Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Force In You (And I) Is….. Beautiful

The Humpty Dumpty in me had a great fall; I lost my eyesight and would not regain it for a very long time. It was, indeed, quite a tumble that took eight long, arduous years until it could be surmounted. A death-defying struggle ensued in the meantime.

A whole series of tragedies had plagued me since late childhood. Always I had been able to surmount them with my determination, creativity and hard work. But physical blindness was something else. It had no options; no re-routing alternatives. I was stuck and I knew it. The Humpty Dumpty in me had been broken.

Whether or not I was cracked beyond repair was yet to be discovered. But early on it became apparent that there would be no King’s men that I could even hope would try to put me back together again. The task would be mine – and – mine alone to tackle.

The saga of my threatened blindness has been a part of my personal story since I was a junior in college at Ohio State. Then it had been a threat, supposedly imminent in the months ahead; a devastating prediction for a college junior.

The day I finally did lose my eyesight turned out to be many years later, howver. But I had been expecting it. How could I not, once diagnosed and confirmed. Thus, at once when it arrived, I knew it for what it was. What I didn’t know was when, if ever, my blindness could be healed.

As it turned out it took seven eye surgeries and an inordinate emotional-spiritual battle to fight off the psychological demons my blindness brought with it. In order for me to survive the ordeal, I would need to fight these demons along with my physical challenges. Blindness and my recovery from blindness (1998 – 2006) had lifted the lid on the Pandora’s box in me.

On this, the fifth anniversary of this blog site’s presence, I am reflecting on how it is that I have gotten from there; extended blindness and its repercussions, to here, on the threshold of a dream.

This site was set up as a platform from which I could tell stories, especially the ones behind what was to become, concurrent with my personal recovery from blindness, the unfolding story behind the New Horizons' Small “Zones of Peace” Project and how it reflects my journey from blindness to recovery.

As a first, superficial note I might say that what has brought me here today was the same formula as of old; determination, creativity and hard work. But that would only be the “front story” at best, if that.  The real deal story, the one behind the scenes that has been the blood, sweat and tears of the front story, is far more profound than that.  Above and beyond that, as it applies to me, it is a story, one women’s story – mine, of how the Force in all its pristine glory can work on our behalf. 

(It can also be the Force of our destruction. And I hope to help you understand how this operates in you – and – how you can choose to harness its vast reservoir of personal power on your own behalf.)

So mine is not simply a story of faith although you might be inclined to take it as that.

It is far more than that!

It is instead the story of how “the mysterious capability of the personality’s most powerful biological influence – the survival instinct as a dynamic mechanism – helps the individual to either reach the highest levels of consciousness, health, compassion and spirituality or to self-destruct.” This is what I call the Force.

I will write more of the beauty of the Force over this coming holiday weekend as I celebrate the adventure of my writing this blog – and – once again how grateful I am to be able to see, once again, and all the gifts sight, spiritually and physically, bestows upon me.

In the meantime, visit my Exploring Your Dark Side: The Adventure Of A Lifetime blog site to read of some of the basics on how I know the Force to work, for good or for evil.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Kids and Kops In The Streets (In Peace)

We can learn so much more on the streets than in a classroom I have found. I started realizing this during the years of my clinical training to become a Certified Transactional Analyst (1973 – 1981). It was essentially a post graduate clinical training program. So most of the students were Ph.Ds or MSWs with a handful from other academic training tracks; a psychiatrist here and there, a good number of members of the clergy, psychiatric nurses and so forth. I had been able to qualify as a “mature, returning student” while I was still finishing my undergraduate degree.

By the time I began this course which was to dramatically shape my life from there forth, I had already developed a good bit of street smarts in my earlier career as an entrepreneur. Serving the business and political elite of Washington, D.C., I would learn from the man who would become my psychiatrist mentor, Marty Groder, that “High Leadership People (HLP) and convicts had essentially the same character structures.

As I would also come to understand, not always without pain and much to my dismay, some of my elite psychology colleagues also fit Marty’s HLP profile. Beneath the cover of their high order degrees and various multiple credits they were as much like convicts in character as the worst of the street people. Only their surface behaviors differed; socially appropriate for our culture as opposed to the antisocial ways of the wholly criminal.

This recognition has come to be amongst the singularly most important knowledge I ever obtained from Groder.  I restate it here for emphasis; High Leadership People (HLP) and convicts often have the same essential character structures.

