Saturday, June 9, 2012

I don’t want to vote for Obama!

Values clarification quandary.

I don’t want to see this man, Barak Obama, in office again. Of this I am quite certain. Yet, as is my customary way, I am open to change, open to the learning that may bring about that change. For now, however, his campaign ads offend me. His wife, in these ads, calls up disgust in me which I am not all that proud to admit. Still, I am a registered Democrat who has almost never voted anything else.

So why would I even consider voting for the Republican nominees for this coming presidential term? How about independent? Or, not voting at all?

I know that if you are reading this, as an American citizen with voting rights, you are likely in a quandary yourself on the subject of the coming elections in November. But what to do? What to do?

Mayor Deborah Burgoyne, our guest speaker at our recent Abkhazian Dinner, cleared away any thoughts I might have still been harboring as to the latter being an option. Not voting is not an option for me anymore. On that point I have been straightened out and have Mayor Deborah to thank for that. Though I must admit that other than the year Geraldine Ferraro ran for vice president, I have really not cared much one way or the other.

Most of my adult life I have been a sporadic voter, at best, and almost totally disinterested and not at all informed. In fact there were times when I thought that voting might just be beneathe me. Although there was that one election when myself and my employees ran around on a skooter doing errands for the Democratic National Committee and looked pretty for them in some photo shoots. I have recovered from my complacency though. I can, at least, attest to that. I think?

So why do I care this time? And, what to do about the quandary I am in over it?

Well, if nothing else, if I don’t allow myself to get in a tizzy over it as the media and the politicians appear to want us to do, I might learn a few things. Maybe even have a few stories to tell the youngins when I am really elderly. Something like, “Let me tell you a story about the election of 2012.” My, oh, my. now you should have seen that one!”

Of course, by this time there will have come to be a moral or two for the story; a few teachable moments from which we can learn for our future betterment, should we survive that long. And, given my enhanced maturity, at this time, particularly in the realm of my spiritual perspectives, perhaps, I will be able, by that time, to tell about the fact that it was just simply important that we did what we could, but not do nothing.

Also, maybe I can tell how sending prayers out into the cosmos, brought us all through some rough and stormy waters until, finally, we somehow discovered our ability to unite in the service of democracy. And, that it was all only about the evolution of our humanity and our human consciousness in the end anyway.

Still for now, I know one thing; I don’t want to vote for Barak Obama. But let’s see how it goes.

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