Monday, July 15, 2019

WOW!! Hear Anastasia, On Podcast, Describing How Truth-Telling "Set Her Free….

… to soaring, as if on the wings of an eagle."

And it’s only the beginning of exciting things ahead – for Me/Anastasia. 

And for you!

You may not be able to get “IT” yet – the magic Anastasia/I is/am trying to convey about how truth-telling/speaking truth to power set me free - and - can do the same for you, if you are intent on developing it as art.

But you can truly HEAR the lift of my personally transforming experience, in my voice, my New Horizons Board Members have told me, as I describe how my Ethics Complaint of 2018 was sabotaged, almost from the get go by the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA), yet I came out a WINNER, in spite of the obstacles.

And, indeed I did! Winning was always my intention! 

I made certain that I would, no matter what anyone else intended for me!  

Or didn't care enough to even consider.

(Some of the history and details of my Ethics Complaint ordeal are described on this page, referencing Martin G. Groder, M.D. about whom the complaint for sexual harassment and power abuse was filed with the ITAA. Other posts on this issue can also be found in the Anastasia The Storyteller  blog site archives at: Beyond Gender Tyranny, Ethics Complaint and Ethics Complaint Healing.}

As an acknowledgement of the courageous and meritorious ways in which I/Anastasia managed this ordeal, New Horizons Support Network Inc, of which I am the Executive Director, has now chosen, as of yesterday, to name me their Truth Or Dare Movement Poster Girl, suggesting that I have exemplified and am, thus, a worthy role model on how we, as an organization, would like to see people handling, not only #MeToo ordeals such as mine, but areas of conflict in general.

I am truly honored by this acknowledgement!  And very joyful to see the alter ego image they have created for me.  

If truth telling or not truth telling, in politics, your workplace, friendships or family, has been affecting your life, personally or professionally, as it has done in my own and Lynn’s, my radio show studio manager, previously and/or presently, please do sign on with New Horizons, as we move, full-steam ahead with our Truth Or Dare Movement, gearing up for action now, including, but not limited to, the following main objectives —
  • Teaching YOU the principles and strategies of New Horizons Truth Or Dare GAME – So you, too, can learn the art of truth-telling, in general, and speaking truth to power, more specifically, no matter where you need/choose to do so.
  • Guiding YOU to be an intern Truth Or Dare Conductor, as is Anastasia with more than forty-five years of playing the GAME, so you, too, can learn to bring truth-telling to your community, your workplace, friendship circle or family. On this track, after a suitable training time, you will learn how to reach "awe" and transform your life -- and the lives of those around you!
  • Engaging YOU in signing the Pro-Truth Pledge, original or expanded versions, and getting everyone you know on board with this simple action, on the way to cleaning up the lying and corruption in our society as if these DO matter!
We want you to be soaring too! 

These objectives of ours are here to help you. 

You, also, can draw on my vast experience in transforming dark into light by contacting me for your personal, business, organization and/or community challenges. 

Also, look forward to further details and instruction on how to create the same for yourself, truth-telling -- speaking truth to power, as Anastasia and studio manager, Lynn Cullather-Popkin, embark on a new radio series, exploring the extremes of how and why truth-telling can be dangerous or the path to liberation and personal transformation.

Discover for yourself how truth-telling as art can be your pathway to freedom and liberation!

On a new radio show series, with Anastasia and Lynn, to be introduced on Anastasia The Storyteller Radio, on their next show 

Tuesday, July 23   4 p.m. EDT

Promising to be an especially intriguing discussion, as Lynn is the one New Horizons Board Member who, at least for now, is refusing to sign the Pro-Truth Pledge!

Now what's that about?

New Horizons Truth Or Dare Movement is here now!

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