Sunday, April 22, 2018

Ethics Complaint Update: Anastasia’s Alter Ego, Goddess-Zilla Returns

“I am woman hear me roar!”  

The anger phase of my liberation from the “cost of (being) quiet" has turned now into empowering me to push through whatever glass ceiling tiles might be in the way of my being at my fullest, most complete best! Right here! Right now!
Anastasia's Alter Ego
In Warrior Garb

Here I come world!  Watch out! 

But gentle, loving and compassionate as I am – and forgiving, let’s see how it goes.

Anastasia The Storyteller is now ready to take her show on the road!

Want to hear my story? 

The real nuts and bolts, the down and dirty of my having been foiled one last time by the oppression of male ego?

Find out how this next saga turns out!

I did not realize until my waking this morning that my Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show yesterday, not only provided me an opportunity to teach some of the gems I’ve been storing up to share with my devoted readers and listeners –

But additionally gave me one of the platforms I need to celebrate my next phase of “She who rises again” – the meaning of my name, Anastasia by doing one of the things I am best at – 


Now I know, after managing a slew of tech difficulties but still getting myself on the air, that from here forth on my new Anastasia The Storyteller Radio series, devoted to #Metoo issues and discussions – the story of my “Ethics Complaint” and my one other situation of sexual abuse – another real drama but this one with a happy ending -- are going to come into play as I, not only tell my story, but also give forth the abundant personal and professional wisdom I’ve accrued in my many decades of living life to its fullest.

Want to be enlightened on "How we are going to move ourselves through the #Metoo era," listen to my podcasts, if you haven’t done so yet. This is the most recent --

Then, keep reading and tuning in. And thank you for your kind support!

Now I am off to hike my mountain road, work up a sweat and put to good use all the fire energy bubbling up inside of me!

The sun is shining. The days are finally warming up. 

Who knows what will come next? 

Whatever it is, ought to be interesting!

Ethics Complaint Update: Anastasia Shares Her “Process” On Live Broadcast --

-- along with insights and strategies for other women (and men) dealing with sexual harassment and power abuse situations.

Hear the broadcast on podcast on --

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ethics Complaint Update: Content Versus Process

My Ethics Complaint documentation is all but complete, save for finishing touches I will put together in the next few weeks, before I submit it. 

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week carried me over the gap that was to be my end of finishing up unfinished business. I was drained by the undertaking, yet uplifted by it too, particularly that I had managed to complete what I had set out to do, four months earlier. And without the obstacles defeating me that had unsettled me previously.

Then, as the effort to produce my main piece, the timeline, detailing my sexual harassment and power abuse situation, as I lived it, receded, I began to stand back from the content I had so carefully laid out – and – begin reflecting. 

I was seeking to reach a level beyond the intellectual process of preparing that which the Ethics Committee demanded, intent now on raising myself up to the emotional plane of consciousness, knowing this needed to be my next step in my endeavor to ascend beyond the mundane particulars that had been binding me to the project.

As the descent into my body, my senses and emotions got underway I realized, almost instantly, the alchemical dynamic of turning lead into gold taking hold in me that I have come to anticipate. 

For this clarity I have reverence; almost awe, especially when I realize that it is two maps, in particular, that I have had to guide my life’s journey; that of my first mentor, beyond my father, Dr. Martin Groder, my psychiatrist mentor, and then, later, Murat Yagan, my Beloved spiritual teacher and New Horizons’ community development adviser, that have brought me here.

Free to be me and soar!

Without fail, I can rely upon these maps to take me out of the depths of any darkness within which I might find myself up to the heights of a consciousness that, once reached, alters my perception to such a degree that I am transformed, emotionally, spiritually and, sometimes, even physically.

The directions, when followed, are that fail safe!

Oh how I wish I could be healer enough to restore my damaged eyesight with this adeptness of mine, based on a series of maps I have treasured, now, for close to forty years!

Lucky me!

And, if I could pass them on – and – the wisdom they embody, so much the better!

On the simplest level, I am watching the movement, inside myself, of my moving through anger and resentment, its close cousin, down into layers of grief, as I reflect with new insight, upon all that is the saga of this Ethics Complaint as I've lived it. And the related losses by what is now revealed?

For this I must open my eyes and my mind to seeing what I did not see in the past. 
I am likely, as usual, to come through this with a more refined Self. But I might like the gain to have a bit less pain.

Nonetheless, that’s what alchemy is about, right?

How blind I was to how I was being manipulated and seduced into relying on someone who, by virtue of credentials, years of experience and seeming respect by other members of my professional association, did not likely ever have my best interest at heart, only his own!

In the immediate present, I am seeing how very naïve I was! 

