Friday, May 18, 2012


It’s intriguing when insight begins to dawn. It can feel like a blessing, especially when one has been wandering around a bit foggy in the realm of clarity as I have, particularly regarding where I went for my vacation; a not insignificant hiatus for me. Ah, there it is, I said to myself.

Yum! There it is; the clarity, the insight, right before one’s eyes; just a speck beyond “on purpose” seeing until that moment when more is revealed, at last.

Such delight is with me now. Almost two months after New Horizons wonderfully successful Abkhazian Dinner event on behalf of our local Season For Non-Violence. I needed a vacation after that though it did not come about for almost a month. With a taste of traditional Abkhazian food, setting the tone for the dinner portion, a real feast was enjoyed. Abkhazian chicken made by my Beloved collaborator, Sue deVeer, highlighted the menu alongside delicacies brought by our guests. Nonetheless, the real feast for us, was the mixing and mingling of local folks as well as those from a bit father away.

Up against the backdrop of our program, the food and the colorful combination of attendees, the event was a near perfect experience for our organization and hopefully, for our guests. This was our seventh (or so) Abkhazian Dinner and our fourth on behalf of the Season For Non-Violence. We look forward to many more of the same. Named our (Almost) Annual Abkhazian Dinner, we have been presenting these dinners since 2000. obviously, missing a few years here and there.

If perfection was our aim, it was “almost” that. Then there were the teachable moments! Ah, teachable moments; the gift and the challenge of event organizers and presenters. This event was no different. Behind the scenes, there were a few moments to be remembered. I am so grateful for these as for “almost” the first time since I lost my eyesight (1998), I lead our organization through an event and beyond into an adventure.

A rich and important process. Not just an event. We will never see the end of what began at this year’s Abkhazian Dinner but we will always remember where our adventure originated.

More to come!

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