Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Last night I went to sleep thinking that I would not allow myself to be attached to the outcome of today’s presidential election. There was going to be a morning after, and many more mornings after, following that.
I went to sleep last night believing that I was responsible to get myself to the voting booth, do my voting for the candidate of my choice (Since there was no candidate of “my choice,” I went with the party I was grew up on; the Democratic party.), and then let go of all expectations and judgments.
I am responsible for doing my part to overcome polarization. I believe I know, therefore, what I must do next on this score. I must, personally, reach across the aisle in all my involvements, personally and professionally.

Grateful, am I that our country asks only that one small, but mighty, effort on my part in order to help ensure the potency of the American way of life; take positive unifying actions wherever and whenever I can.
It was not too terribly difficult to reach that conclusion this morning when I/we are still counting our blessings that we survived Hurricane Sandy, especially so well, and that those who have been devastated by it are being aided by so many others coming together to help.

I wonder, again, what more I should do to help. Or, am I doing enough by the things I am already doing such as our Overcoming Polarization project which will soon, hopefully, get back on track.
Sometimes victory can simply be about being alive. And free.

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