A corollary to this is that each and every one of us has a bit of a convict inside ourselves. (Actually this is nothing to be ashamed of as the source of one’s inner convict is simply the survival instinct in personality form. Who doesn’t want to survive even if a white lie seems necessary to get us by?)

Check out the reliability of this notion for yourself. My Survivor/Addict Personality Inventory is offered here as a tool for your exploration. And, if you are actually drawn into the investigation at a deeper level go on and read my articles on my “Exploring Your Dark Side” blog site.

I promise you, if you stick with my offerings the wisdom of these gems is likely to start making sense to you. For me, they hit me like Fourth of July fireworks when I got it! In more than thirty-five years since I have never needed to look elsewhere to help me make sense of the ills of our society and politics and how they operate – and – how they could be remedied.

However, a good bit before I was introduced to Marty’s systematic classification system I had already instinctively discovered that sometimes I just had to get away; far, far away, from these colleagues of mine as at an earlier time I felt the need to leave the world of the D.C. fast track. There was something so heavy (Later I came to know some of it as “dark,” masked as “successful” or intellectually astute, according to acceptable “cultural standards.”) So I found myself seeking out the street people on occasion as a breath of fresh air and a taste of restored sanity

Yesterday I experienced a similar kind of revitalization, taking to the streets, once again.

The situation did not exactly take me to the most downtrodden; the homeless, addicts and other disenfranchised souls. This time I marched with a handful of at-risk youth and community leaders in nearby Frederick County, Maryland.  Still there was, for me, that same kind of restoration; an opening, perhaps, to a part of my disregarded humanity by my getting outside my ordinary comfort zone.

The occasion was A Stop The Violence March, later renamed the Frederick Unity March. The event prompted New Horizons’ formerly scheduled Kids and Kops In Conversation event to be rescheduled. The now rescheduled event is to be a specially focused on police and youth relations program of our Coffee House Conversations On Race Relations series. Our most important targeted participants are to especially be African American youth.

However, with the March taking priority, especially on the heels of the recent tragedy of one more African American man’s life cut short by the police in Baltimore there was no other place for such as myself to be yesterday. The kids and the kops were marching so was I!

(New Horizons’ Kids and Kops In Conversations event has now been rescheduled for Saturday, June 20.)  

There is a great deal for me to sort through and integrate before I can say much about what yesterday brought me, especially as it was, for me, one continuous piece of what began with New Horizons’ Coffee House Conversations On Race Relations. The series will soon wrap up its first run with Kids and Kops In Conversation as our finale before we break for the summer.

From these events; both the front and back stories of them all, I am a changed person, inside and out. But my new friends of minority groups are telling me I have made only a first step.

I certainly do believe them. So what shall I become now that I’ve begun? Probably, experience tells me, there will be no end yet I will always be able to trace back to this time as a beginning.

But one thing I know for sure from yesterday out on the  streets with “kids and kops” is that it breaks my heart to see little five and six year old boys, as I did yesterday, marching to affirm that their little lives matter. In fact, as many of their posters show, all lives matter, prompting me to imagine my Holocaust survivor stepmother in their shoes eighty years or so ago marching in the streets of Berlin that was her home.

OMG! Childhood, especially in the United States of America, shouldn’t need to include paying heed to such as this. I don’t want this burden for them. I don’t want them to fight for their G-d given and Constitutional rights!

I want them to be free of such weighty concerns, free to be safe and grow and thrive – and – develop a beautiful character that knows all that is good and just, acting accordingly.

But so it is!

Monday, May 4, 2015

“Don’t Say That! It’s Politically Incorrect!”

On the issue of speaking truth to power

I had a richly rewarding post Coffee House conversation the other day. The gentleman with whom I spoke had attended our last event, April 19, and I had wanted his feedback on it.

I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was a bit, when the gentleman gently chastised me for something I had said at the event. (At these events I am the lead speaker and moderator.)

The comment in point had been one of those off the cuff remarks about my not liking our esteemed president, Barak Obama, that I make now and then.

Not only was I a bit taken aback by the man’s remarks but I was genuinely pleased he brought up his discomfort with my “leadership” style.

I do not aspire to compete with Jon Steward or any other Comedy Central player but I am definitely after a rise when I make certain statements. At best genuine dialogue would be the next step. This time the gentleman to whom I was speaking let me know that I had gotten a reaction from him but he definitely was up for continuing to engage in discussion with me.


