Monday, December 15, 2014

My Heart Wants You To Know ---

...that my spirit is as high up in the sky right now as if I were landing on the moon.

The fire in my soul has carried the sign into action!

Check out my next right actions in my new blog site: ExploringYour Dark Side: The Adventure of A Lifetime.

I’m so happy with this new site, like with bells on my toes, turning cartwheels in the air!

That’s what one can expect, now and then, when life experience and determination make a shaman out of YOU!

It’s the “AWE” of Murat’s guidance. It’s the personal and communal transformation Marty developed, analyzed and taught.

Bravo!  Come along and join me!

I’ve been shooting for the stars ever since that Prophecy of mine told me the life path to follow.

But it’s been hard and frustrating, especially the part about losing my eyesight (but never my vision, you may recall).

And, the corresponding piece of that ordeal -- no books published after those ten long years writing three books for Random House (not just one under one contract, but three and with only one advance for it all). Three books that ended up in storage; mine and theirs too, I would imagine!

In the end, at least to date, nobody has made any impact or money out of the deal!

Yet!!  (Of course you can see I am intent on changing this.)

Only now and then could I tell you how bound up I’ve felt at times from these obstructions; frustrated to the max.

In the Fire In My Soul, I was able to express some of it. Later, in some of my articles on society and politics I came close to hinting at a bit of what I was carrying. These, at least, gave intimations of the sorrow and frustration felt.

So very much like your own, I’m sure, when it comes to our society and our politics.

Sometimes, it seemed, hinting was all I could do to say anything at all about what I most wanted to express. Yet, certainly, in the process of my “trying” to say more I’ve gotten better at taking off the many masks I was wearing and finding a voice that could speak, minimally, and remind myself -- and -- you that --
There is a cost to the quiet!” Both yours and mine.
First Amendment Rights, right? One of our most precious freedoms!

Like yourself, I've always had this freedom to speak and, also, to determine how to think about the things that were frustrating me. But damn it's still not been easy.

Just look at the cost of giving up the quiet to the accusers of Bill Cosby!  Speech does not come easy even in the land of the so-called free, especially if you are a woman, even more so when you try to be “nice” about it.

Well, today I am a way bit freer!

So there is one thing I’ve just got to say.

You may not understand its implications yet.  You may find what I say to be excessively bold. You may find other reasons to dismiss it.

It may seem like a little nothing to you. 

But if you keep coming back to hear more and more of the logic of what I have to say, the “what” my golden goose gave to me in that golden egg I’ve been carrying all these many years – after a while you’re going to get it!

Then if you come in closer and closer to me and to New Horizons which is the vehicle provider, here, of what to do with what I am telling, you will be able to make some important improvements in your life and mine. In the meantime, try not to be perplexeed with yourself or me, if you do not get my main message for awhile.

There are at least one hundred ways to convey it. I am intent on employing them all.

Here’s the main message!

I got it from my my mentor, Marty Groder, an innovative and profoundly successful prison psychiatrist. Marty lived this message, analyzed it and developed strategies to cure the problem I am most intent on conveying; for starters -- there is a savage, killer dark side in each and everyone of us

In polite terms we can call it the Inner Warrior. That's a fine way as long as its drive to survive under the rules of its own particular game/games are not minimized. 

Again, there are one hundred and more ways to understand this notion. Over time we will get to them. 

From this basic piece of knowledge and its corollaries, passed on to me as well as other of Marty's students, I have helped to transform hundreds of lives, if not thousands by teaching them what to do with it; this Dark Side of humanity.  

As a social and political problem It comes down to this --
 …convicts and high leadership people are similar in character, differing only with the rules of how they play their games. 
Internally they run on the same the track.
Convict games are antisocial, the games of high leadership people are socially acceptable

It is important to know, however, that, antisocial or socially acceptable, these games are of no less a serious and destructive intent. This modus operandi includes sports heroes and other celebrities.

The stakes are equally high. The willingness to do whatever it takes to reach the aim is how it plays out. The net result is a great cost to us all!

And, there is a much better way to go; a win-win for everyone way to go!

So if you are not dealing with this convict side of humanity, including within yourself, you are as much a part of our nation’s problems as the "others" you are either complaining about or wishing to be like. 

A big part of the problem is that you, too, have this little convict in you! And, you may not like knowing that.  I know and love the convict in me.  That's how we get along so well.

But I will come back to this point many times over. Especially now that my new blog site will be a platform for the unpublished books of Marty's work and mine, now in the process of being published, piece by piece on the new blog site.  

Check it out. ExploringYour Dark Side: The Adventure of A Lifetime.

So…. my message to you, today, is this ---

Anastasia The Super Sleuth says,
  1. Check out your own games, first. Where you’ve got darkness, clean it up!
  2. Don’t be fooled by the masks people  wear. We’ve all got darkness and we’ve all got light! Check out what lies underneath.
  3. Head into the Light and keep on going there. Do not compromise!
  4. Check out my new blog site for details, directions and activities for transforming the Dark into the Light in your life.
  5. Together, even a small group of dedicated people can help to change the world.
  6. Be one of them!
This my heart wants you to know!

With my new blog site, I have the platform I have long needed to make my message clear and back it up with facts, especially when added to what I offer on this site and on the New Horizons Small "Zones Of Peace" Project site. 

Wish me luck. This is quite an undertaking. Long time coming.

Enough said. I'm off to turn cartwheels in the sky,

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