Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finding Light In The Darkness

Occasionally I am asked, "What was it like to be blind?" (1998 -- 2008) Very occasionally! Though I am not sure why people do not inquire more frequently. (Perhaps blindness is just too scarey to even consider out loud.) I generally answer, "It is still rather difficult for me to describe. However, I can tell you that recovering from being blind was a great deal more difficult than being blind."

Today someone with my eye disease sent me a message on an internet forum. That posting -- somehow -- enabled me to write some about the subject, if only approaching it from the edges. Another one of my 1,000 masks comes off. today, I think; one of the many that has to do with "being a blind person." I hope you will read what I have posted.

I am particularly encouraged because in this posting of my own, I have made a beginning, at least, of a central message I want to convey on this blog -- in blindness I discovered the "awe" that has shaped me, personally, and has provided the foundations for what has now become the Small "Zones Of Peace" Project.

(With gratitude beyond measure for my spiritual mentor, Murat Yagan* as well as my opthamologist, Dr. John Gottsch. I credit both of them with helping me to "see." * Murat is the author of "Ahmsta Kebzeh; The Science of Universal Awe," a challenging and profoundly moving work for the devoted student of world peace.)

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