting Off Versus Leaning In: The Legacy of In Between

Yesterday, a familiar-seeming face in a photograph of one of the “special to CNN” contributors drew my attention.  Something about that face startled me. Almost hauntingly, throughout the day, the picture kept coming back to me.

Then it struck me; the face in the photograph was my mother’s, or almost so!

Spurred on by that realization, instantaneously, I returned to CNN and the article. I was, by this time, intent on finding out more about the author. Already I had a strong supposition; she was someone I knew; a family member, in fact.

Confirming my hunch that this woman was, indeed, my first cousin, once removed, granddaughter of my mother’s sister, I wondered, once again, at the magic and mystery of life.  This was, undeniably, a long lost cousin!

Having, within hours, only just finished doing a radio show on my newly presented “Lean In Legacy Template,” now, I was face-t0-face, via the internet, with an heiress to the major source of what had been generations of family cutoffs. Here was a carrier, albeit in innocence, of a legacy of family disconnectedness, continuing to this day.

Seeing this living, breathing symbol of the “Cut-off Legacy” of my own family; my first cousin, once removed, who I had neither seen nor spoken to in more years than I care to remember, uprooted a cache of stored memories and emotions, primarily sorrow at the loss.

On the heels of introducing my well-articulated antithesis to disconnectedness of every variety, here was a living representative of the challenge I had built my life upon to dispel; polarization, be it familial, cultural or political. 

Grounded in denial and lies, conspiratorial alliances had managed, to the best of my knowledge, to produce a family tree, rife with the poison of polarization, mired in the kinds of dysfunction that marks our country today, especially in the political arena and international affairs. A toxin so widespread it left no one unmarked in an extended family of hundreds, bringing about as much as one hundred years of heartache.

In a family abundant in doctors, lawyers, and other high profile careers and plentiful in prominence and money, as well as a scandal or two, a secret war of collusions, distrust and disconnect had managed to proliferate. While, at the same time, family members acted as if nothing at all was amiss; denial was viral in my family.

Wondering, once again, at the illusions we had lived by, upon seeing this familial reminder of that past, brought, now, into the present, my mind turned to contemplation on the facts, as I knew them.

Among them was that this relative of mine, albeit unknowingly, on her part, was from the faction of my family most rooted in the cutting off that had plagued our family. Given to a healthy respect, as I am, for synchronicity, my next thoughts turned to what I might do with this unexpected intrusion into my day of pleasure regarding the introduction, through my radio show, of my “Lean In Legacy Template.”

Now what, I asked myself? Was I being given a message guiding me to my next “b’shrt” moment (b’shrt meaning “destiny” in Yiddish/Hebrew)? Was it b’shrt that I lean in to this cousin of mine as my next step in my quest for family unity?

Considering this possibility, I consulted with trusted friends, tossed my I Ching coins, did a new Tarot card reading and contemplated further.

No, I told myself, my golden moment for leaning in, again, to my family was not quite yet. I belonged, for now, at a maintained distance until a gentle portal, or a rational one, based on a quest for truth, higher consciousness and compassion might open.

In the meantime, at least, I now knew where to find a missing – and – missed family member; a public online profile and a web site.

I might seek these out when it was time.

Meanwhile, I would continue waiting and watching, remaining on the periphery, on the edges.  And, do my best to contribute my own legacy; a lean in legacy, as my prescribed antidote to our family’s discord.

I would know when it was time -- and -- how for me to take the next steps toward my family, again.

Monday, March 24, 2014

There By The Grace of G-d Go I: Dangers of the unknown/undisclosed Self

On-air, tonight!

"There By The Grace of G-d Go I!"

Tonight, Saturday, March 29 at 6:30 p.m.

An excerpted reflection from “Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street

Spring, 1985
“Hitting It Big And Kissing It Good-by” has, recently, been featured on the front page of the Washington Post. And, I have been invited to speak at a luncheon hosted by the First Women’s Bank of Maryland.  My presentation topic will derive from that newsworthy article of the times.
Always, my entire adulthood, I am exquisitely able to make connections between what I have to offer and how that, somehow, taps into the world around me. I am to achieve this, again, for this luncheon, if I can figure out how.
The luncheon is to include thirty to forty key Washington women executives. I am to be the guest of honor and key note speaker.

