Sunday, March 16, 2014

Getting to “awe,” one way or the other

Or, how a Sohbet/study group came to be like a “bus ride”adventure, destination – “awe.”

We want to travel
with you.
I don’t know about you but I do know about me – and -- Sue and New Horizons. We, individually and collectively, are changing so rapidly these days, inside and out, I cannot keep pace with it all. Let alone clarify it in my mind and, then, quickly write it out and post it for you, before the next thing arises.

So I am, once again, sorry. 

However, only CNN, or some such, could keep on top of what’s happening here and report it, moment by moment; instantaneously. But then you’d, also, have tons of non-events from New Horizons, dressed up as news without much substance; real people-depth meaning substance is what I’m suggesting here.

Honestly, I think we have quite enough of that kind of news these days.

But I can see “IT” coming; the “awe.” Just the other side of the mountain. So I want to alert you.

Some of “IT” is already here. I can see it in my mind’s eye and feel it in my heart and soul. When I allow myself to slow down and breathe, gently, gently, I can even feel “IT” in my body, in the moment.

That’s a challenging BIG “IF” these days. It’s hard to catch one’s breath in this over-drive world we live in and all that keeps happening and is instantaneously broadcast, as if Rome could be built in a day. I admit to being frequently tested by it too.

But what can you do?

Sue says I have a certain, special clarity of my mind, connected to the outer world, that helps me see stuff beyond the ordinary, somehow. She thinks it’s because I have come to see so many layers of reality, perhaps, due to my blindness and recovery term, added to my analytically-trained mind that is constantly aware and systematically observing people patterns and energies.

I don’t know what it is that makes this so. But I, too, recognize it. Often in the past, at times like these, I could see people patterns and energies moving. I could, especially, trace back to the beginnings that could/would eventually lead to "awe." Even if the end was not, yet, quite in sight. I could see “IT” on the horizon, a certain kind of awe, just ahead (or trouble, if we were headed that way).  

Maybe I got this from being with my father and Hollywood and a lot of days at Disneyland that taught me to see this way.

I must, too, not forget the influence of George Barris on my young adolescent mind. Standing, or sitting, next to creativity such as his, as the case may be; someone who could conceive of the Batmobile and the many other custom cars George has created, definitely expanded my developing mind. Even if today George would be unable to remember me, I can never forget the impact he had on me and how I have become.

But right now, I am not able to clearly see the beginning of these present awe-inspiring times. However, sure as I’m sitting here, awaiting the next snow storm, only hours ahead, New Horizons’ new Sohbet/study group is on its ways to “awe,” after only four meetings.

How can I tell you, now, in a few short words that a Sohbet/study group can be like a Bus Ride Story Adventure?

I cannot do it! No words yet.

However, I do assure you that the adventure is, now, unfolding with the right “chosen people,” in the right time and place.

So, if I were you, I’d be wondering how I could, also, get on board!

Think I’m being too cryptic? Well, truth be told, all that is wonderful in this world does not necessarily translate into immediate sound bites. Some things just have to be experienced with more than one or two of our endowed five senses, and with patience.

So you might want to find out, now, what you can do to join us for the Sohbet that is becoming a Bus Ride Story Adventure, or, if you prefer, a Bus Ride Story Adventure that’s becoming a Sohbet/study group.

That’s all for now, folks! Stay tuned for more.

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