Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Prophecy: Part I

Another excerpt from my memoir in progress—
Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street: In The Era Before Watergate

Having come this far, out on a limb, as I have in writing this blog, it seems fit that I am ready now to take up the task of coming clean all the way.

There never was a question but that this site, Anastasia The Storyteller, had any other intention. From the first it was envisioned that I would go the distance, wherever that might lead. 

I pledged to share my truth, my whole truth and nothing but the truth of my story here – as well as the story, behind the New Horizons Support Network, Inc. and its various initiatives.

New Horizons’ story has always, also, been my story. There has never been a doubt about that. It was my conception, my design, my direction, my life’s journey, both personal and professional. My dedication and my blood, sweat and tears brought it into being in 1980. And I carried thevision forward through the darkest of times, especially the years of blindness and recovery from blindness.

Along the way there have been precious volunteers and devoted supporters. To them I am grateful beyond measure. Still there were too many days to suit me when it was only me carrying the light.

Before 1980 my personal and professional development was, without distraction, leading New Horizons and myself to what “we” have now become. Even in kindergarten I was heading here. So it's a long story. Certainly, it will take me the three hundred and fifty pages I have outlined for Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street: In The Era Before Watergate, my memoir.

Then it will still be incomplete. Hopefully, by then, however, the enigma I have appeared to others, since early on will be a little less perplexing. I realize that the riddle of who and what I am truly has been troublesome for some, particularly my children. And, for that I am sorry. To others I have been, admittedly a treasure trove, seemingly open for exploration, as if I might even willingly be available as entertainment. That is if one could only get hold of the key. Oftentimes this has been problematic for me.

This has been especially true when it involved psychotherapy clients of mine who, even decades later, were certain I, indeed, held the key to their salvation. Before that time and a bit since, it seemed as if I had been identified as the latter day Pied Piper or Music Man. None of this suited my objectives. I wanted only to be ordinary, to have a niche in the world that called for me to simply be me, nothing more, nothing less.

As Popeye famously stated, “I am what I am.” And, that is all I ever wanted to be.

Now for the crux of the challenge; things got really complicated for me, early on.  I doubt, even now, I have gotten quite to the bottom of it all. But, certainly, if anyone has ever been dedicated to unraveling the puzzle of who they are, hoping, of course, to find their way to being all they can be, it has been me.

I want to know and understand my complicated story. I want you to know my story. All of our stories are important. I have been intent on writing mine since 1979, thirty-five years it will be by the end of this year. Finally, after all this time I am completely immersed in the project with a self-imposed deadline for its completion. I will do my best to fulfill th epledge. This site will be my aid.

Now, it is time, therefore, for me to share with you the pivotal piece that underlies what has come to be of me. Though how and why it appeared I am not quite certain, at least at this date.

The central, unifying element, as least as I know it, involves a prophecy. It came to me loud and clear in sight and sound under most auspicious circumstances and at a most auspicious time –

All that I was before and all that I seem to have become since appears to me to be crystallized in a singular circumstance; that Richard Nixon lied to the American public about the Watergate affair. And, many believed him at the time, or so it seemed to me.

In my next article on this circumstance, “Anastasia’s having been guided by a prophecy, now, for over forty years,” I will discuss the issue of prophecy further, as a service to you and a healing and integration of me for me.

I hope you will check out what I have to say.

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