Murat Yagan

August 28, 2017

Regarding the blended history of New Horizons, Murat Yagan and myself.

Although there have been numerous articles on this site and the New Horizons Small "Zones of Peace" Project site -- and -- a handful of references to Murat Yagan, New Horizons Beloved, now deceased, Community Development Mentor, as well as my personal spiritual guide, I think we never did properly introduce Mr. Yagan to you. 
Murat and Anastasia
Putting their heads
together on world peace.

This press release, from more than a decade ago, hopefully, though way delayed, will make that adjustment here.  Our intent is that in sharing this piece with you, we will also have a central location for all of our sites that can pull together the many other articles we have written into one central location. 

Our Beloved Murat deserves that and more. He was truly the most exemplary person I have ever known. And, I am grateful one thousand times and more that I was blessed to know him -- and -- be his student.

Press Release: August 18, 2000

Spiritual Leader of 26,000 Year Old Culture To Assist Local Non-Profit With Violence Prevention Effort 

Vernon, British Columbia - Murat Yagan, the designated spiritual leader of the Abkhazian nation, today announced his intention to donate his wisdom, guidance and time to the New Horizons Support Network to aid in the expansion of their county-wide violence prevention programs. Working in cooperation with Anastasia Rosen-Jones (a.k.a. Marcia E. Rosen) Executive Director and Founder of New Horizons, Mr. Yagan, has offered his talents to help design a program that will incorporate the traditions of Abkhasia into currently existing New Horizons' projects. These traditions, known as Ahmusta Kebzeh, offer a complete system for abundant living that has survived for more than 26,000 years.  The combination of New Horizons programs and the Ahmusta Kebzeh traditions offers contemporary humans a pathway out of violence, as well as detailed processes for reaching the highest levels of human attainment, community and spiritual development.

"Mr. Yagan's donation of time and wisdom to personally developing a program to be integrated into our violence prevention strategy is an amazing gift," states Ms. Rosen-Jones.  "My goal is that this unique violence prevention design will eventually be available to other communities and groups throughout the Washington metro area."

Details for the project, which now includes plans for a documentary with Mr. Yagan, will begin  development at a meeting in Charles Town, West Virginia on September 9, 2000. Proceeds from  the design and production of the program by Mr. Yagan, including supplemental videos and teaching aids, will be donated entirely to the New Horizons Support Network, Inc. violence prevention fund.

Mr. Yagan, an eighty-five year old internationally known teacher, has been in exile from his native land since his youth. The majority of Abkhazians were forced to flee as a result of the Soviet takeover of the Caucasian Mountains where Abkhazia is located. In 1963, Mr. Yagan immigrated to Canada from Turkey where his family emigrated. 

Among the books, Mr. Yagan has written are: The Abkhazian Book of Longevity and Well-Being, I  Come From Behind Kaf Mountain, A Spiritual Autobiography and The Teachings of Kebzeh: Essentials of Sufism from the Caucasus Mountains. (Prior to Murat's passing he published two more books, Ahmsta Kebzeh, The Universal Science Of Awe, Volumes I and II.)

For more detailed information on the New Horizons violence prevention programs, Murat Yagan and/or volunteer opportunities contact Ms. Rosen-Jones at 240.409.5347

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