Saturday, October 27, 2012

Getting To Be Cool

Out of the mouths of the innocent. I once had a “mature,” but rather naïve program attendee, who bespoke an obvious truth, as she was observing it, circa 1985, in a most perplexed voice.
It used to be that women were supposed to be in charge of the family.Then it got to be that men were supposed to take on the household chores. Now it’s the women again.Well,here we are, perplexed again, as to how things are “supposed” to be. 
Me! Me!
Today, while the election campaign eats up our time and attention, looming ahead with only Hurricane Sandy to obscure our attentiveness, it might be cool to be a Democrat or a Republican, or an independent, or whatever.

Take your pick, depending on your Peace Buddy Pod of choice.  What to do. What to think. So many options, so few real choices. 

Tomorrow, whatever you chose today might not be cool.
I’d really like it to be that everybody gets to be cool, at least that’s what I consciously tell myself. 

On that note, today,  I am applauding Farrell Keough, chairperson of Engaged Citizens, for his article, “Political Polarization: That Is The Question.” Farrell is one of the sponsors and members of our organizing committee for the “Overcoming Polarization" kickoff event, scheduled for Tuesday, October 30 (if Hurricane Sandy does not force our reschedule).

I appreciate him, most, as the one whose community building efforts, drew Sue’s and my attentions and inspired the event, initially. Now New Horizons’ hats are, also,  off to Pattee Brown of Rockwood Brown Communications & Radio Host of WFMD’s Frederick’s Forum for producing the event -- and -- Envision Frederick for joining with us to form an organizing team to make it happen (if “Sandy” allows.)

In Farrell’s own words --
“As noted by others, when we wake up on November 7, it will not be the end of our nation. Some of us will be sorely disappointed while others may well be elated. The question remains, what and how will we continue our communication with each other once this election is over? 
This question is of paramount importance as we all are in this together. We are a United Nation in which we have a representative democracy – in short, our elected officials are to represent a broad constituency. We are that constituency. 
If we are polarized toward one form of ideology, and those elected represent another ideology, how will we get our representatives, neighbors, friends, etc., to listen to our views and perspectives?”
With so many perspectives coming together with goodwill for the “good of the whole” at our coming event, we can’t be in too bad of a shape, no matter how things turn out, at least, not on our local level.

But dontcha agree, above all else, that everybody is hoping that he/she gets what he/she thinks is best for ME! Me!!!  Me!!!

I certainly do, at least for now. I wanna win! Human nature, right?
But how about if we play the game .a new way; a Possible Human, Possible Society way?
Then we’ll see about the morning after.

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