Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Waking up to a brave new world

I woke up in the late afternoon, yesterday, after already having, busily, spent the day. From early on, I focused my mind and near-endless work activities, trying to sort out my priorities as a participant in this brave new world, encircling us all in the year 2013. The time was approximately five o’clock p.m., day one of back to work, again, after the New Year.
It was, of course, clear to me, at that moment, that the world had not really been slated to end on December 21, 2012, nor anytime in the immediate future, thereafter. I believed all along, for the most part, that the Mayan calendar prediction prophecy was likely to be false. For one thing my son’s birthday is December 22 and I seriously doubted that the celebration of that blessed event would be revoked.
Nonetheless, the emergence of dawn, yesterday, i.e. a sense of beginning to awaken, came upon me at just about the time the sun was setting. By that time, I was on overload, feeling as if I could not do one more thing required of me on this first day back to work after the New Year.
All day long I had been “trying very hard” to do whatever seemed to be the next right thing, reducing the mound of papers that had been building up in and around my home office since just after Labor Day, last year, being top priority.  But, what had that actually accomplished, I asked myself, still feeling perplexed?

In addition to feeling bewildered, I wondered, where had the days, weeks and months gone since Labor Day. Especially as I had no doubt I was feeling almost burned out from whatever efforts I had expended?
And how had it come to be that I was just waking up at the setting of the sun when I had, in fact, been busy all day long?
Today, however, brought me a bit of enlightenment on making my way in this brave new world; after election madness and the predicted end of the world. Certainly I must do the laundry I had put off doing, just in case I would no longer need clean clothes, or maybe any clothes at all. Next blessing of blessings, today brought me an almost ordinary Tuesday with Sue, my like-my-sister collaborator;  New Horizons steering committee stuff to do, lunch and hangin’ out, as is our usual Tuesday, and preparing for our next board meeting, scheduled for Sunday, January 20.
So now as the sun sets, again today, I am reminded of the ordinary and yet the extraordinary of things happening now.
For one thing, Sue reminded me that the last time I was as far down to the bottom of my piled up papers as I am right now, which was after our last board meeting, September, 2011, I followed that up by inviting readers of our blogs to imagine that –
New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project is like a bubble, lifting up … anyone who wishes to join us to the higher realms of human consciousness and collective unity, peace and harmony… Not pie in the sky, but "real deal" action ways?
Why not remind myself to imagine that too? And, not try so hard to figure out the next right thing.
So with Sue to converse with, I am, now, remembering that although I know the enigma that New Horizons can be and how challenging it can be to pin down what we are about;  no more easily than the proverbial blindfolded monkey knowing what an elephant looks like, why do I have to always be so certain, myself, of what has yet to unfold?  Why not simply allow myself to just imagine, one day at a time, and let the story unfold?
We have entered a brave new world, now, and I am, presently, uncertain how best to proceed next. Clarity about other than the most basic priorities, day-to-day, is, at least for today, beyond my ken.
Bewildering is how that is for me, today, waking up to a brave new world.
Question: How is it for you, today, in this brave new world?
My  solution:  I need, now, to give myself over to just imagining as John Lennon’s words suggest,  “…all the people living life in peace...”, focus on a bit of faith and, as “My (Quaker) Sue” would say, “More will be revealed.”

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