Thursday, January 1, 2015

Remembering Yourself As Yunus

A treasured and beautiful story translated by our Beloved Murat Yagan is offered here to welcome in the New Year and in Remembrance of Murat.

Murat, known worldwide as a prominent Elder of the Abkhazian diaspora and the ancient spiritual traditions of the Caucasus Mountains known as Kebzeh, was the Beloved community development mentor of New Horizons and my (Anastasia’s) spiritual mentor. Murat passed away in December, 2013, leaving all those who loved him and learned from him a rich teaching to follow for our personal and collective transformation.

Excerpted from “I wrapped myself in flesh and bones and I appeared as Yunus,” translated  by Murat Yagan.

About Yunus

“Yunus Emre was the Minstrel of Sufism. A simple man with the vocabulary of a shepherd he lived at the turn of the 13th century in what is now central Turkey. Like the English poet Chaucer, he was the first to express himself in the common language of his people. 

Today he is equally appreciated and honoured by scholars and academics. Yunus Emre’s songs are still sung, beloved for the simplicity and clarity with which they reveal the experience of the human heart.”

The two tales that follow are from Murat’s translations of Yunus Emre. They are presented here by special permission of KebzehPublications from whom Murat's books may be purchased. The third tale introduced here is included in these.

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