Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Divorcing Myself From America's Presidential Election Campaign Politics

I woke up this morning to the sounds of singing birds, flitting as they do from tree to tree in the woods surrounding my home; the voices crystal clear, lovely in the crisp morning air.

Still all is not totally well with me, today. My recently cornea transplanted right eye has been paining me of late. So I must take off for Johns Hopkins this afternoon to see my ophthalmologist.

I am very upset about the situation. It has been causing me distress for about a month now. A local ophthalmologist has been providing care but it has not seemed adequate. So today I go to the BIG guy, Dr. John Gottsch, at the Wilmer Eye Institute, one of the best treatment centers for my kind of eye problems in the world.

Yet I did feel peaceful, clear and centered this morning upon coming awake; the sounds of the Creator; the fresh mountain air and sunshine streaming its way into my room, gave me a feeling of rightness in the world, at least for the moment; until the next pothole.

It was up against these natural supports – and the reveling I felt inside for having posted the essay I had written yesterday on “How An Exceptional Community Life Became So Essential To Me” that I realized, with a voice speaking deep inside of me, loud and clear, that it was time for me to divorce myself from America's presidential election campaign politics.

Now – you – may not yet be ready for this seemingly drastic measure. But for me, having spent more than a quarter of a century treating addictions with a special emphasis on those of the power addiction variety, coupled with the enabling of that type with co-dependency addictions, I believe I have developed a finely tuned sense of when enough is enough of my involvement with dysfunction!

So for this moment – and – likely into the near future, at least until after the November elections, I am going to make “fishing” more and more my habit and American politics not my business.  Sure I’ll do my best to make an educated vote come November. And, sure I will discuss the political campaign situation with friends etc., now and then, including even speaking my mind, publicly and privately, on "why not invest more in this election campaign and all its hoopla." But for my investments of time and energy I am going to be more and more vocal, from here forth, that my life is with the people close and nearby that make up the grassroots or the mainstream communities.

That’s where the power and the force for our futures lie, I firmly believe. 

Not in American politics! 

There sits a nest of dysfunction not unlike a house full of drug addicts or alcoholics. Now why would I show up at that door unless called and assured -- and -- reassured that an intervention and rehab were in the offing? 

That’s what wisdom and experience have taught me. So now while I’ll be driving up to Baltimore with a friend this afternoon, you can be sure I’ll be keeping the feel of going fishing along with me for the trip. American politics is just too boring and chaotic for little or no gain for me to bother with.

Umm. Maybe a side trip to the Chesapeake could be arranged today. With or without I'm definitely going to put nature high on my list. Most likely I'll, at least, be able to sit awhile in the cool light of the sunset which seems as if it will be visible again tonight as were the stars in the sky last night.



  1. I've already divorced myself from American politics. As a matter of fact the closer we get to election day I get a feeling in the pit of my stomach, much like the feeling I got as a child who was deathly afraid of the dentist. There's a funny picture I posted a while back of a parent dragging a child kicking and screaming with the caption "Me on election day, I'M SO SERIOUS!" I am seriously seeking Divine guidance with this because I don't trust any of the candidates. I haven't had much trust in American politics ever, so.

    I hope all went well with you doctor's visit today. I am praying for you. I know the KC struggle oh so well. It's a pleasure to meet you, I think I have a new friend.

    1. Stephanie, I am so moved by your comment that I am copying it to a hard copy so I can read it carefully and respond in kind.

      In the meantime, do you also have a keratoconus? And, no my appoinment did not fare well. My eye is in trouble, and me with it.

      But I have a great doctor trying to straighten out what another doctor may have inadvertently caused.

    2. P.S. I believe I have found my Divine Guidance on this presidential election issue. Perhaps I will be able to articulate it at some point.

  2. Yes, I do/did have Keratoconus...not sure if I'm considered to still have it now because both of my original corneas have been replaced. One with a human graft and the other with an artificial cornea. I'm beginning to regret the latter though. I believe this feeling to be temporary. I see it as being a part of God's perfect plan for my life.

    Sorry about your appointment and the doctor who caused you problems. I am praying for your new doctor and everyone involved.

    As far as this election goes, I haven't thought about or paid attention to any campaign nonsense in weeks. Still praying for guidance on what to do when voting time comes. I don't want to be one who neglects her civic duty by not voting. But I won't just vote just for the sake of voting.