My presentation will draw upon my four year study of women and relationship and personality addictions. I have just recently completed it in the Women Studies Department at the University of Maryland, College Park.
(In 1988 this research will become the foundation for my book publishing contract with Random House.)
For weeks I have been fretting about this speaking engagement; wanting to do it, wanting not to do it. My best friend, Marv Brooks, recently dismissed, prominent disc jockey of the WPGC Good Guys has been coaching me through my angst.
Now we are getting down to the wire; the luncheon only days away.
I have my costume prepared; a lovely designer fashion suit by Laura Ashley. An elegant blouse, patent leather pumps and a cameo pin of my mother’s to set out off my professional refinement.
However, as the luncheon date grows closer, my resistance builds.
Two days before, as near tears as I ever get, I lament my awaiting fate in making this presentation. (It would be healthier if I did cry more but knowing this is still years away.)
Mostly, I think I do not want to do this speaking engagement.
I am feeling compromised, feeling as if I am compromising myself.
It is twelve years since I left my “hot pants, motorcycles and K Street” life behind with glorious relief.  And a cache of teachable moments upon which I will intermittently reflect forever after.
Now I am faced with approaching a re-entry point. Everything inside of me screams not to cross over it, even the approach to it.
Spring, 2014
Almost thirty years later, my approach-avoidance tension continues still. 
I am, once again, approaching a re-entry point back into the heart of the D.C. fast track.
Once again, I am anxious; to do or not to do? That is the question.
Other questions hover over that one:
How to BE and DO with integrity and integration, if one even approaches that game? A tricky challenge lies within the Capitol Beltway, even for the best of us.
The saga of this quandary; approach-avoidance insofar as it relates, metaphorically, to K Street; will it, perhaps, last my entire lifetime without full resolution?
I ask myself this: questioning myself.  Questions, too, about you – and – “us.”
I wonder at this, with puzzlement,watching the red-bellied woodpecker, pecking away at my bird feeder. As I sit here at my desk in “the serenity of the New Horizons Harpers Retreat Center” with the tragedy of L Wren Scott tugging at my heart and my mind.
If nothing else, an incident such as this triggers contemplation. For me, there is much else!
I am trying to sort out what it is in me that is effected by this tragedy, hoping to clarify the point soon.
This shocking, horrific ending to what seemed to be a beautiful, got it all, life.
It brings into bold relief, who I once was, who I am now and how I got from there to here.

By Sunday, March 30 I hope to broadcast some of what I discover to conect the dots, from this, of me and the world around me. I hope you will join me on The Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show.

Our topic will be: There By The Grace of G-d Go I!

For me, a most appropriate day, March 30, 2014; the one hundredth birthday of my father (deceased), the man who handed me the "lean in" legacy by the way he lived his life.

To be continued.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Radio Show Episode to Explore Overcoming Polarization Blueprint

Please read the following announcement for the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show to be aired tomorrow evening on Blot Talk Radio.

Thursday, March 20 at 6:30 pm.

Then, join Jack Slattery, my co-host, our guests and myself for a lively conference call discussion immediately following our on-air presentation.

You will be glad you joined us!

“Who would have thought that the simple act of doing a radio show would lead to the unearthing of a hidden formula for overcoming one of today’s most pressing societal problems; polarization?” muses show host, Anastasia Rosen-Jones.

Nonetheless this is exactly what has occurred in the brief one year plus several months this show has been on-air with Blog Talk Radio.

In this episode Jack invites Anastasia to share the profound transformative dynamics operating behind the scenes in her life, as well as the lives of others, that have led to her discovery in the time period of this program .

Find out how day-to-day interpersonal encounters uncovered Anastasia's surprisingly simple, but not easy to do, “Lean In Legacy Template” the new centerfold of the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Getting to “awe,” one way or the other

Or, how a Sohbet/study group came to be like a “bus ride”adventure, destination – “awe.”

We want to travel
with you.
I don’t know about you but I do know about me – and -- Sue and New Horizons. We, individually and collectively, are changing so rapidly these days, inside and out, I cannot keep pace with it all. Let alone clarify it in my mind and, then, quickly write it out and post it for you, before the next thing arises.

So I am, once again, sorry. 

However, only CNN, or some such, could keep on top of what’s happening here and report it, moment by moment; instantaneously. But then you’d, also, have tons of non-events from New Horizons, dressed up as news without much substance; real people-depth meaning substance is what I’m suggesting here.

Honestly, I think we have quite enough of that kind of news these days.

But I can see “IT” coming; the “awe.” Just the other side of the mountain. So I want to alert you.

Some of “IT” is already here. I can see it in my mind’s eye and feel it in my heart and soul. When I allow myself to slow down and breathe, gently, gently, I can even feel “IT” in my body, in the moment.

That’s a challenging BIG “IF” these days. It’s hard to catch one’s breath in this over-drive world we live in and all that keeps happening and is instantaneously broadcast, as if Rome could be built in a day. I admit to being frequently tested by it too.

But what can you do?

Sue says I have a certain, special clarity of my mind, connected to the outer world, that helps me see stuff beyond the ordinary, somehow. She thinks it’s because I have come to see so many layers of reality, perhaps, due to my blindness and recovery term, added to my analytically-trained mind that is constantly aware and systematically observing people patterns and energies.

