Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Light Is So Bright It Hurts My Eyes!

I made an emergency visit last week to see my local ophthalmologist. For days beforehand my “new” eye felt irritated, the vision diminishing. Worst of all were mornings. Upon awakening each day the bright light of morning flooding my room was blinding me and painful, prompting me to hide out under covers for as long as two or three hours until I could, without undue discomfort, face the day.

Needless to say I was alarmed!

I had experienced this effect previously with all, or most all, of my earlier six corneal transplants (this one had been number seven). And I had eventually come through the healing process successfully. Was I, this time around, becoming more conscious of the healing phases as they progressed, I wondered?

Still the situation was not to be dismissed. So off I went into town; never an easy trek for me as I am totally devoted to my mountain life. But I was glad I went.

According to my doctor, while there was a bit of inflammation present, the greater issue was that now more Light was entering my visual field than previously. I was growing more SIGHTED! 

Imagine that!  Truly seeing more, not less!  What a joy! What a blessing!

Without my being fully conscious, or at least not aware at this level, of what was opening up before me; metaphorically, physically, in reality, theoretically and practically, my eyes were beginning to reveal new levels of seeing!

On the heels of my surgery, I had pledged myself to a spiritual, emotional healing journey to parallel the physical I was undergoing. Apparently the rewards of my intent were surfacing and – possibly – the Light was so Bright, amazement, even disbelief, was my response. 

Could my eye challenge last week and my need to see my doctor with an emergency visit, simply and not simply at all, be that I was facing into, once again, Divine Chaos; the chaos so Exquisite I had been able to see only the downside. 

Maybe, at almost four months after my corneal transplant, I need to begin considering that my whole being is somehow being transplanted, or at least refined. Or, perhaps, more aptly the freedom I allowed myself on the heels of that surgery seems to have elevated my consciousness. If that is possible for real, along with the actual, physical visual clearing, perhaps I am now beginning to see the world around me as being so filled with joy and love, so inordinately peopled by an abundance of good will and camaraderie, that I think I must have been asleep until now.

Sharing my amazement with my Spirit Sister Sue, the feedback she gives me suggests I might just be entering the Promised Land. Ah, “Next year in Jerusalem,” as goes the traditional Jewish greeting and good bye has arrived for me now; I have reached the promised land! Or perhaps I am entering the world of Alice In Wonderland where all kinds of unexpected and magical experiences arise.

Or as Murat might describe it, discovering the cosmic Jamboree that comes of doing the “work” of conscious evolution. From Sue’s vantage point of witnessing my journey I can even “see” and define the influence of the choices I’ve made lately that brought me here!

Wow! Whatever it is in real time language, I think I may have truly entered, with my eyes wide open, the next level of living in a dimension of deliberately creating a purposeful path to “Finding Light In The Darkness.”  

With its many rewards, the main one now being that I can SEE me SEEING! That istruly gorgeous and amazing! 

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