Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street, on-air

Join Anastasia and her honorary daughter, Terry, as they discuss Anastasia’s
new book publishing contract.

Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show, broadcast live –
the book in progress.

Thursday, August 29, 2013
11:30 a.m.
Call-ins welcome at: 773.897.6393

I am a blessed person.
Having spent ten demanding years under contract to Random House (1988 – 1998), (with a substantial advance for its time), I have no need to prove myself with another major publishing house book contract, money yes, proving no.

Having been a media celebrity for my titillating entrepreneurial creativity as Executive Director and Founder of the U.S. “Male” Service and Special Delivery Messenger Service (1966 – 1974), I have no need to do that one; media celebrity, over again, either. (Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street” is based on this enticing story.)

Having never had a moment’s concern over breaking through glass ceilings, as I never had any to break (except for the ones I’ve created for myself and within myself), I have no need to take up this frequently lamented feminist challenge either, though I have assisted many, in my years as a psychotherapist, for which it has existed.

I do, however, have compassion for the glass ceiling’s ubiquitous limitations, believe me! I was, after all, born a woman! And come of a culture, Judaic, traditionally instructing its males to thank God each morning for not having been born a woman.
With these blessings of mine in mind, along with the many others I have accrued, I now pronounce myself the proud possessor of a new book contract; made solely with myself, on behalf of myself (and my daughter, Elisa) to whom this new book is dedicated, as it is as much her story as my own.

Thus, my new book publishing contract is, first and foremost, with myself. And, of course, I am supported by many who love me.
I will write this new book as I see fit, without publisher’s deadlines and politics.

Oh, dear, am I a lazy, dummie for even thinking this way?
But, of course, should agents and publishers be interested enough in this work in progress of mine to “discover me,” as was the case with Random House (circa 1988), I’ll be delighted and excited.

That is, if they consider my asking price tag, $2,500,000, for my package of five books, not yet published!

No takers? If not, I am intent on having fun and a wonderful adventure writing this new book of mine, “Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street,” far more than I ever did before.

Just because – I know how; blogging has shown me a way I truly love!
After fourteen years of pondering my next steps, here they are, free of  deadlines, editing and publisher’s delays or politics.

Self-publishers I applaud your perseverance but my heart is just not there. Instead, I want to watch the hummingbirds, the trees, the sky and the clouds as one of my best uses of time these days.

Will my stubbornness, do me in?

No big fuss made over me and my work? No hoped for royalties? No television talk shows (unless, of course, they are my choice)?
Dummie me? Stubborn me? I think I have escaped into a new level of freedom.

We shall see.
Target book completion date: February 14, 2016.

Who can predict?
But from where I sit watching today’s setting sun, you, my readers, if it is to be, are royalty enough for me.

So please join Terry, other invited guests and myself on-air, this coming Thursday, August 29, as we explore how we can all move from here to there, with my offering up my adventures of "Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street" as a mere jumping off point.

Thank you.
More to come.

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