Saturday, May 7, 2016

I’m Counting On You, Hillary, to…..

…. guide this nation forward on a path of dialogue, not debate, the path of collaboration not combat; the path of solutions, not destruction.

First off, allow me to state that there is a whole lot about you, Hillary, or at least a few major things, that I don’t like or the idea of electing you to be our president. On the other hand there are some important things I do like, especially considering our other available options; zero to none.

At least you are not a public embarrassment to me, particularly on the international level.

Also allow me to go on record as saying that I am praying for you to choose Bernie as your running mate vice president; a first time prayer coming from me on the issue of politics!  I think that would be your best decision, if he would accept.

Now for my main point here; a studied perspective, if I must say so myself, as a “Counseling the Woman In Transition” B.S. person, personally designed undergraduate major. And a feminist oriented psychotherapist for decades.

My point: learned at the hands of wise women professors – 

Women, as a rule, are more naturally adept at “dialogue” than are men whose biology and physiology typically predisposes them to be more competitive, especially intellectually, than woman. Collaboration is our style so to speak!

(Please don’t ask me to supply the data to prove my point as I do not wish a “debate” on the subject, especially with anyone less wll-armed in this area than myself. And, I am prepared on this topic, believe me!)

Now Donald Trump is, of course, one crazy extreme example of this inherent male limitation (although there are exceptions).

So while Trump is intending to make mince meat pie out of  you, Hillary, in the general election campaign mess ahead, I am betting (and praying on this account too) that you are going to show him some awesome feminine dance steps stuff as an adept at dialogue. And blast that man’s going after you to massacre.

Ok. I’m still really angry at you, Hillary, for your betrayal, as I see it, of other women regarding Bill’s sexual transgressions. In fact, you make Camille Cosby look about as threatening in this respect as a Barbie doll. In other words when it comes to cutthroat an payback here you take the cake! So try as I might from time to time, even respecting your Methodist background, as I do concerning the sanctity of marriage, I am inclined to believe that I am unlikely to ever forgive you for this unless and until you make a public apology and amends to the women whose lives you have treated all too carelessly. 

Still in all I do trust your skill and experience in managing the political game in as clean a way as anyone else on the campaign trail. Coming from me, this is a point of regard as my standards on this are quite high.

So, please Hillary, do your best women as winners stuff and make that man, Donald Trump, dance his way down into the dark pit where he belongs. Use your womanly artistry at dialogue to move through the paces of this present, most pressing political game, playing it with the finesse with which most women are naturally imbued.  Should we choose to wise up enough at the dialogue dance and go where we need which is collaboration not combat.  I trust you to know how.

I pray!  Thanks for letting me share.

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