Monday, July 30, 2012

Anastasia’s Story

I hadn’t thought to become a storyteller. I simply thought I had a story I ought to tell. In the process that which I held so close to my heart as to nearly make it invisible would be seen. In that, I believed, there could be benefit. Though I had not yet discerned, for sure, what that benefit might be. The year was 1979, just before New Year’s eve.

More than thirty years have passed since then. And, for all intents and purposes, I have, only recently and without too terribly much conscious purpose seeking to do so, now, become a storyteller. Simultaneously, the motivation for doing so has taken on a broader, more definitive purpose; storytelling is a path to peace. I didn’t know that back then. Only in recent years, after being blind and recovering from the challenge (1998 – 2006), has that fact become clear to me

Built-in to the beauty and grace of storytelling one finds a pathway to one’s own inner peace, relationship bonding and harmony, community unity building, insights into how we can find our ways, individually and collectively, to local and global peace.

So pull up your chair and sit down beside me at the setting of the sun. Or, maybe not on a chair, but out on a rock in front of a fire at New Horizon’s sacred fire circle where so much healing has taken place in the past. And, let us begin.

Perhaps, together we will discover the benefit, the why and the what of that which I set out to offer so long ago. When I was without the wisdom that has grown up inside of me, without understanding the power of simply telling and listening to stories.

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