Thursday, January 21, 2016

I’m Getting My Mojo!

Or is that Marjah

OMG, look what’s happening now! 

Now that I’ve made my pledge to myself to do all that I could, should or would by “naming” what I see and speaking truth to power, if I need, I think I might almost be in danger of behaving like an unbroken, bucking bronco, fresh out of the gate. 

OMG! My actions almost bordered on chaos-creating the other night.

To introduce the story,  it goes a little like this – 

It certainly seemed like I might be a chaos-creator the other night; a part of the problem, not the solution although I hadn’t consciously intended it to be that way.  

But my oh my, when we get into “naming” and speaking truth, almost anything can happen. 

 And this time it did! OMG.

The scene presented itself a few nights ago at a Martin Luther King Commemorative Dinner where I was so direct and forceful in my message delivery that I even had myself a bit worried.  

As it turned out the outcome appears to be almost magical, at least so far.

Dontch’a want to hear about it!  

Aren’t you even a little bit curious to find out how Anastasia walked her walk and ended up almost in a pile of s..t. On the other hand it just might  be the start of a wonderful transformation for all involved, even for a whole community, if....... 

We will just have to see how the next steps play out in the days, weeks and months ahead.

For starters, I’ll be talking about that scene on my –

Possible Society In Motion Radio Show tonight. 

And, most likely, again, in my new series of programs, “Conversations With Anastasia On The Art of Dialogue,” on my –

Monday, February 8 
11:30 a.m.
(Changes made due to monster snow storm amd clean up.)

I hope you can join us, Jack and myself on the Possible Society In Motion Radio Show, and my new on-air associate, Kim Beckett, for Anastasia The Storyteller.

Both shows are also available on podcast and each has a conference call forum that follows.

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