Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Middle East Crisis In My Backyard: Excerpt

A Thought For Today On Conversation As Art 

 Excerpted from a manuscript in progress, The Middle East Crisis In My Backyard, by Anastasia 

Dialogue, conversation - the space where we cross the great divide that separates us to meet the “other” with our hearts and our minds, the place where we discover the truth that “an enemy is someone whose story we haven’t yet heard.” 

In an edited transcript titled “On Dialogue,” David Bohm, noted physicist and explorer of the outer limits of dialogue as the means for transforming the nature of consciousness, socially and culturally, also reinforces the importance of dialogue stating – "The sharing of mind, of consciousness, is more important than the content of our opinions." 

People sometimes respond to what I say with offside comments or thoughts such as -- "What is Anastasia trying to say? What does she mean by what she says?" Well, I admit to having been an enigma almost since the day my adulthood began. 

Should I change that now so that folks will stop thinking about what I say? 

I know they are, at least, doing that. Nonetheless, rather than trying to figure out what I mean, how about contemplating and/or sharing the thoughts or questions of what I say calls up in you. Create a conversation with me about it on this blog or by email (as others are now doing). Though it is not my first choice, it is far better than silence. There are serious issues to consider these days. 

 What have you got to say about them? Or, about what I say? 

In person I know that what I say evokes story telling from others. That is what I want back from you from my efforts to share. What is your story that relates to what I am offering? For example, what do you think about the NYC mosque upset? How would you like to see it resolved? The desire to share one's thoughts and feelings is an essential part of "conversation as art." Let's have a conversation, you and I -- and -- the rest of us. 

Conversation is an essential part of building "zones of peace." I come to you as a storyteller, wanting to hear your story as much as to tell you mine. Come on out with it! Out from behind the bushes of lurking! If you haven't shared, at least, one story today, preferably more -- and -- with someone new (at least once a week), you are missing out on a whole lot that is needed from you to help build "zones of peace."

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