Now he and I were really talking about stuff; the real stuff that’s at the root of our national race and police relations problems, the polarization that is everywhere from the White House down to my neighbor next door who killed two of my dogs with anti-freeze. (This, unfortunately, is my neighbor’s typical method of choice for handling displeasure rather than talking to me, in a neighborly, good will way.)

Subtley my conversation partner let me know, nonetheless, that he thought behavior such as I had exhibited in the instance in question at the Conversations’ event was poor leadership. Great we were now on our way! I appreciate critical feedback and, if given with gentleness, welcome it always.

Still I thought to myself after I had hung up from our phone interview, “Poor leadership!!??? Bah, humbug!!!!”

Obviously we had not gotten far enough in our discourse. On the other hand, perhaps the gentleman merely wanted to muzzle my expressions that were other than agreeable; “politically correct,” so to speak.

I thought, however, that he and I had come to somewhat of a meeting of minds after I shifted into vulnerable, straightforward, "always accountable Anastasia." And, perhaps we had. I had perceived that our conersation seemed affable, especially when I put aside my designed-to-be-evocative stint and spoke, instead, from my heart. He even agreed with some of my “not likes” in our president’s history of leadership.

We were not polarized then. I could feel the energy shift. Both of us had done our parts to ensure that, is my sense.

In any case, however, I triggered negativity in him again, I think, before our conversation ended with something else I said.

Once again I had felt that kind of body flinch that occurs when an interaction between oneself and another gets out of kilter.

Had I, again, failed to measure up to the yardstick he had of how leaders should act, applied to me? Or might it be that he had political aspirations? (I understand he has a key position next to our local reigning power.) Personally, I definitely have none. Maybe that would account for his being extra careful to use politically correct game strategies of discourse maneuvering – and – perhaps expect similarly of me.

Later I wondered if we hadn’t possibly split over the issue of what it means to “speak truth to power.”

James O’Toole, a noted journalist, has written extensively on the application to businesses and organizations of the Quaker philosophy of “speaking truth to power.” Speaking truth to power, as I understand the phrase, came into popular usage in our culture in 1955 through a publication of  the American Friends Service Committee entitled “Speak Truth To Power: A Quaker Search For An Alternative To Violence.”

It’s basic philosophy ”means saying something those in authority don’t want to hear.” It is also a common sense commitment to stand up for what one perceives and believes as a pathway to a peace made manifest in everything we do. Nonetheless, the practice is not without risk. As history has illustrated time and time again; a person can lose their head in some cultures, past and present, in applying the tenet.

Nonetheless in an article titled “A Culture Of Candor (Harvard Business Review, June, 2009),” O’Toole lays out his perspectives on the critical importance for healthy, contemporary busineeses, groups and organizations of “speaking truth to power by behaving in this highly ethical manner. Offering multiple aspects of applying the basic principle, O'Toole is quite precise in his explication of the essential role of telling the truth and the associated quality of transparency in the overall application of the general theory.

For my part, Einstein’s words, “I have a deep faith that the principle of the universe will be simple and beautiful,” lend credence to my belief that “Don’t say anything if you can’t say something nice,” is long outmoded, particularly in the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” These words also affirm for me that truth is beautiful, even if sometimes uncomfortable, and much simpler than any of its alternatives.

Still, I am inclined to yearn for harmony as a rule. So I am asking myself, does defining who I genuinely am, telling the truth and being transparent mean that I need to pretend I like Mr. Obama, when I don’t?

I am not stuck on this position forever. But right now this stance is one from which I am learning a great deal, especially when I go public with it, now and again, witnessing myself as objectively as possible as I work through my emotions and judgements as I stand in it. Truthfully, I wouldn't "elect" to miss the adventure for anything. It is that close to my heart.

And, as an addendum, if I say nothing at all on the subject, which is also an option, am I hindering or helping the causes of peace and social justice that I build my life upon?

What’s your take?

Right now I am contemplating the issue?

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Always it is in the morning in my daily “Conversations With G-d” that my life path takes on clarity regarding its directed meaning.

Of late I have been wondering about that directedness; the guidance that I trust to show me the path I must best follow each day, if my life is to have unity and a reasonableness that makes sense, at least to me. Who is it that is doing the leading, I have been asking myself?

The question particularly intrigues me when I contemplate “My Prophecy.”

