Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Back From Vacation…

Not all of it fun by any means as an emergency eye surgery took up much of my time and most of my physical and emotional energy these past few months.  So I did a lot of struggling to climb the mountains of my soul while I have also been taking a time-out, wrestling with myself to adjust to the possibility of possibly being blind again.

The saga is not over yet. When I know the next immediate outcome – and – am ready to speak of it, I will update all of you loyal readers of my blogs about the situation. For now I am just beginning to have enough ease to make a beginning to get back to my normal routines; personal and professional.

Still I was far from idle these past two months, since just after July 4th when I declared a sabbatical for myself. Consequently in the midst of my time of ordeal, challenge and retreat, I managed, with the collaboration of my New Horizons Board of Directors, to birth our VERY exciting next project.

By way of catching up, you with me and me with you, take a look at what we have been creating. 

So here I am, now again, ready, maybe a bit slower than usual, to reach out to all of you, starting to write here once more. 

Look forward, as usual, to my having many stories to share; some about my philosophies of living and facing life and its many tests and adventures, others more directly or indirectly related to New Horizons, the non-profit organization I founded and presently direct.

To get us back, once more, in the swing of things, here is a sampling of what I/we have been creating by "order of the board" while I was on my “time off,” ho ho!

Not bad, eh, for a "productive" sick leave. Ho ho. The creative process helped keep me sane and hopeful during my time out. So celebrate what came of it with me, if you don't mind.


(It may not surprise you that with this mode of a time-out for me that I was also running one of my earlier entrepreneurial enterprises part of the time that I was in labor with my son.  Please know, however, that I am now a long way from THAT level of work compulsion.)

Have a nice Labor Day weekend.

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