Had it not been for Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood scandals and the outpouring of collective voices that became the  follow through of the #Metoo movement, I would not even have realized this all these many years later.

So unknowing was I that I ended up being a pawn to be used in some other person’s quest for grandeur. Just at the time I thought I was being supported and encouraged to be at my best. And to excel at what I was devoting myself to learning at the time through that other person.

I am somewhat saddened by the unexpected turn of events, as one might expect. 

Yet enlightened and liberated, both of which bring me great joy!

Contemplation and a whole new set of lessons to learn is where I sit, along with a burst of energy that has me wanting to do sit ups, of all things!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Ethics Complaint Update: Documentation Completed Yesterday


Yesterday I completed preparation of the documentation for my Ethics Complaint.

I still need to review what I have written with my support circle, do editing, review again, after I get feedback on what I've written and compiled, make copies and write a cover letter. 

Then ready to go!

I should be ready with my completed package and will likely submit the official documentation sometime in early May.

In the meantime – now that the centerpiece of the complaintmy timeline of twenty plus pages, is completed,  I am beginning to move more and more out of the intellectual stuff the Ethics Committee expected and explore my emotions and related perspectives, as they are laid out in the timeline. 

This portion of my formal complaint details the situation in its entirety, from start to finish as I lived it, along with my supporting archival papers about what I am dealing with here.

Guess what is coming up next, now that I have reached this point?

Anger and grief at how I was used as a pawn for one man’s ego gratifications, at my expense.

More heavy lifting!

Please send prayers and good wishes.

One thing I am wishing for, now, is that some of the important men in my life would take the time to read my documentation, talk to me about what I’ve written and support me through this that lies ahead for me.

I don’t know if I will get this. I’ve asked a few of the men I trust to genuinely care about me. 

But I don’t know if they have it in them to come forth. Men, as we women expected and now have substantiated aren’t readily up for talking about #Metoo stuff. 

The Beyond Gender Tyranny study of male #Metoo attitudes that New Horizons is now embarking upon is certainly showing us that!

I’ll let you know how it goes this week, for me, personally.

In the meantime, try joining me for my next upcoming radio show on --

This coming Saturday, April 21 at 11:30 a.m.

My topic will be –

I may be ready by then to get a bit more personal than sometimes and share some of what I am experiencing, as I now move forward into the official filing of my complaint.

Fun, eh?

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ethics Complaint Update: Finding Personal Freedom By “Seeing” What I See And Saying What I See

I am now into the fourth month of dealing with my Ethics Complaint and pleased to say that the documentation I need to provide in order for the process to move forward is almost complete!

I expect to finish the timeline that lays out the circumstances of the complaint sometime around the end of the month, with the supporting documentation and a cover letter I will enclose, all in good order, by May 15.

Then off the package goes; a testament to the fact that in the area of my life, related to this complaint, I have freed myself to speak of the darkness I saw and do it without fear or lack of confidence. (See "the losers paradigm" here.)

Bravo! True liberation lies here! 

In the meantime, the growing clarity I have about many things heightens each day. 

Even when I get overloaded and in need of fortification from my trusting inner circle of Sistahs, as I do routinely!  

Indeed an ethics complaint is not an ordeal to pursue solely on one’s own.

To what end that package will take me is anybody’s guess. 

However, for my part, I am doing all I can to encourage the outcome I have in mind; truth, reconciliation and healing! 

Having found my way around the inhumane demands of the Ethics Committee, as I have perceived it, to my satisfaction I am looking forward to what will happen next.

So, no matter what the Ethics Committee does on its end, I believe I am prepared for a fine outcome for me, based, not on them, but on how I am managing the situation and handling myself, internally and outwardly.

It all ought to be quite interesting. Of course I will keep my readers updated, as best I can.

Did I mention that no more than a week after finding the hidden documents, unearthing evidence of sexual intrusion by one of my TA trainers into what should have been a space protected by our teacher-student relationship, I had another major eye crisis?

Perhaps I did speak of it here on my blog site, but not in much detail. I am still rather new at speaking out about my private life in depth. So perhaps I did go light on some of what I discovered. Nor did I reveal much about my eye crisis.

Who could experience such as these and then, in an instant, know how to articulate what has occurred, with anything more than cursory acknowledgement? 

Both of these episodes; finding the long buried information regarding sexual harassment by a once-trusted mentor and then going blind, almost immediately after the discovery, are far too dramatic and traumatic to experience, integrate and heal from one in a fell swoop.

In any event the short version is that the episode left me blind, again, in my right eye. 

This time apparently permanently!

You know this is no small thing, right?  The ethics issue alone would not have been small.

