Sunday, August 6, 2017

Winners Face Reality – And – Enjoy Each Day

Today is Sunday, one of the weekends two play days, along with Friday evening, also for play time. Relishing, even honoring our play days is critically important for the winning life, Trump time and every other time, in my book.

So I don't intend to be thinking much today. As I move forward with my new "job description," (however it shapes up) I don't necessarily need to keep at the blog writing and pushing for increased visibility to carry forth messages I've been hiding for decades. That would be a loser way, like my old workaholic way.

So, mostly I’ll just be enjoying the sun and the trees, today, the birds and the bees and the loveliest of all my "plant children," my brugsmansia. 

Today “she” is coming into full, intensely fragrant bloom, making the top deck of my house, my especially favorite warm, but not too warm, place to be, with my deck garden filled with trailing vines, flowers and fresh herbs and vegetables galore.
Isn't "she" spectacular!

I am out here in the fresh air and sunshine every chance I get.

Surrounded by trees all around, here I am nestled in to my mountainside sanctuary, writing, reading, contemplating and gardening, as joyfully as my hummingbirds seem to be, as they fly to and fro my bird feeder, jostling one another, as they often do in midair.

We are now truly into the peak of the season for gardening, correspondingly I am now into my happiest season of the whole year.

Today I have already picked swiss chard, green beans, tomatoes, eggplant, chives, dill and basil with squash nearing ready. Yum. I am eating plenty of garden fresh vegetables now!

I neglected to remind us, meaning you and me, that winners love nature and find plenty of opportunity to luxuriate in its verdant lushness. So today I added that item to my growing list of winner and loser characteristics.

I hope you are finding time, too, to enjoy the outdoors, today. I sure am!

Catch the day while you can. The sun does not always shine though we wish it would!


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