Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Living Prophecy, Not Only Receiving It

Forty years is a very long time, in my book, to trust that a single prophecy might mean something in one’s life. But now, as I look back on it and try to piece together what has happened for me since; the how and why of it, the miracle astounds me.

But what is prophecy anyway?

Wikipedia defines “prophecy” as a statement that something will happen in the future or the power or ability to know what will happen in the future.

This is exactly how it was for me on August 7, 1974, the day before Nixon resigned his presidency as a result of the Watergate scandal.

I got my “instructions” while I was lying on a gurney in a recovery room. I had just come out of surgery for a corneal transplant. It was my fourth transplant and whereas the other three had failed this one would succeed. It would serve me well for close to twenty-five years, only to reject in the heat of another presidential scandal; the Clinton-Lewinsky affair.

That circumstance might alert you to the significance for me regarding Watergate and that which was to become my life-long passion since; to answer one question, answer it well and share what I have learned.

The question was: How could the President of the United States of America lie to the American people?

And, its corollary: How could so many people believe this lying president, or seem to?
Forty years it has now been since that prophecy. And the prophecy and my passion to follow it has defined the course of my life.

What I now know about both “analyzing and solving the problem” is golden!

The only challenge is that “knowing” and “doing” are not the same. The solution or solutions, as it turns out, are totally a “we” thing.

Now, I believe that a Power Greater Than Myself brought me a metaphorical golden goose, named Martin G. Groder, M.D.. Marty, according to my personal myth did give me the golden egg he laid. As a result of my having had this particular prophecy given to me, it came to pass, then, that this especially glorious egg just happened to be the perfect alchemical ingredient to make the prophecy fluorish.

This in itself was the first miracle of the prophecy. 

If you believe in miracles, continue on to discover my tale in full, sooner or later.

My task, now, is to pass on to you what this prophecy brought me to discover, making clear, as I do, how we can, together, utilize what came to be of it to help make a glorious soufflé of the days of our lives -- and -- a legacy to pass on to those who come after us.

This is in alignment with the instructions of my prophecy.

I will tell you more as we go forward from here.

Yet I may still be talking around it, in your opinion.

But I think I am getting closer and closer to the precise telling. At least enough so that you will be able to ask informed questions of me – and – get more completely to the essence of it all, for yourself.

This will enable you to take what I offer. Perhaps, merge it with your own intuitive and/0r scientific knowledge and then move ever more closely to the best possible life you and I can imagine.

At a point I believe we will be able to discuss this on my “Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show” when the time is right.

Thus, the “Cost of the Quiet,” at least on my end will, hopefully, be recouped.

But my goodness what a cost there has been carrying it until now!

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