Monday, June 18, 2012

So Glad I Asked. So Glad You Told

What if, someone asked you how you really want this country to run; the way you’d really like it to be? What if someone wanted to know, sincerely, what you think about our national concerns, without having an agenda to sell you on buying?

What if someone wanted to know what your vision is, presently, for a healthfully functioning U.S.A.? Just simply for the sake of the dreaming, the hoping that we can, indeed, be the best we know how to be, in a great country also being at its best. No real agenda, other than helping to enhance our standing, individually and collectively, for that which we believe in. What if someone wanted to hear what you think? Not just leave you with your dreams for peace and unity as little more than as a voice blowing in the wind? What if someone wanted to know what you think that is not about complaining, polarization or protest?

If no one else has been asking, I may just be the one.

Last year at this time it would not entered my mind that I might be the one asking questions most others had not considered inquiring about. But here I am, now, less than a year later, wondering if I just might, at least, be one someone who is doing that probing. Though truth be told, I would hope to have a whole lot more company in the doing. And, maybe I do, but we just haven’t quite found one another quite yet.

Anyway, now, with the addition of the Possible Human, Possible Society Study, these two blogs I write are now taking inspiration from the hopes and dreams of people in our study. So I’ve got to state, here, what I am thinking, loud and clear, about many of the responses being collected: I’m glad I’m asking and so glad you, who are now in our Possible Human, Possible Society Study, are telling; what a healthfully functioning U.S.A. might look like to you.

For me -- and possibly for visitors to these two sites -- this is a much better conversation than all the complaints and polarization the politicians and the media are feeding us these days. And, against which few of us are amply protected. Who knows, if enough people start saying what they do want in this country, instead of what they don’t want, maybe we can find our way to change, sooner rather than later. And, possibly, achieve this objective with less than the chaos surrounding us now.

For me, personally, the asking and the telling that is going on in our study might just be the option to help me let go of considering selling the one single vote I have on e-bay for all the difference it might make in the November election, 2012. Of course, you know, if such an endeavor is possible I will give that money to New Horizons, my favorite charity.

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