Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where Has Anastasia Gone?


Where has Anastasia gone that there have been no blog posts from her for over a month?


After Anastasia commented on the Herman Cain scandal, she began a journey to the deeper realms of her true, beautiful feminine Self and the mysteries held therein. She had few words with which to articulate these places that she was accessing.

The Herman Cain scandal and Anastasia’s commentaries on them seemed to have brought her to a place wherein she found herself growing very bored. Boredom is a seldom place for Anastasia.
Thus she felt called to observe the significance of her boredom with curiosity. Her contemplations on these, the Herman Cain scandal and her boredom, brought Anastasia to hypothesize that when juxtaposed with the other changes going on in the deep inner recesses of her Being, as well as those now taking place at New Horizons, there just might be some kind of link.

Might Anastasia's boredom with occurrences such as the recent Herman Cain scandal, contrasting with the near magical quality of her most recent program development efforts; the creation and birthing of the Possible Human, Possible Society Study, have anything to do with one another?

Check back soon for updates. More to come.

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