Saturday, November 3, 2012

Transforming: The Light In The Dark

The morning after was not supposed to be like this.
Flat lines on blog stats, high winds – terrifying, media broadcasts urgently connecting us all over thousands of miles, hibernation in the mountains.

Holed up at a neighbor’s home for shelter; a luxury log cabin. Relief;  finally able to come home, after the wind dies down and the rain stops. Electricity still on, food in frig okay. No fallen trees. That was the worst of the threats, but new leaks in the roof.
Life beyond our safely preserved mountain; topsy turvy. Check with friends further away, especially on the coast. Next trying to set life aright. Wonder how to help.

Life anew;
the mornings after.
Then mediation, contemplation, reflection, warm fire in the wood burning stove. Making chicken soup; Jewish, grandmother-style.

Thinking about how to show appreciation to neighbors. Would they like my chicken soup too?

Gratitude, endless gratitude to have survived Hurricane Sandy, like the gratitude I feel each day that I have regained my eyesight.

It was all so scary; white knuckle scary. But we survived, very well intact, at least through this ordeal.
Neighbor, Mike, says we deserved to come through so well after so many other, past tribulations up here in the mountains.

Now, transformation, blessed by the storm, if you choose to take it that way. Another level of emergence; always my way, Anastasia means “She who rises again.” And, again.
Prayers to you for your health and your healing.


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