Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Pretender Peace Buddy Pod

Have you not noticed, dear visitor, that where the subject of New Horizons’ “Turning Point” has been discussed that I have, more or less, seemed to be skirting an issue or two at the same time that I was acknowledging it?

Well, of course, I’ve been doing that. One more of my life’s values clarification quandaries was being brought to the fore, challenging me to upset my comfort zone just when I had gotten comfortable with it again. And, along with disturbing my comfort zone, another one of my masks was scheduling itself to move into take -off position on the giant runway of my life. That is, if I would allow to it go.

Well, it wasn’t that I wanted to continue my old game of hiding, it was more that I just wasn’t sure how best to proceed in a manner that would achieve the highest good. Actually, there is still that in me that, on occasion, must stretch myself to see what I see, say what I see and not cop out on my passion for truth.

Having just gotten off the phone, an hour or so ago, from a meeting with long term, “hard-nosed” board member, Lisa Boyer, preparatory to the convening of our annual board meeting. (Actually Lisa is one of the most patient, loving and compassionate people I have known.), I see that I must now come face-to-face with my shadow self, the people pleaser, and am called to move beyond its “dysfunctional” aspects to do the next right thing.

Yes, there was an incident at the Abkhazian Dinner that has, to date, negatively impacted, particularly, upon New Horizons’ Possible Human, Possible Society Study. And, I have not been forthcoming about the incident. Nor the intense values clarification quandary it has brought to our organization behind the scenes. Holding back, however, has been, to the best of my intentions, an appropriate strategy meant to allow our board time and opportunity to find the path to the highest good for all concerned in the situation.

I thank you for your patience with our process and your compassion as we sought to find the means by which to best address and heal the situation. However, today I pledged to remove the masking I’ve been doing. I cannot do the revealing all at once that I/we hope will set our course aright. That will take time. But I am pledged, now, to clean up my people pleasing act and take the responsible steps that are my responsibility as executive director/captain of this ship.

Please keep coming back to read what will be revealed here (and on our other blog site) about the incident and New Horizons attempts to “walk the talk” we are talking as best we can, seeking the next right thing to do. The incident brought me/us to identify a “pretender peace buddy pod” in the midst of our Possible Human, Possible Society Study. And, I have pledged -- to myself and my board of directors -- to clean up my wimpy, people pleaser act in, as regards this incident, by the time of our coming annual board meeting, scheduled this year for August 11 or 12 (tba.)

What will that look like? I do not know.

But I do pledge, here and now, to do my best, regarding this situation, which Lisa tells me begins with telling the story back and forth between our two blogs in the service of sharing our related teachable moments. And do it in this most compassionate way that I can. May the highest good be our reward.

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