Since August of last year when Sue, my colleague, collaborator and Spirit Sister, and I returned from our visit to Elyria (Ohio), the place of my birth and childhood, I have grown increasingly sensitive to the fact that my life has been directed now, for over forty years by a prophecy I received in the midst of  the Watergate scandal.

A long anticipated pilgrimage to one’s hometown, not visited for a good long time, can certainly prompt such contemplations; one of those periodic life reviews most of us are inclined to make now and then.

However, my questioning of the prophecy’s origins became particularly pointed after our return home. The fortieth anniversary of Nixon’s resigning his presidency was a few days after that and the commands of my prophecy are quite intricately woven together with the Watergate break in and its fallout..

I maintain that what I experienced on the occasion of my receiving a vision I later called prophecy came from outside of me. But could I have been mistaken?

It is a bit troublesome, especially when a certain something has consistently been experienced as the guiding light of one’s life, to not know from whence that guidance comes though most of the time I am not particularly concerned about it.

But every now and then I ponder the circumstance, as I did this morning, asking myself along with wondering about the true source of my prophecy, who, indeed, am I really talking to when I tell myself – and a few choice others – that I am talking to G-d every morning?

Jack, my radio show co-host, has been an astrology enthusiast for decades. And while he would not consider himself an expert on its intricacies he can, with a bit of prompting, be enticed into providing me with a few planetary perspectives now and then.

Not too long ago I asked Jack if he could give me some feedback on how the heavens; the planets and so forth, might have lined up that day of my prophecy so as to, somehow, create the conditions for it. Reluctantly, Jack acquiesced to my request, providing me with a cursory glance into possible answers for this mystery of mine.

What did I get from my inquiry?

Primarily the same answer I get most of the time; when I am talking to G-d as I do daily, who I am talking to, be it inside of me or outside, is just simply and not so simply at all -- G-d!

My daily solitude is the playing field for that experience.

So maybe the heavens opened up that day of my prophecy because the planets were lined up in some perfect way to occasion that happening. Or maybe I just happened to have opened up my own self in some certain special way.

Whatever – I have been guided by a prophecy for forty long years that has directed my life path.

How very special!  Lucky me! 

And, lucky me, again, that I know how very much of a treasure is my Solitude!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Our Political Swat Team

A neighbor of whom I am rather fond and keep in touch with occasionally by email responded to my blog article about my voting for Hillary with a bit of “disbelief” that I would make a choice like that! Perhaps, he also wondered at my selection this early in the game.

Oh well I hadn’t expected to win any popularity contests with my bold statement of support for this particular candidate except, maybe, from some of the diehard Democrats and, likely, from the feminists among them.

I wasn’t quite certain how to immediately respond to this friend neighbor’s challenge right off.  But then I read a CNN article wherein the reporter, Ms. Ashley Killough, described Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as hitting “back at potential GOP presidential rival Marco Rubio over  the Florida senator’s charge over…..”

Well you fill in the blanks.

The topic could be any comment made by another who is one’s political opponent. The subject matter changes, the manner of combat rarely, if ever does. In other words Walker took a swat at Rubio and soon Rubio will swat him back.

Thus I come back to Hillary.

We definitely, in my opinion, don’t need our politics to be handled like a SWAT team going after armed criminals in the guise of other presidential contenders.

The deal, as I see it, is who is going to do the best job throughout the campaign to even appear capable of leading us to overcome the viral polarization in our country and help our very sick society heal.

I don’t necessarily trust Hillary. She’s a politician. That means she’s a game player capable of the dirtiest maneuvers to get what she is after. But I don’t expect to find any other among them upon whom bestowing my trust would bring me comfort to any greater degree. After all politics is politics and anyone who tr2usts a politician is a fool in my book.

But Hillary has, by this time, developed a bit of grace and diplomacy; the skill of a veteran who knows how to get in the cage with the other large predators and come out relatively unscathed. So, while I certainly cannot say that I trust her, I am betting on her finesse.

Not meaning that I think she is lily white. It’s just that I think she has the skill to cross the great congressional divide without being decimated, manage our international diplomacy -- and -- G-d help us, achieve a greater unity among the citizens of our country.

I was proud of Hillary’s representing us, even with her flaws, as Secretary of State. So I feel confident I would respect her manner in representing this country at home and abroad as our president.  This would be such a relief that I cannot even speak it!

Still I can always change my mind as the campaign game plays itself out. But from where I sit now, with lots of organizational experience of my own, I think Hillary just might be able to do the bridge building we need.  All I see of the others candidates so far is more bullying and provoking polarization. I don't believe it needs to be this way.

