Saturday, May 31, 2014


On The Occasion of The Fourth Anniversary Of “Anastasia The Storyteller”

The sun is setting now on this lovely, near perfect day out here on the mountain.  Through the trees, outside my office window, it is gracefully sinking out of sight, leaving the most glorious of light shows in its wake.
"The sun doesn't shine on us,
it shines within us."
John Muir

Every evening, if clouds do not obscure the view, I am awed at the magic of the sky at dusk. This is, by far, my most favorite time of the day. And with that, always I am grateful, once again, that I have eyes that can see this beauty.

Often Sue and I share the experience by telephone, comparing and contrasting what it is we are each watching, at the same time, separate yet together.

It never fails to evoke wonder in me that to we are each watching the sunset in two different states; she in Pennsylvania and I, out here on the tip of West Virginia, separate yet together. 

I never tire at the delight of it all; the setting sun, the show of the afterglow and a dear one to share in the oohing and aw-ing, the marveling at nature that no pyrotechnics has yet been able to outdo.

As this day comes to its ending I tell myself I must not let it go without making a comment or two.  After all today marks the four year anniversary of this blog site. And, I am not one to overlook a day of celebration.

But words do not come easily for me here these past days and weeks. There is so much going on behind the scenes at New Horizons. And equal, if not greater shifts occurring in me, personally.

Transformation has become a way of life for me over the past decades, often leaving me rather speechless when it comes to even responding to the question “Hello, how was your day?” My days are, often, so filled with wonder I can barely answer that query for myself without undue reflection.

OMG! I look up from the keyboard of my computer, once more, and am startled, anew, at the light show I am seeing, then, not far above that the sliver of the crescent moon.

OMG! It is all so gorgeous!

So I offer only a few words here to mark this anniversary day that brings me to reflect on the adventure of writing my articles, as I do, for Anastasia The Storyteller; a quote from John Muir,” The sun doesn’t shine on us, it shines within us.”

Happy day, gorgeous evening, more tomorrow.

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