Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Washington Women: Real Smart or Real Dumb

Whoopee, all these beautiful, brave women telling on Herman Cain. I do so love it!

Of course, I believe the charges about Herman Cain. I do hope they drive him away. And, quickly as all this “sexual misconduct” stuff is so incredibly tedious, if nothing else. For me, Washington men, particularly those with political aspirations are guilty as accused until proven otherwise. My little flip on Constitutional rights. Too bad, too bad. Call me a bitch or undemocratic.

I also believe that Occupy Wall Street can only go so far unless and until we Occupy Congress and all those, men, the ones aspiring to do just that; occupy Congress etc. etc., get called on their games. How about our male protestors? Women’s lib was not particularly honored at those civil rights and anti-war demonstrations.

Is Occupy Wall Street truly different when it comes to sexual misconduct? I’ll bet there will be some gender tensions in those parks when the sun goes down, tonight and every night. Though women today are a whole lot smarter than we women were back in those bygone hippie days, that game still does go on.

I’ve got some stories from way back then. Bet you do too, if the world of Washington has ever been your turf.

The "little" mis-step of Mr. Cain sent me digging into my own memorabilia. Sifting through my photos of long ago yesterdays, right off I found what I was looking for; a “Smile and your beautiful,” posed shot of myself and the Senator; the one that pursued me, until I got really scared to say no, at least to have lunch. And a bit crazy, too when he began groping his way up my leg at a fancy Capitol Hill restaurant. Those were the days, weren’t they? The same as now with the exception that we women have come a long way; we’ve got sisterhood now; yeah for that woman power!

Nonetheless, it never has been easy, as you no doubt realize, to know what to do when you get phone calls from Capitol Hill, telling you to “Hold on please for Senator …..He will be on the line in just one moment.

My first husband and I came to Washington's Camelot for the light. Here I got sexually abused by that husband until finally I left. And, Camelot just kept getting darker and darker.

I started out real dumb. But I got smart. And as the years moved on, I left the fast track behind and I got onto that Washington game. Now I love it when women call the shots that’s how smart I am.

Bravo. Maybe tomorrow I’ll even scan that old picture to post here. Women's power can be so much fun.

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