Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Radio Show Episode to Explore Overcoming Polarization Blueprint

Please read the following announcement for the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show to be aired tomorrow evening on Blot Talk Radio.

Thursday, March 20 at 6:30 pm.

Then, join Jack Slattery, my co-host, our guests and myself for a lively conference call discussion immediately following our on-air presentation.

You will be glad you joined us!

“Who would have thought that the simple act of doing a radio show would lead to the unearthing of a hidden formula for overcoming one of today’s most pressing societal problems; polarization?” muses show host, Anastasia Rosen-Jones.

Nonetheless this is exactly what has occurred in the brief one year plus several months this show has been on-air with Blog Talk Radio.

In this episode Jack invites Anastasia to share the profound transformative dynamics operating behind the scenes in her life, as well as the lives of others, that have led to her discovery in the time period of this program .

Find out how day-to-day interpersonal encounters uncovered Anastasia's surprisingly simple, but not easy to do, “Lean In Legacy Template” the new centerfold of the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show.

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