Monday, October 7, 2013

Making gifts relevant

“Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street,” mss in project and other stuff

I hope you’ve missed me of late. I’ve been a bit unsociable, at least as far as posting articles; not clear on my priorities, unable to find my center and readily identify my daily number one, two and three top “do” items. Too much going on, or so it has seemed.
Opportunities abounding, everywhere I turn, is most of the challenge right now, but not only. There have been a few lemons but the lemonade seems to be easier to make these days. I don’t know why.

Anyway, here’s some of what’s been going on behind the scenes while I’ve been kinda quiet for you.

Sue, sitting on the boat dock,
reading Murat's new book. 
When Sue and I left for Canada in early August I was feeling right on the money in terms of daily priorities.  The need for a vacation, however, was long overdue. So I opted to let go of focus in exchange for some “go with the flow” time, rest and relaxation.  By the time we returned, several weeks later, I was, indeed, improved in the manner time-outs intend; renewal had, definitely, been attained.
However, I felt so “new,” in some very basic ways, I could not figure out how to rejoin with the “old.”
In terms of getting caught up with you, I do not know, yet, how.  So much has happened since we left for Canada. More on the invisible/inner level, as far as you might see.

I am, nonetheless, as it turns out, vastly, unable, these days to even get caught up with me.
Hoping to connect some of the dots, allow me to offer these few items to aid the clarifying. Maybe, making a start, I will be better able to articulate later.

1.      Our Beloved community development mentor, Murat Yagan, published his new book in July;

2.      As enriching  as was our vacation, the fact that Sue and I each received complimentary copies of the book just before we left so we had them to take with us was BIG;

3.      The fact that we contributed an article to the book might, also, turn out to be BIG, too, at some point (I/we have no perspective on this as yet. However, you can read our final draft of that article, here, and, perhaps, you might let us know);

4.      Murat’s new book seems, in some unfathomable way, to have been of even greater import than that marvelous trip we took. Thus we arrived at Sue’s family’s summer home with, not only all else we had packed, but that profound tome to highlight it all;

5.      Somehow having this book with us seems, also in some unknowable way, to have prompted my own new book to just about pop out of me, like an overdue baby I’d been pregnant with for a very long time. (Draft outline completed in just one sunny afternoon on that dock in the picture above!)
See how vague I am. So sorry but I am at a loss to say more, coherently, right now.
      Except for one thing: 

Today, my honorary daughter, Terry, my long-time friend, Gloria, and I presented a wonderful radio show.
If nothing else, I think that show did enable me, somewhat, to speak of the vastness (of what might still be invisible to you), a tad bit more relevantly; kind of earth plane though I am at a loss as to how.

More to come when I can piece more things together.

In the meantime, be sure to listen to that show. It was definitely going in the right direction of relevance.

And, thanks, so much, for continuing to read my blogs, especially when I have had so little to say. This consciousness transformation business is really something!

Also, do read what I have posted, so far, about Murat’s new book that has, as its subtitle, “The Universal Science of Awe,” which seems to be about where I am living right now.

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