Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Let the conversations begin


Small "Zones of Peace" Radio

The Possible Society In Motion Show

Hosted by: Anastasia Rosen-Jones

Thursday, December 20 & 27, 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

Note: Program presented in 2 parts

Part 1: 6:30, Anastasia leads a panel discussion

(on Blog Talk Radio)

Part 2: 7 to 8:30 pm, Anastasia with panelists and audience participation

(via conference call)

Topic: Beyond Polarization

 (To join in with our discussion, read Anastasia’s“Overcoming Polarization” address, the foundation for this show’s conversation.)
Guest panelists
 Jim French and Dana French (not related) (profiles forthcoming)

Program and discussion, agenda and guidelines, link here.

Coming Soon on Blog Talk Radio! 

Anastasia The Storyteller

Guests join Anastasia,  telling personal stories that shape their view of the world we live in and the possibilities they envision for, personally and collectively.

Anastasia and The Adventure To Awe

Host, Anastasia Rosen-Jones draws on her forty years experience, as both a psychotherapist and as a community development coach and consultant, guides participants in developing the art of transcendent living; the Adventure to Awe.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Small "Zones of Peace" Radio

The Possible Society In Motion Show

Hosted by: Anastasia Rosen-Jones

Thursday, December 20, 7 -- 9 pm.

Topic: Beyond Polarization

(To join in with our discussion, read Anastasia’s“Overcoming Polarization” address, the foundation for this show’s conversation.)

The "Overcoming Polarization" kickoff event, held last Wednesday evening, December 12 at Hood College, opened the doorway to New Horizons next exciting project, “The Possible Society In Motion Show.
Look for more details on our two blog sites to be posted in the coming days.

Also see, “Overcoming Polarization” -- related stories and original kickoff event announcement (October 30 kickoff event rescheduled to December 12 due to Hurricane Sandy.)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Where have you been Anastasia?

Dreaming and doing
1. So much to do, so little time.

2. So much going on behind the scenes;

3. Such a big package: New Horizons Support Network, Inc. and its two main initiatives and a life behind the scenes; like keeping the fire going in the wood burning stove!

· The Small “Zones of Peace” Project
More stories and announcements coming soon.

Also visit New Horizons Small "Zones of Peace" Project

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Obama’s Obstruction of Awe (“awe” being a win-win game)

And, the importance of saving face...
Near the end of the recent campaign season, I wrote Murat regarding the forthcoming election, seeking the comfort of his “Science of Universal Awe” brand of wisdom in the midst of the chaos. Only the Dali Lama might have matched, for me, what I knew he might offer. Believing that Murat, removed from the U.S.A. as he is in British Columbia, carries a brand of wisdom in his being, generally, found only in native elders such as he, I hoped he might provide an enhanced perspective on these political shenanigans, as well as solace during this pressing time.
Wishing for his timely reply, I would, of course, pass on the treasure.

Sure enough, reliably, I was gifted with an answer to my request. Before too long a message from Murat was sent through his assistant, Sharron Allen. The essence of his comment follows –
“ relation to the upcoming US elections…. regrettably, wisdom is far away from the US.”

The game's on you,
Mr. President!
Now election day has come and gone and these words ring ever more true, with the victors of the race taking more than their share of the spoils, as far as I can see; humiliation of the defeated heaped on loss.
From the wisdom of elders, I pass this on: native leaders know that though someone might, in the final analysis, be discovered to have been at fault in a situation (the GOP, recently, being  a glaring example), resolutions must always conclude with face saving for the guilty!  No matter how challenging this goal might be.

As I/we (at New Horizons) have learned through Murat and the teachings he has brought forth from his native culture, the conclusion of a conflict between parties must result in a unifying that brings factions back into grace with one another.  Life in such a context, thus, moves forward with the necessary business and the day-to-day life of the people, while dispelling animosities. This is a good thing and an essential in breeding the kind of nation the United States aspires to be.
Unfortunately, as Murat suggested, even before we knew who would become our next president, our country does not have this kind of mature wisdom in its leaders, as evidenced by Barack Obama, in my estimation, growing himself up, now, from wishy washy leadership to a kind of kick the loser in the gut while he’s down posturing.

Last night, having dinner and a politically-infused discussion with a friend,  I kept coming back to a sense of Obama, not necessarily being wrong in his efforts to command (i.e. demand) respect for his esteemed position as our president, as he is now being challenged to do over our pending debt cliff crisis, but somehow not being right either. My friend, however, could not see the point I was trying to make on this. And, I, unable, at the time, to put my finger on the snag I perceived, was at a loss as to how to further explain myself.
Now, as is often the case, the clarity comes to me, after the fact; Mr. Obama, I believe, is heading us right onto a collision course with this pending, critical financial cliff situation; not because he is, particularly, wrong, but because he is not quite right enough either.

Point being; if you play a win-lose game as Obama is presently doing, so far, in not handling himself in a mature and competent leadership manner so as to best encourage a win-win outcome; making sure all parties come through with no loss of face, disaster usually looms ahead.
So, I ask,  please, Mr. Obama, get off of your bullying righteousness and show us what a true deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize means; mastery in unifying your constituents and modeling how effective leaders head the way to a win-win outcome. You don’t even look appealing when you carry yourself the manner in which you are currently presenting yourself.

Is this truly the best you can do? Gathering a gang in the playground from the others who are also feeling downtrodden, hoping that, by uniting,  you'll topple those who have been beating up on you?

Is this most elegant solution you can offer us? Maybe so. I am not sure that I would do better. But still one might hope.

Your modeling exceptional leadership during this crucial time of crisis is one of the most important contributions your constituents are asking of you at this crucial time; being a leader we can all look up to with respect and pride in your dignity. I do hope you will rise to the occasion and not let us down.
Awe = a win, win game, not win-lose!