Thursday, July 31, 2014

Coming Full Circle

I want my life to feel whole, to have a sense of unity and integration. So tomorrow, again, Sue and I leave for another journey as we did last year at this time.

This time our trip centers on a pilgrimage for me to return to my roots in Ohio where I was born. The plan we have laid out will allow me to revisit places of my earliest years.

I will see the home of my childhood, my elementary school and the cemetery where members of my family are buried. I will, at least, drive by the hospital where I was born and my father’s old place of business, the parks and the library. Places I counted on as a child, greatly changed I’m sure.

Who knows how it all will unfold. Yet, of one thing I am certain, whatever occurs, I am going to feel, to an enhanced degree, a sense of unity within myself from the experience. Linking one’s past with today, cannot but help strengthen the foundations upon which the future is built. Thus, I will return stronger in some ways.

The anticipated adventure calls to mind a favorite notion I picked up from the I Ching – when something momentous is at hand we may never see an end to what is set in motion but we may always look back and see this beginning.

So we are always coming home to ourselves, again and again.

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