Saturday, March 25, 2017

Where Does Truth Fit In With Democracy?

I made a good case yesterday for revering truth telling and truth knowing, i.e. clarity, on my Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show. You can listen to the podcast here at ---

the podcast

I was truly uplifted by having presented the topic of this program. And doing it with my honorary daughter Terry was a blessing for me beyond words. 

You’d have to know Terry and I and the story of our relationship to really understand how enormous was the whole of what we did yesterday; our back story is truly beautiful and wonderful. But what did I accomplish?

Having created this gratifying product, our The Truth Will Set Us Free, I was brought up short about its content when I shared it with another dear friend/kinda sister. This friend had traveled and shared some of the path Terry and I have covered for close to thirty years. Her take on the subject of the show was quite a different story, however, than the one Terry and I had.  

So much so that I will be doing a brief follow up show later today (unless otherwise scheduled, check here for program time). The issue at hand is this --

I had no idea yesterday when Terry and I presented this program I had intended to be inspiring that it would stir so much discussion and dissent on whether or not lying is ok.  

So I will do my best to be back on the air again today, save unforeseen happenings, to take up the issue.

Join me for discussion on the subject later today. And prepare yourself by listening to the podcast, linked above, to air your own views.  I will do my best to open up the lines in my studio to take callers.  The guest call in number is 646.787.8624.

Let’s get to the essence of the topic!

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