Friday, November 11, 2016

Be The Leader YOU Want To Follow

I was struck, this morning, by a CNN headline titled “Baffled Dems Have No Leader, No Bench To Pull From.” Before half a minute I found myself reacting with indignation at the notion. Not long after the words of my esteemed mentor, Martin G. Groder, M.D., echoed in my mind, from years back in the days when I sought out guidance from his brand of wisdom to help me make sense of Watergate and Nixon’s betrayal of the American people. 

The lessons I learned from Marty have, of course, now become the primary foundation of all that New Horizons and myself have become since. I have written books and more books on what Marty taught me and what I have gone on to expand in my own thinking since. 
Aim High!

It’s been a long journey from there to here. So I can hardly summarize all of these gifts here for you. (See fruits of my labors on my three blog sites, especially Exploring Your Dark Side: The Adventure Of A Lifetime, for some of these).  

However there are one or two striking highlights to consider that I would like to offer you here to help uplift those who are particularly distressed with the outcome of our presidential election. 

These are lessons Watergate taught me with Marty as my mentor. This guidance became a central facet of Marty’s showing me a way out of the despair I felt after Watergate which robbed me of my youthful idealism for many long years. (I don't want this for you.) This support also lead me to discover my own eventual pathway -- and create extensive healing strategies to pass on to others -- for healing and transformation, based on formulae Marty provided initially. 

Our endeavors also brought both Marty and I into the position of being among the first clinicians in the world to identify and treat power addictions more than forty years ago

The lessons I went on to also learn from Murat Yagan, later on, and his Kebzeh traditions took me/us (New Horizons) to higher levels of consciousness and behavior beyond these earlier teachings. You can learn this way of successfully approaching today’s social and political challenges too, learning to live by “leadership as a lifestyle” is one of the keys. 

With this modus operandi you can develop into the kind of leader you would look up to. New Horizons and myself are here to assist you on your ascent. The way is far from easy. But the rewards are beyond imagining!

You are not stuck without a leader!  You have one living inside of you, learn to follow him/her and count on him/her to guide you on the best path for YOU, hopefully one of love, sincerity and integrity.

Here are a few guidelines and tips
  1. “The selected  leader of a nation is elected to be “of the people, by the people” and instead of the people, serving as their representative to carry out what they only dream of doing themselves.”  
That’s just the way people typically do ("instead of the people"), mindlessly! Be mindful instead!

Translation 1:  Leaders are typically our very own surrogates (to use a term getting much play in our recent election).  In this position many, perhaps even most of the masses live vicariously through their chosen leaders. 

Have a life of your own! You will not regret it, I promise you.

Translation 2: Playing your game of life from this position is a surefire way of being co-dependent with said leader, a mindless way of being.

Again, be mindful and guide your own life! If you are old enough to vote, you are old enough to live your life, for real, not through others!

Ask yourself: Do I really want someone else carrying the ball for me in deciding where my life is heading and running it for me?  And  ask, too, what do YOU truly think and value?

2. Above all, don’t give up your ship based on what the politicians show you.
  • Marty’s and my studies, conducted over three decades, confirmed his premise that: High Leadership People (HLP) and convicts often  have essentially the same core personality traits; the latter (convicts), however, have different surface behaviors; convicts play their games of life in antisocial ways
  • HLPs play their life games in ways the culture accepts, even extols. Yet they are often far removed from authenticity, sincerity and frequently integrity.
  • Look at Hillary, even if you love her, Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby etc. etc. for examples. Are they not all guilty of some "dark side" manuevering?
  • Donald Trump may be an exception in that he shows his antisocial ways right up front, for better or worse. 
Ask yourself:
  • Since this is what America has now chosen what does that tell you about Americans at this time?
Ask yourself: What are rules I am choosing for the “Game” of my life

And, who can I turn to for role models, now, to show me a way to travel the footpath of my life while I pick up the pieces of this election aftermath (if Trump was not your choice) and choose what is best for me, from here forth?

If you are still unsure of your footing, try on some of the post-election guidance of Tim Cook, CEO of Apple and Warren Buffet and other wise ones, including Yoda who is one of my favorites.  

There are many worthy leaders for you to choose from to assist you in creating your own inner composite picture of who best to follow. That’s what women of my generation did when we discovered that our “break the glass ceiling” dreams had no one to lead us there.  As it turned out, we looked to the goddesses of ancient mythology to help guide us.

For my mind, I hope you will remember that you do have a bona-fide leader living inside of you. 

Learn to follow him/her and count on him/her to guide you on the best path for you, hopefully one of love, sincerity and integrity.

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