I don’t know what it is that makes this so. But I, too, recognize it. Often in the past, at times like these, I could see people patterns and energies moving. I could, especially, trace back to the beginnings that could/would eventually lead to "awe." Even if the end was not, yet, quite in sight. I could see “IT” on the horizon, a certain kind of awe, just ahead (or trouble, if we were headed that way).  

Maybe I got this from being with my father and Hollywood and a lot of days at Disneyland that taught me to see this way.

I must, too, not forget the influence of George Barris on my young adolescent mind. Standing, or sitting, next to creativity such as his, as the case may be; someone who could conceive of the Batmobile and the many other custom cars George has created, definitely expanded my developing mind. Even if today George would be unable to remember me, I can never forget the impact he had on me and how I have become.

But right now, I am not able to clearly see the beginning of these present awe-inspiring times. However, sure as I’m sitting here, awaiting the next snow storm, only hours ahead, New Horizons’ new Sohbet/study group is on its ways to “awe,” after only four meetings.

How can I tell you, now, in a few short words that a Sohbet/study group can be like a Bus Ride Story Adventure?

I cannot do it! No words yet.

However, I do assure you that the adventure is, now, unfolding with the right “chosen people,” in the right time and place.

So, if I were you, I’d be wondering how I could, also, get on board!

Think I’m being too cryptic? Well, truth be told, all that is wonderful in this world does not necessarily translate into immediate sound bites. Some things just have to be experienced with more than one or two of our endowed five senses, and with patience.

So you might want to find out, now, what you can do to join us for the Sohbet that is becoming a Bus Ride Story Adventure, or, if you prefer, a Bus Ride Story Adventure that’s becoming a Sohbet/study group.

That’s all for now, folks! Stay tuned for more.

Friday, February 28, 2014

A small group …

… began their climb/got on the bus, with me as guide at our Sohbet #3.

We traveled together for a bit.
We want to travel
with you.

Trip Destination: Peak of the Mountain of Awe
  • ·         Who will stay for the duration?
  • ·         Who will jump off the bus?
  • ·         Or, quietly disappear?
Margaret Mead suggested –
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
But this is not so easily done, especially in this day and age of quick fix, solutions by Google.

It’s about the skill, the commitment and the endurance; the willingness to pause, to take time to talk to one another and “lean in” where snags appear. These, translated into actions, are rare treasures to come by these days.

I feel particularly grateful, today, for the wise and wonderful mentors I’ve been blessed to find; Marty Groder and Murat Yagan, who taught me how. To them I owe a debt of gratitude that I can report that a touch of "transforming lead into gold" spontaneously materialized this morning, for me. Building upon last night’s Sohbet conversation, based on one of the New Horizons’ main teaching principles –

“lean in” in every way possible, in every situation where the opportunity presents itself.

You will  be surprised how far small steps in this direction can take you.

Find out how you can aim for the same by joining us for our new Sohbet/study group!

If you are a qualified participant of the Possible Human, Possible Society Study, the door is open to you!

If you are not yet a qualified participant, find out how you can become one!

There’s magic, even in these early stages. You will begin to discover it through our new Sohbet/study group, discussion forum.

See if you can find the ingredients, within yourself and us, to transform “lead into gold.”

Are your up for the transformation?

p for the climb?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Magic in me, magic in you

A shamanic revelation from Anastasia

This morning I could see and understand “It” clearly.

The process, the adventure, the rocky spots and how we made it over/through them, the climb, the results, the exhilaration!
One example: Jack Slattery, my Possible Society In Motion Radio Show co-host, and I found ourselves transforming ourselves along with elements/aspects of our communities. Just by “doing” what it has taken us to bring our show to the point it is now.

Now how about that?

Example #2: Sue and I do “IT” routinely. Results are, oftentimes, subtle and slow in coming, but no less significant.

The formula is still rather elementary, yet, no less, profound. If you look behind the scenes, weave back and forth, from the behind to the front and all the places and spaces between, you might see what we see. (Not so easy to say.)

I don’t know how, yet, to articulate the results we’ve realized and/or how to, succinctly, describe how we attain them; changing the lead in ourselves into the gold we are producing. (It is only small karat gold at that, right now, but GOLD nonetheless.)

But I can tell you this much; there is a formula!  And, we’ve got it!

It’s still a bit craggy to apply (the “doing”), even rougher to explain. But “we” (New Horizons and I and some of our friends) have got it! Deriving from my/our inheritance from Murat to be passed on to whomever is open to receiving it.

Find out how you can aim for the same by joining us for our new Sohbet/study group!

If you are a qualified participant of the Possible Human, Possible Society Study, the door is open to you!

If you are not yet a qualified participant, find out how you can become one!

There’s magic, even in these early stages. You will begin to discover it through our new Sohbet/study group, discussion forum.

See if you can find the ingredients, within yourself and us, to transform “lead into gold.”

Are your up for the transformation?

Up for the climb?