Nonetheless, taking giant steps as I am these days, I think I am getting ready to speak of what I know about the connection, for me, of blindness episodes and trauma, but not just yet, not today. 

When I do share this side of what’s been going on in the last little while, for me, I am hoping you will take inspiration from my tale to help empower you to move through challenging obstacles, no matter how difficult, if you are presently facing any.  A person's sharing, with the hopes of surmounting one’s travails, by helping others is such a reward for the difficulties. We know, at such times, we are all in this life together, at least, those of us aiming for our highest human values.

Meanwhile back to my Ethics Complaint…

Putting the downside of recent revelations to the side, the good news is that I am, now, daily, seeing many things about myself, others and the world around me with expanded clarity; an enhanced view of things that is making my life more beautiful, like the blossoming weeping cherry tree outside my office window, as I write this now.

Also I am speaking up and out more and more about what I see and think about certain things that I, apparently, had been holding back. I am also involving myself in new activities that will, hopefully, allow me even greater expression in the coming days, weeks, months and even years.

This is so good! This is me finding new freedom, inside of me and all around!

Already events are beginning to occur that show me that this unfolding in my life has bright potentials. Sometimes I want all the potentialities to activate themselves right away, as I think I have been holding myself back from opportunities and I don’t want to do that anymore. But I was not yet ready for them.

Now I am; sometimes almost chomping at the bit to get into the next one!

This is the personal freedom I am finding by “seeing” what I see and saying what I see!

Keep sending your best wishes to me. I truly thrive on them.

With many thanks.


Monday, March 26, 2018

Liberation: Ethics Complaint Update

Somewhere, somehow, almost without my noticing, struggling progressed into liberation.

Somewhere, somehow I began to find what I considered to be legitimate ways around the seemingly inhumane demands of the Ethics Committee; to find pathways that suited not only demands that “felt” solely legalistic, without regard for the human, social context of what had happened, regarding my complaint of sexual harassment and the dominance of power abuse and retaliation for my rebuffs to sexual advances.

As I write this, I am not certain my modifications of the Ethics Committees stipulations will be acceptable to them. However, the path I am choosing from here forward, in order to complete the complaint process that is a daunting task for me currently, beyond measure, is going to suit me! 

And those closest to me, loving and supporting me.

Of this I am certain!

This is how I will tell my story, aiming for the highest good.

What the Ethics Committee will do with my submission is not something I will, now, allow to fully define the parameters and content of the story I have to tell; a tale of sexual harassment and power abuse I have kept buried and hidden, even from myself, now, for twenty-five years! 

Most importantly I am beginning to “see” that the effort I am making regarding my Ethics Complaint is merely an outer manifestation of what I am needing to address in myself, in order to carry out the demands of my soul’s destiny; demands crying out to me to remove that which is interfering with my attaining the best of myself; for myself and the service demanded of me as an actively, participating human in this life.

It is this notion that holds the perspective, lying behind my stating, in an earlier blog article, that “fierceness is not enough!” 

There is a quiet place within each and every one of us that cries out for us to align ourselves with a higher order beyond that which we can visibly see.

That place can be experienced, only through love, tranquility and peace with all living things.

Comfort in that place is what I am now seeking as guidance while I continue, at times, to struggle with the details of my “formal” Ethics Complaint.

This aspect, the spiritual, is more often than not, a woman’s way, naturally. Thinking on this I am reminded of a Biblical phrase --
I'll be a light at your feet and a voice behind you. Follow it!
I believe I see this value in Melania Trump, even in Stormy Daniels. 

In Rose McGowan, I’m not so sure.

What is your way of dealing with #Metoo?

I hope you will write and share “your way” with me. 

Contact me at with your #Metoo stories, male or female.

Have a happy day! 

The snow is melting and it looks more and more like Spring is truly on the way.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ethics Complaint Update: Struggling

My experience, presently, continues to be that inhumane, inappropriate demands are being placed on me, in my effort to file my ITAA (International Transactional Analysis Association) Ethics Complaint for sexual harassment and power abuse.

It is a dreadful experience! I am no longer being ignored. However, beyond that, I wouldn't wish on a pig, what is being asked of me.
Am I the pig here, or the puller?
What's it all about, anyway?

I am struggling to not be defeated -- and -- to find ways to humanize the process – and -- still comply with the demands as they have been put forth,  

And I think it all a bit tricky!

I am making headway, but still it is --

Heavy lifting!!!

Will continue to keep you updated.

In the meantime, if you are going through something similar, I would love to interview you and possibly have you on my radio show. It's all about the "tell and tremble."

Please contact me:

Anastasia Rosen-Jones
Executive Director
New Horizons Support Network, Inc.
Cell: 240.409.5347
Email: "#Metoo Stories" --