Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Art of Transcendent Living

I have, now, watched a YouTube four or five times since yesterday of the Newtown children’s chorus offering their “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” tribute to the tragic loss of their friends in December’s horrific tragedy. I keep being drawn to it and its stirring message.
The deep yearnings of these youngsters, so innocently touched by loss, for healing and peace, communicated through their arrangement of this song, spotlights for me just how uplifting words such as those of that song, offered almost as sacred tribute, can be.
Who shall we

Will generations from now, upon reviewing the legacies of our time, be able to find inspiration in words, such as these, left behind by those of us here now? Will they find, through the expressions of our era, be they through speaking or writing, through art, music or dance, seeds of wisdom to help future inhabitants light a path to higher human consciousness and activity?

I took the words and song of these youngsters to heart as I was attempting to make my way through some of my own challenges with my new radio show. I was so stirred by it all. Thus  I was prompted to  wonder; how in times, other than crisis, can my words and those of others who, now, fill the spaces of the media, airways and cyberspace do our share to lift, rather than to offend, rather than, even being mediocre?

It is official now. Last night’s Possible Society In Motion Show marked a certainty. I have, indeed, crossed over from being a halfway decent blog article writer to, truly, being on my way as a radio show host.

Long time coming; I have, not just one show but two; one for me, all on my own!
Anastasia The Storyteller. Alternate Tuesdays at 11:30 a.m.  (See radio show links on this site.)

This is all wonderful.  
Now, how can I learn from these children to be better than I am?

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