Monday, February 18, 2013

Quotable quotes

From a New Horizons’ Board of Directors meeting, February 10, 2013, regarding Anastasia “hating” the Possible Society In Motion radio show.
Words like these evoke a feeling in me that I am with people with whom I can travel long distances through life.)

“….I feel like it’s important to maybe reframe it at some point. … what the gift is in it, of helping you get in touch with the process that you need to stay in touch with the Divine so that the show does stay on track. And it is core to the values of New Horizons. … I think looking at it as what’s the lesson to learn or what is the gift in it, is helpful."

Terry Harris, New Horizons’ Provisional Board Member, 2013 

(New Horizons’ Secretary-Treasurer, 1997 – 2003.)   "Old” New Horizons’ Truth or Dare/Discount Derby Community Member, 1992 – 2003.  

Still living the New Horizons value system after all these years.

There is a place where bluebirds fly!

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