Sunday, February 7, 2016

Trading In The Costs Of The Quiet For The Riches Of Dialogue

New Radio Show Series Begins Tomorrow!
"Conversations With Anastasia on The Art of Dialogue."

After a lengthy hiatus from my Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show I am returning, beginning tomorrow morning, with a whole new series of programs.

"Conversations With Anastasia on The Art of Dialogue."

It seems it took me a year of co-designing (always with my dear collaborator, Sue deVeer), organizing, presenting and learning from New Horizons’ Coffee House Conversations, a cornea transplant, the outrageousness of Bill Cosby’s serial sex abuses being disclosed – and – a lifetime of personal and professional work to get me back on the air with this show.

Now here I come!

What I’ve got has helped me fight for my own freedom and dignity – and – WIN to get me to where I am now –

With all of this as background, expertise and skill development, here I come, now, ready to tell all that I know -- through storytelling, guidance and support on my new series of programs titled "Conversations With Anastasia on The Art of Dialogue." 

In the service of enhancing the collective conversation through storytelling, sharing -- and -- teaching a pointer or two or three on how to move from debate to dialogue, uprooting the resistance to doing so as we go -- let’s do it!

Join me tomorrow morning – or listen in on podcast—as I introduce this new series "Conversations With Anastasia on The Art of Dialogue" on --

Monday, February 8
11:30 a.m.

Joining me for this show – and – likely to be my new radio show sidekick – will be Kim Beckett, wife and mother, horse lover and wise woman in her own right. Kim will assist me in developing tomorrow’s topic, “Trading In The Costs Of The Quiet For The Riches Of Dialogue” and introducing our new, forthcoming series, "Conversations With Anastasia on The Art of Dialogue" 

Look for future programs to have invited guests as well as a Coffee House Conversation by Conference Call portion, following the on-air broadcast, where guests can hang out, informally, for "Conversations with Anastasia On The Art Of Dialogue."

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