I also don't think Hillary should lose just because she is a woman either!

I want someone who can help me hold my head up high, again, as an American.

What I don’t want is a president, even a potential one, who starts off his/her campaign on the attack of the other candidates as ENEMIES that he must take dead or alive, as if he/she were a SWAT team member! 

For all its imperfections the America I know and love is not yet a war zone! And, that’s not what our election process should look like here either, as if a bomb threat were lurking at every corner!

Anyway since our last presidential election I changed my voter registration from Democrat to Independent.

I don’t belong to any party anymore and that’s how I will make my voting decision; any which way when I get to the polls!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Women Power: A Critical Vehicle For Change

For Krystal and the Hood College Psychology Club

My first car was a fifty-six T-bird. With my Dad’s business partner of the era, George Barris, the absolute most famous custom car designerin the world to my knowledge, contributing to its sparkle and flash, my father even had it a bit customized for me.

How great the power of that little car felt to my adolescent-getting-to–know-the-world -around-me self! I can still feel its burst as we peeled away from a stop light, propelling me way out ahead of all those other cars, instantly left behind, thanks to the command of my fuel injection accessories.
Mine actually was green,
But this will do for now.

What a great entrance to emerging adulthood that was for me!

How much better than that could the owner of Hollywood’s Custom Corner on Vine Street (circa 1952) have demonstrated his proud-as-a-peacock manhood than to gift his young daughter with a car of this ilk?

I have a whole slew of T-bird stories in my treasure box of memories of life with my Dad and Mom and our life in Southern California. And, today they feel ripe and ready to begin pouring forth. It must be the sunshine of this spring day bringing them into my consciousness.

If I am to complete the mission I have set for myself with this blog site—taking off the thousand masks I wear to be authentically me in present time -- I  will, over time, want you to see how this T-bird story group morphs into my “Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street” life and stories.  But for today suffice it for me to say that over the years I have come to recognize the power of women as essential change vehicles, in or out of the cars we drive.

To make my point, I can now unequivocally state that I am definitely going to vote for Hillary!

In spite of the many things in her manner that I haven’t liked, Hillary is the one for me!

In fact, I’m even going to go a step farther and see what I can do to aid her campaign to help get her elected.

Yes! I am voting for Hillary without a doubt.

You know why?

It’s because I really like the way she threw her hat in the ring. I think she is setting her pace to genuinely play the real deal “game.”

Having said that I will soon want to discuss the GAME with you to which I am referring; the New Horizons Truth or Dare Game. I wish we could all be in it together, forever and ever, even in everyday life as a style of being.  

New Horizons Truth or Dare Game surpasses everything else I have ever known as the highest impact process for collectively learning how to live a life of “power with” rather than power over.  New Horizons “new” Climbing The Mountain of Awe Game is an updated version of our original GAME, circa 1976. Still I am unlikely to ever have that original Truth or Dare Game experience again. Those days are over, leaving only nostalgia behind.

More on this as time allows.  I have been working myself to the grindstone this past month, preparing for not one, but two Coffee House Conversations, back to back.

It was a hellish experience that only a workaholic, power addicted, determined to break the glass ceiling at all costs woman would like.

I did not like!

That’s not me, anymore. It took every strength I had in me to break the habit, my workaholic habit, Dark Side mode as it was.

Now the sun is beginning to shine again outside my window with the birds chirping their merry song and the flowering trees in bloom. I need a walk and fresh mountain air right now more than I need most other things. So off I go to drink all that in now as I chug my way up the mountain road that is my best, regular aerobic workout, long neglected because it was just too darn cold for me these past few months.

But I will be back here writing soon again with lots more to say. The hellish demands ended late day yesterday and I have a storehouse of updated reflections on life and stuff to share.

See ya soon again now that I am making my way back to my Beloved daily writing pattern.

My womanly way of power allows me that; time for the inner me; meditating, reflecting, contemplating, time for balance and gentleness, not all about the man’s way of power that steely, fast and furious little T-bird introduced me to.

