Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Love Behind The Conversation

Jack, my radio show co-host on the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show, and I just completed one of our weekly pre-program planning sessions.

We will be on the air tomorrow night so listen in if you can.

Usually the night before a show I am intent on getting our script together for a final review by Jack and myself for Thursday afternoon before the show airs at 6:30 p.m. But somehow tonight I am way ahead of schedule.

I might account for this because I have an unusual workday schedule this Thursday; a day off to our nearby town of Frederick, Maryland for a handful of last minute, close-to-due date with consequences errands I must tend to. 

That circumstance, alone, prompted me to get as much off my desk this evening as I could.

So at this relatively early time of the evening before a show, I got my act together to email the show’s draft to Jack. Glad to get it off my desk. Thereby assuring that if all else fails in the scurry of tomorrow I will at least be prepared that much, first draft level.

Having finished this much of the responsibilities at hand, I thought I was finished for the evening and ready for a nice cozy, smell the wood burning in my “hearth,” read a book, quiet evening. Preparing to sink in to this luxury, however, a fresh burst of energy hit me so hard I was back again on my computer faster than a jack rabbit.

The source of my exuberance?

Well, I will tell you this much.

Tomorrow evening Jack and I are going to do a show that will start off featuring a “love story” that lies behind New Horizons’ latest project, Coffee House Conversations On Race Relations. As it turns out, now that I have revealed the story to Jack in our pre-program planning meeting, the love story behind the project might, for me, be of a far greater significance than the project itself!

What a surprise for me is this at this moment! Which is why I thought to share it with our blog readers and show’s followers immediately, thinking you might just want to join us for the conference call portion, following the on-air broadcast, if you had an advance hint of what’s coming.

Truth be told, I realized as my own heart and spirit soared, prompting me to write this piece, that your heart might also be engaged with our topic when you find out how very much mine is, as well as the many others who are coming forth to be a part of – Coffee House Conversations on Race Relations in Frederick, Maryland.

Now that I’ve realized where my heart is about this new project, it is just singing out loud!

So join us tomorrow evening, if you can and see if we can make a chorus of hearts singing.

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