Thursday, October 10, 2013

Making “it” relevant

Anastasia’ excerpted stories of Washington in the era before Watergate
“Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street”
 “H Mom” is short for Honorary Mom. That be me!

The role was already mine for decades before Terry’s biological mom, Mary Jane, officially, bestowed it on me. Shortly before she passed away, December, 2003, she asked me to proxy for her (as if anyone really could).  
Now almost twenty-five years, total, that I’ve had this position. I take it quite seriously. Terry does too.
With my new book in progress, “Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street,” dedicated to my own biological daughter, Elisa, (who will choose, perhaps, forever, to be a non-participant in the unfolding), it makes sense to me that it is Terry who is, now, walking through the process with me; the surrogate daughter, asking the questions a youngin’ might want to know, as the baton passes on to the next generation.
Having conceived, this, presently gestating, child of my body, mind and soul, “Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street,” out of the first show Terry and I did together, of the same title, this youngin’ of mine has been prompting me to take a good, hard look at what I have done with my days, thus far; the what and the why.

The question, Terry asked, that kick started this, now unfolding book writing adventure, went something like this –
How (OMG, no!!) – Terry’s emphasis) on earth did you get from there to here?

Well, I guess this book is the answer to that (in 300 words or more); a very long, detailed answer!
(You might be wondering the same, with your own OMG, once we start posting some of the memorabilia.)

In the meantime, listen to that show to begin drawing your own impressions.
I’m sure you will enjoy the peek in, if you are becoming intrigued.

Anyway, my main point here is that in this week’s show, Hot Pants, Motorcycles & K Street; Making it relevant”, Terry asked several other questions, pregnant with possibilities.
Here are the main ones that got us started on what came next --       

Terry, reflecting on what’s going on now in our society, relevant to the political scene (paraphrased):  
·         How is the Washington political scene different today from the past?

·         How has what you, Anastasia, learned back then influenced the decisions you have made since?
As you can imagine, these questions opened the door to a long night’s tales.
Anastasia’s answers: Short version, key points.
·         Same game in Washington as the late ‘60s with some important variations that have the potential to make a difference, over time.

(Look for these to be discussed in forthcoming show episodes.

Next: “A Feminist Spirituality to the rescue

·         One same – the young people who are drawn by their youthful ideals to work in the Washington fast track will, often, end up being shark bait for the predators;

·         I (Anastasia) had many near misses.  And, sadly, have often reflected on Chandra Levy’s tragic death with the thought -- “There by the grace of G-d, go I.”

·         “Mr. Goodbar” was lurking everywhere in the “shark suits” of Washington’s power game players/leaders;

·         Moral: The Washington Power Game is dangerous for the innocent.
Stories like these give strength to the fact that a “girl needs her mother.”
More to come on –

Making Anastasia’s stories of “Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street,” relevant to today!

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