I am most grateful for the balance.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Love Is The Answer

Introducing my Journey Back To Me, Book Two of Anastasia’s Random House Trilogy

I had a wonderful experience last night. It gave me a way in to the topic, “Discovering What Really Matters,” that I introduced in the article of that same name. “Discovering what really matters” is the pathway out of the Survivor/Addict lifestyle  that I am taking great pains to guide you to take through this blog site and my new blog site, “Exploring Your Dark Side: The Adventure Of A Lifetime”

Today I am so “excited,” which for me is always a bit over the top of a true, healthy happiness as Murat would want for each of us.  In other words “excitement,” in my vernacular, means having a slight bit (quite manageable for me) of a survivor/addict relapse. 
Anastasia, circa 1966 as
Marcia E. Rosen,

But nothing too serious in the whole scheme of things.

Nonetheless, last night was the first occasion I have had – ever – to discuss my three Random House Books that I call my “Random House Trilogy” as the one set or series of books that they are, chronicling the incredible personal and professional journey that came of my years with Marty Groder.

Imagine that! The “why” is quite a story all on its own for another time.

My newest blog site, “Exploring Your Dark Side: The Adventure Of A Lifetime,” has as its intention to only present Books One and Three of the series; Book One, originally titled Surviving Addictions, revised as Surviving Adrenalin Addictions and Book Three, Exploring Your Dark Side: The Adventure Of A Lifetime.

Book Two: Journey Back To Me, has hardly ever been mentioned so far. My design has been to incorporate that one into this blog site, somehow or other. But I had not yet, to date, seen how to do that. Last night, however, may have been a game changer in this regard because --

… last night at the Psychology Club I crossed over the doorwayto that intent. Once through, lo and behold, Journey Back To Me came alive for me as it has not been since the time I put it aside, twenty years ago.

Recall that on “Exploring Your Dark Side,” the blog site, I have said that there are many doorways to personal transformation. For me the practice and discipline my writing demands of me incorporates several of these, at least. And, a speaking engagement such as I did last night can bring the other remaining portals into play, provided one knows how to allow/enable that to occur.

So BINGO! One more deliciously transformative moment!

The situation of my crossing over last night was this.

I had been invited to address the Psychology Club at nearby Hood College in Frederick, Maryland; partially as a simple speaking engagement and partly in preparation for the club’s sponsorship of a forthcoming, campus-based Coffee House Conversation On Race Relations.

The college campus version of New Horizons’ flourishing Coffee House Conversations On Race Relations initiative is just one sign of the momentum building for New Horizons around this effort. In and of itself this new aspect of the over-all project mission holds exciting prospects for New Horizons.

It will allow us to, not only serve a local community as we are now doing in Frederick County, Maryland, but to expand our contributions to the reconciliation of present social problems, namely race and police relations, above and beyond our wildest imaginings. We are now situated, due to our originally conceived effort, Coffee House Conversations On Race Relations in local communities, to play an active part in aiding the healing of major and necessary social change in the United States.

Now our developing Coffee House Conversations at Hood College will take us into campus concerns at a most fortuitous time.  One need only read current news reports to recognize this; racist chants and fraternity scenes of rape spotlight some of the most serious.

So, beginning now I am trying to integrate the experience I had last night with the Hood College Psych Club. Hallelujah!

But I am, this minute, as I write this, so very excited about all kinds of related happenings I cannot stay on point. The problem, therefore, is that I am unable at this moment to keep myself on track to tell you about these. I can barely keep myself from getting off track trying to tell you about one single thing, my speaking engagement of last evening at Hood College.

Well, with that said and done, maybe, truth be told, I can’t just stick to that one subject today.  So my product here can simply be only to tell about my process.

Oh well! There is just too much happening right now that is exciting and wonderful for me to hold onto one focused path! 

I guess I will just have to come back later to tell you more. As it turns out, one of the most delightful new friends that I’ve made recently, Herman King, is about to bring about another incredible experience for me later this afternoon.

I will not be able to get ready for that one ahead if I write more about what was already.

Oh dear! Oh dear!

However, when I can get to it, in a day or two or so, I will do my best to write of all of this as best I can of what is happening here!

These days our joys and our sorrows can so easily be shared and matter for many through online communication. But for now the sunshine and fresh air, the abundance of bird song as mating season takes hold beckon me outdoors and I am off for that daily mountain road walk I’ve been missing these past months.

In the meantime, let me leave you with this, my talk last night, clarified by feedback I received at the Psych Club, underscored for me, multiple times, that whatever else I wish to impart to you, my readers, at the base the healing of our wounds and troubles, personally, societally and politically have “love” as the most profound answer at the foundation of it all.

I look forward to sharing my views on this one as soon as I can.