Monday, February 16, 2015

The Magic In “Not Seeing (Most) Others As Enemies”

There is black magic, no doubt about it, just as there is EVIL in this world; darkness and depravity. A quick view of today’s headlines broadcasts this loud and clear. Even without the horrors of ISIS commanding our attention there are all kinds of genuine threats lurking. We must be alert to these and cautious in our dealings.

There is, also, contrived magic such as high tech rock concerts present. And the fanciful magic of a trip to Disneyland. Then there is the magic of a child’s smile, the earliest flowers coming into bloom, sunshine on a bright spring day, the moon and stars overhead on a clear night.

The innate ability of humankind to produce certain forms of what might be called magic can be found in the healing practices of Native American Medicine Men and the trance dancers of the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert. Throughout history there is evidence of rituals and traditions that produce results far beyond the ordinary.

There is also a kind of magic that is generated when a group of campers lost in a storm come through the ordeal with a minimum of injury; the potential for lives endangered averted by pulling together to surmount obstacles. This is the magic of ordinary people going beyond the ordinary in their daily lives. This is the kind of magic for which my heart and mind and every fiber of my being yearns.  John Lennon’s words in “Imagine” give voice to the vision.

My “Lean In Legacy Template” offers a formula for a very simple, ordinary magic. It directs us to invite the magic of a smile by doing the simplest of acts such as saying hello to a stranger. It guides us to the magic initiated by asking “Can I carry your bags of open that door for you?”

The pivotal point of the magic my "Lean In Legacy Template" is built upon is a philosophy and a set of behaviors that convey “I see you in all your frail humanity. And I accept you as is.”

You are not my enemy!  Thus I open myself to you.

ISIS and the likes of such as Al Qaeda are enemies. They trade in unimaginable horror. Presently they are beyond the control of any single entity, even the combined forces of united nations are no match for the threats they are imposing. We are devastated by their activities, frightened by their tactics, helpless in the face of what they are willing to do to innocent people

We can let threats such as ISIS imposes on us derail us. But we do have choices about how to deal with the Darkness threatening someone somewhere at this very moment.  We can do whatever is necessary to keep clearing darkness out of ourselves.

In times of distress it becomes even more of a necessity than in times of ease and peace that we “explore the dark side” of ourselves.  And, do our utmost to reverse that darkness that hides in each one of us.

Below are three tools you can draw upon to help you keep your daily intentions on the side of the Light, no matter the darkness surrounding you. 

Notice, in particular, that the first two illuminate the subtle and not so subtle ways your Dark Side (and mine) play out in our daily activities. Then notice, by contemplating the contrasts between these and my “Lean In Legacy Template.”  You will soon see that the latter of the three, the "Lean In Legacy Template," goes beyond seeing others as enemies and offers a doorway into your personal creation of magic.
Remember the old saying, “Evil can succeed when good men do nothing.” It reminds us that we are not totally helpless in the face of Evil, if we do something of a higher nature each and every day in every way that we can. I believe this is the essence of what it means to "Think globa, act local."

You will be amazed by the consistent results my “Lean In Legacy Template” can help you attain with even a brief and small motion toward others.  

I am really excited about how using it as a consistent formula is bringing about consistent results in my life.  "Leaning in" was the golden thread back story of our Coffee House Conversations On Race Relations!

Each and everyone present brought a willingness to Lean In into the process. That's why it worked!

This is the way to a simple magic you can do!

Its baseline is in your “not seeing enemies” where none truly exist, bringing about results beyond the ordinary, a simple “can do” magic.

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